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A signature dining destination at Shangri-La hotels, Shang Palace is the ultimate establishment for Cantonese fine dining. Helming the kitchen is Executive Chef, Mok Kit Keung, who previously helmed the 2-Michelin-starred Shang Palace in Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong. Chef Mok uses traditional techniques with a contemporary twist. His signatures include sautéed boneless chicken wings skewered with abalone and mushroom, steamed lobster and bird’s nest with crab coral sauce, and oven-baked cod fillet with egg white and dried scallops. The theme for its interior design is dining in a Chinese garden. Exquisite floral motifs take centre stage on the red glass ceiling and are also hand-painted on the walls. continue reading
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Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2023)
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Dress Code: Smart Casual
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Signature Dishes
Sautéed Boneless Chicken Wings skewered with Abalone and Mushroom Steamed Lobster and Bird’s Nest with Crab Coral Sauce Oven-baked Cod Fillet with Egg White and Dried Scallops Lobster Salad
Review (12)
Level4 2014-03-09
Thanks to my uncle who had treated us this big feast here and really enjoyed all dishes served here: Baked Imperial chicken- chicken meat is filled with the nice fragrant fron the big lotus leave wrap with it and the chicken gravy is thick and not too salt. Really easy to chew and swallow.Baked cod fish with miso sauce- fish meat is very fresh and soft. The miso taste was not really that strong but giving it a little soya sauce flavour.Mini buddha jump over the wall- soup is fragrant and strong seafood taste in it. Generous big portion of flower mushroom, abalone and fungus are found inside, very nutritional. Wok-fried asparagus with xo sauce - asparagus is very crunchy and super fragrant cooked in the well flavoured xo sauce. Pineapple tarts- very buttery biscuit crust that is fragrant and crunchy. The pineapple paste is not too sweet and filled with the natural flavour of the pineapple used. continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-17
Shang palace is know for consistently good Chinese cuisine. Their dim sum is really good and we were thoroughly impressed. Really liked the carrot cake which was smooth and very light. Not greasy despite being pan fried to a crisp, and with chunks of radish dispersed evenly for contrast of texture and some bite to it. Flavour was good, being sufficiently tasty. continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-22
Shang palace has the nicest dim sum I have ever had! Especially love the liu sha bao which is only steamed when you call for it so that it arrives piping hot and molten inside. The salted egg custard is slightly savoury and sweet at the same time, while the bun is fluffy and absolutely delicious! Although rather pricey being in shangrila, Shang is definitely worth a try at least once!Make sure to get the char siew baos too! They are the best around in my opinion! continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-14
The Chinese restaurants at the Shangri La, Sheraton Towers, The Marriott and the Meritus Mandarin Orchard used to be the preferred venues for special occasion meals until the Millennium when new restaurants serving nouveau Chinese cuisine such as. Peony Jade, Silk Road, New Majestic and Yan Ting overtook them in popularity. Shang Palace retains their older clientele by keeping tradition alive while adding new ingredients to old favourites and tweaking the presentation of their dishes through individual portions & minimalist plating. Only the yusheng is presented the usual way on the lazy susan turntable, but once the tossing is done, the waitress removed the platter aside to divvy the salad into single portions.The classic Chinese ambience is retained but with the addition of drapes & screens to offer privacy to diners, while the wait staff continue to impress with their quiet efficiency in serving their customers. After the yusheng, we were each served a generous portion of the sublime sharks fin which was immersed in a double boiled chicken consomme. Definitely prefer this version compared to the usual sharks fin bisque (thick soup) which is too filling and also clouds out the clear, clean taste & texture of the fins..The appetizer duo of baby abalone tart and fresh scallop with egg white are luxe dimsum from their lunch menu. Next up was my favourite - sliced abalone with dried whole scallop (conpoy), dried oyster & prawn.The steamed garoupa in HK style was also faultlessly prepared & presented. .Another lightly seasoned dish to showcase the quality of the ingredients was the sea cucumber stuffed with minced seafood paste, which was served on a bed of blanched young spinach.The pork rib with chef's sauce was delicious and the succulent meat was easily separated from the bone. We were already quite full after this dish. We requested the waitress not to plate the glutinous rice in lotus leaf. What is nice here is the range of desserts included in the set menu. Besides the glutinous rice, we also passed for takeaway the warm dessert of panfried nian gao.We ended our dinner with the trio of cold desserts - a tasting portion of mango puree with pomelo sacs and almond jelly, a chewy little mochi symbolizing reunion and Shangri La's signature pineapple tart. That's a sweet finale to the Year of the Dragon. continue reading
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Level4 2012-04-29
If you feel like eating some high end Chinese foods in a classic stylish environment, this will be a good choice for you. Most of the dishes here have their own unique design and are really different from other restaurants. Like to eat their simple yet look elegant spinach with tofu. The spinach are cooked with the mashed tofu and the different types of seaonings before the are form into a 'christmas tree'. The spinach is slighty crunchy with that mixture of smooth feeling of tofu in it. It is really healthy and an all time favourite dish for those elderly and the healthy conscious groups. continue reading
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