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The stall is located at 467 Changi Road continue reading
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Black Chicken Herbal Soup Double Boiled Soup Kidney Mee Sua
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Level4 2016-07-22
http://www.umakemehungry.com/2016/07/seng-kee-black-chicken-herbal-soup.htmlPopping by the East Side of Singapore and we got ourselves dinner at Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal Soup. It has been a while since I visited them a few years back and I was surprised by how much they have expanded from just a stall front to a few in the same place.Seng Kee Black Chicken Herbal SoupQueue was unavoidable during peak period and to be honest parking around the vicinity is not an easy task though Free Parking is available.Orders were quick to serve, although the soup may looked watery with spring and fried onions. The consistency of herbal taste is good. Rather, it was addictive and I would say there is a good "depth" in the soup.Texture of Mee Sua was just right and was not too lumpy. I had totally enjoyed the simple tastes through the bowl of soup in mix pork.Portion was reasonable and lean meat was tender. Kidneys had been well handled leaving no trace of foul smell and what I like best was those thinly sliced livers that was not overly hard to bite on.Besides being famous for its kidney Mee Sua, they are quite famous for their Cze Char too.Stirred Fried Vegetables with GarlicPrawn paste chicken was notable, at least alot better than my last round of prawn paste chicken else where. Exterior was very crispy and at the same time also burning hot as they were just taken out of the oil pot. Just alone without the lime and belachan, they were good enough.The settings of the eating place make me feel like dining in Malaysia although the currency conversation rate can't really match the comparison. Overall, such specialty is rather unique in Singapore and they had maintained a reputable name throughout the years. continue reading
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Level4 2015-02-03
see my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/02/03/ok-zi-char-dinner-seng-kee-on-1feb2015/a friend bought 4pax dinner at seng kee black chicken herbal soup, 467 Changi Road. i was here maybe 3yrs back, also a dinner treat from the same friend. ^^ seng kee occupies 2 corner units + one intermediate terrace unit along the terrace shop units adjacent to jalan masjid. we had a steamed red snapper 1/2 fish head. it was very nice. fish was sweet & tasty. i liked this dish best. ^^ the steamed baby squid was ok, nothing special. somehow the good teochew cold cooked baby squid was a lot sweeter & tastier, but i don’t get to eat that much these days. maybe still can get at teochew porridge stalls. i liked both the vegetables. the spinach was very good, and the soup with wolfberries & egg was very tasty. same with the sambal potato leaves. loved it. unfortunately the main event, crab beehoon, one of my favourite dishes, was quite poor. the beehoon did not have any rich infusion of crab flavours. just compare this with the very nice crab beehoon at ming kee on 23.3.2014. or house of steamed fish or golden spoon (though it seemed that golden spoon standard has also dropped substantially??). there were lots of beehoon, but they tasted like any fried beehoon & not the best ones at that in terms of wok hae, but no hint of crab or shellfish flavours at all! where was the stock? the crab itself was quit ok. a good, tasty crab, but not really special or outstanding. the steamed minced pork salted fish was edible, but strangely felt like there was quite a bit of starch in the minced pork. also the pork was well, quite porky (not flavourful but porky). honestly my helper does this a lot better at home. anyway my friends who frequent seng kee every week gave their feedback to the server & the restaurant did not charge this dish. the 臭豆 – petai was ok, quite a competent preparation but not a favourite dish for me. the otah was pretty good for me (again otah not my favourite dish) but my friends who were here quite a lot thought it was poor. the 4pax dinner came to S$140 or S$35pax. i thought it was quite ok in fact for the food we had, though the main event was the crab beehoon & that was a bit of a let down. continue reading
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Level2 2014-01-22
Their herbal mee sua soup is very delicious which comes with the choice of pork meat, pork kidneys, etc. The mee sua tastes great with the chilli. If the soup is not that filling, they also provide other dishes to go along. Free car parking is available opposite of the place, otherwise can park at the open carpark nearby. Kembangan MRT Station is within 10 minutes walking distance. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-30
Located near kembagan MRT station, there is this very famous Tze Char store that sell really good black chicken soup, mee suan and tze char. I ordered 1 mian suan soup and it came with some sliced mushroom. The soup was really flavourful and rich too!Another must order here is the lala. Unlike lala from other place, the lala here is not stir fried with sambal chilli. Instead, it was cooked in spicy sour style which is why it's very appetising to have it! continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-31
They seem to hv shifted all operations to the corner bigger unit. New signages are also seen, shouting out more of the steam fish offering. It's a change for the better actually as the place is now brighter and more seats under shelter. There is also a nice basin for hand washing.But all this came with a price. The mee sua no longer comes in 2 sizes but 3 now. $5, $7 and $10. I was still under the impression of the old pricing of $5 and $6 so I ordered the large one and was slapped with the $10 bowl bill. Compared to my friend's small bowl $5 we certainly did not feel it justifies twice the price.Anyway we shared a plate of sambal potato leaf $9. Suggest to order two $5 bowl instead if u want more.But like I say u love and hate them, the herbal soup base is one of the best to have especially on a rainy day. Together with the red cut chilli padi, it's damn good continue reading
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