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Catch up with your friends and family at Seorae Korean Charcoal BBQ, the first Korean restaurant in Singapore that offer the signature Korean galmaegisal (premium pork skirt meat). continue reading
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Level4 2016-06-09
For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2016/06/09/seorae/Established in South Korean in 2007, Seorae has gone from strength to strength, with currently more than 260 outlets in Korea and other cities such as Tokyo, Jakarta and Hong Kong. Chef Chul Park, the Founder of Seorae, attributes the success in the highly competitive market of Korean BBQ, to the company’s basic philosophy of providing diners with the best quality ingredients and produce, while maintaining the art of Korean barbeque. Another unique aspect is that Seorae serves Galmaegisal, which translates to “skirt meat”, a cut with minimal amount of fat (great for waist-watchers) while possessing the perfect ratio of tenderness and juiciness. A fully-grown cow or pig only produces about 250g of such prized meat, which was in the past, was strictly reserved for Korean royalties. Now, you can savour Galmaegisal at Seorae Singapore, located conveniently at Plaza Singapura.Despite it being a weekday, there was a queue already forming at Seorae’s entrance during dinnertime.Ease into the evening with some alcoholic beverages. Have some fun and action with the Soju Bombs ($20/2 glasses, $29/4 glasses, $39/6 glasses, $49/8 glasses) or for something refreshing and also great for sharing, go for the Watermelon Soju ($25.90) or 5-in-1 Makkoli Mix ($39.90) which comprises of Blue Hawaii, Green Apple, Lychee, Mango and Strawberry flavours (also available individually at $12.90).Seorae’s signature Galmaegisal is available for individual order or as a platter. For first-timers, I recommend going for the combination platter, so you can sample all 3 different marinades. The King Galmaegisal 3 in 1 ($29.90/270g, $49.90/ 500g) comprises of US pork skirt-meat marinated with Korean spices, Spicy Galmaegisal and Garlic Soy-sauce Galmaegisal. My favourite was the lattermost, which was beautifully flavoursome and tender. Only charcoal is used for grilling, which gives the meats an additional dimension of flavour.A close second is the Wagyu Jinkkotsal ($37.90), which melts in the mouth. Just look at that marbling! You’ve gotta be crazy to say no to this!A must try is the complimentary Grilled Egg, which boast a silky texture. For more oomph and gooeyness , add in some cheese!Apart from BBQ meats, Seorae also serves traditional Korean favourites such as Tofu Stew($14.90), Seafood Pancake ($17.90) and Kimchi Pancake ($17.90).Round up your meal with Seorae’s tempting line up of Bingsoos. My top pick is the Cheese Bingsoo ($14.90), which features delicate savoury flavours from the cheese shavings, cheese sauce and cheese cake, balanced harmoniously with sweet notes from the Vanilla ice cream.The Namdaemun Bingsoo ($12.90) was also superb, and will definitely satisfy those who like a dash of alcohol and coffee in their dessert. Another strong contender is the Matcha Patbingsoo ($9.90) where bitter green tea ice cream contrasts with adzuki, heightened by crunchy cornflakes. continue reading
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Level4 2016-05-26
For the full review, click / copy the link below:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2016/05/seorae-singapore.htmlSeorae Galmaegi is a leading brand of Korean Charcoal BBQ for skirt meat (known in Korean as Galmaegisai). A fully-grown pig or cow produces only 250 grams of such meat, where the meat has the perfect combination of tenderness, juiciness and minimum fat. In the ancient times, this meat was serves only for the palate of monarchs and royal families. Seorae Galmaegi open its first shop in Korea in 2007, expanded in Korea and Asia with more than 260 outlets. Seorae open its first outlet Singapore in December 2015. As it is only LD and I for this dinner, we decided to try their Pork Set ($79). It has three type of pork, Galmaegisal (US Pork Skirt); Hangari Samgyeobsal (Seorae Marinated Pork Belly); and Hangjeongsal (US Pork Jowl). Once you completed your order, the service staff will prepare the charcoal for BBQ. The cast iron base plate for the bbq has different compartments where you can cook you egg and melt your cheese as well. First to the grill as the Galmaegisal. Cooked on round bbq mesh, where the meat has more exposure to the charcoal. We grilled it until it has a nice charred on the outside. The meat was slightly crisp on the outside while it retain it tender and succulent. It was delicious but does now really give me WOW. Followed with Hangjeongsal and Hangari Samgyeobsal. This time the bbq was changed to a more covered grill, with less exposure to the charcoal. My first encounter with Hangjeongsal (US Pork Jowl), was not a pleasant one. It was not cut properly, resulting in 80% fats, left with 20% meat. At Seorae, they trim off most of the fats, while the rest of the fats just melt during the bbq. Resulting in a super moist and succulent meat. Meanwhile the Hangari Samgyeobsal (Seorae Marinated Pork Belly with special soy-sauce) was just sublime. Each slice of the pork belly is about 5mm in thickness. As it was marinated already, you can actually eat this without any sauce or salt. Came with the pork set, Japchae (Glass Noodle stirfried with US Pork) and Sundubu Jjigae (All time favourite spicy tofu, clams and mince pork stew). We both think that the glass noodle and stew is very ordinary. The same thing can be said about the side dish, not much of variety and the portion looks small. Luckily, you can always ask for refill if needed. The pork set suppose to come with Strawberry Makkoli (Rice wine with Strawberry Fruits ), however, as we don't really take alcohol, they allow us to replace it with two servings of fruit tea. One item that catches our eyes when we go through the menu is Seorae Samgyeobsal ($24.90) - High quality pork belly in special Seorae cutting. The thick pork belly was cut to about the size of your pinky finger. One of the manager help us to grill it. It was just amazing. Ok, I have to say, Porkgasm. It was so juicy and succulent and it basically melts in your mouth. Surprisingly, the thin part of the skin does not even feel chewy.We wanted to order the Woosamgyeob (Thinly sliced beef belly) however they run out of it and we have to settle for So Galbi ($42.90) - Succulent US Prime beef short-ribs cut across the bones. Marinated overnight and grilled well done with sweet / juicy texture. The beef ribs is well marinated, though the meat looks like it has a very good marbling, it was slightly chewy. Definitely not as good as the pork here. Dessert was none other than the Bibim Patbingsoo ($12.90) Fruits + Jelly + Pat (Red bean) + Strawberry sauce + Vanilla Ice Cream. This Korean version of ice kacang, basically has everything in it. Love the presentation where the jelly looks like fried egg. It was a good ending to the meal. The place is bright and spacious. Service here is very good. When we ordered the Seorae Samgyeobsal, the manager grilled it for us and he explain to use on the method of grilling it. In case you were wondering, there was no Korean service staff here. Please note, Seorae only take limited reservations, so if the reservations are all taken up, it is at a first come first serve basis. It seems to be the trend in most of the new restaurants in Plaza Singapura. Overall, definitely a place to go for your Porkgasm experience. Most cut of the pork are just sublime and enjoyable. Price is very reasonable compare to some of the older Korean restaurant in Singapore. We will definitely go back for more in the future. Cheers!! continue reading
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Seems like Singapore just can't get enough of Korean food. The highly anticipated Seorae Galmaegi has finally landed in Singapore at CapitaLand Mall Asia's Plaza Singapura. Snaking queue can be seen during dinner time and it's probably a good idea to go early.What to expect at this famed Korean BBQ joint ? Seorae's signature Korean galmaegisal  of course, which is also known as pork skirt meat. The meat is somewhat tender and very flavorful in the marinade. Other than the signature item, we had Samgyeobsal, pork belly, in spicy marinade , Hangjeongsal, pork neck , Woosamgyeob, beef belly and LA Galbi, beef ribs . You can choose to BBQ these meats yourself or Seorae's friendly service staffs will do it for you. Look after your meats carefully and once done, dip them in either the free flow egg at the side or the very delicious melted cheese which comes at $2 a portion (highly recommended by me).Other than the pork, the beef belly has got to be my other favorite BBQ meat here at Seorae. Look at that perfect dip of meat and cheese below. Flavors complimenting one another and it would be a pity if you skip ordering the cheese. overallreview: full review and pics @ http://shauneeie.blogspot.sg/2016/04/seorae-singapore-plaza-singapura.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level3 2016-04-29
Original Review on http://www.nahmj.com/2016/05/01/seorae-singapore-plaza-singapuraSeorae Singapore features popular Korean Charcoal BBQ and this restaurant is now found at Plaza Singapura. Seorae aims to serve the best quality of ingredients and meat. For the ambience, it is the typical look of the Korean restaurant and it is casual.At the table, one would quickly find the hot burning charcoal fire set ready for the bbq. It is interesting to see that at the charcoal fire, there is a ring with 3 sections. One for the egg, the second for the cheese and last was to keep the meat warm.At Seorae Singapore, they featured the "skirt meat" known as Galmaegisal. This part has the perfect combination of tenderness and juiciness, yet contain minimal amount of fat. A fully-grown pig or cow produces only 250 grams of skirt meat. It is so good and yet so rare.Since the pork-skirt meat is a draw at Seorae Singapore, there is no reason why we should missed it. There are two flavours of skirt meat offered. First is the original Galmaegisal, Pork Skirt ($21.90). And if one prefer a stronger flavour could go for the Garlic Soy-Sauce Galmaegisal, Garlic Soy-Sauce Pork Skirt ($21.90).Other pork meat available are the pork belly meat. If one prefer spicy can for the Spicy Samgyeobsal ($17.90). Otherwise, the non-spicy option is Hangari Samgyeobsal ($17.90)For beef, one could turn to Jinkkotsal, Prime Beef ($29.90). This is my favourite beef meat at Seorae. The meat is tender and not gamey at all.The La Galbi, US Prime Beef Short-ribs ($29.90) is a little harder in texture.The meat in general are well marinated. I could savour the marinate not only on the surface of the meat but right into the centre too.At Seorae Singapore, they have provided 3 dips, the centre onion dips is great for skirt meat and the reddish dish are great for the rest of the meat. Cheese lover, you are in for a treat. There is a cheese dip. You can use it for the meat or for any food you ordered.If you aren't a carnivore and find that having bbq meat is not for you, there also other food option. Sundubu Jjigae ($14.90) a hot spicy soup with tofu, golden mushroom and many more ingredients. It is great to go with white rice.Other options are the Korean Pancake. If one prefer seafood, go for Haemul Pajeon ($17.90). Alternatively, the kimichi pancake, Kimichi Jeon ($17.90) is an equally great option.Bingsoo is available whole day even when the rest of the food isn't served during 3 - 5 pm. Seorae Singapore offered 6 Pat Bingsoo (with red bean) and 4 Bingsoo which is without red bean. 2 out of the 4 Bingsoo was with liquor. We tried none of the 2.First is the must try Apgujeong Bingsoo ($14.90). The finely shaved ice were covered with cheese cake and cheddar cheese and topped with a cheese wafer. Lastly it was drizzled with cheese sauce too. Oh my, it was a cheesy bowl.Sinsa PatBingsoo ($14.90) is a relatively simple compared to the rest of the creation. A bowl of shaved ice in a rock melon bowl is decorated with lots of melon balls. Right at the top was some red bean with a scoop of vanilla ice cream at the tip. Melon lovers rejoice!More reviews on http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
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