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Shinji by Kanesaka is an extension of 1 Michelin star Chef Shinji Kanesaka’s Edo-style sushi restaurant first set up in Tokyo’s exclusive Ginza district. The deep-rooted philosophy underpinning this endeavour is simply a passionate desire to share an appreciation for age-old Japanese culinary traditions without compromising its integrity. continue reading
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Michelin 1 Starred Restaurant (2023)
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Sushi Edomae Yume Omakase Special Menu Setsugetsuka Sushi Course Set
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曾拿過米芝蓮的日本餐廳,是不是實至名歸?星幣250 和 480的omakase 又有什麼分別?兩份頭菜一樣,都很清新。清湯煮一點青菜,菇,還有一小節鮮蝦。480: 先來兩種肥美的魚生。一個油香四溢,一個軟綿肥美。250:一個濃味一點的銀皮魚,一個彈牙油潤的深海池魚。480: 三種不同的海膽,有軟綿滑的,有甘香的,有鮮甜的。都很正就是了。250: 魷魚刺身感覺略乾,沒有太粘糯,鮮甜不夠,醒上海膽的甘甜才平衡回一點。480:兩個價都有的超入味,軟中帶彈牙的八爪魚。然後一塊滿是脆脆魚子的立方,配上柴魚碎。非常美味的,入口即綿的鮟康魚肝。火炙過的金目鯛,魚香十足,油脂不算多。250:除了八爪魚,就是茄子魚塊。480:蟹肉配滑溜溜的腐竹,乾淨舒服的配搭。250:鰹魚刺身油脂不多,配上酸汁更能帶起鮮味。480:以熟吃總結前菜的部份較為少見,挺新鮮的。我的是呑拿魚面頰,真大一塊,魚質比較札實,多汁略柴,幸好調味滿分。250: 十分綿的魚,燒過後才有的香氣。壽司的部份兩個價位是差不多個,480用上250前菜使用的刺身。三款呑拿,中toro比大toro 更見優美,赤身也很優雅。480的三包迷你丼,呑拿魚腩蓉細緻,三文魚子鮮度滿分。後段的壽司更為我所喜歡,只少沒有再和頭段的重覆。我只能說這是都是好吃的壽司,蝦壽司更貼心的分了一半,分量是足夠有餘的。最後的清湯不錯喝,但可以再熱一點。完美鮮甜的水果作結。 continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-15
See pictures at http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.sg/2015/06/shinji-by-kanesaka-raffles-hotel.htmlDistinguished as the finest Japanese restaurant in all of Singapore (it is the highest ranked on just about every dining list there is), Shinji is one of those places that is reserved for special occasions, the food here being absolutely sublime, and the bill costing a pretty penny.At $300 a pop for the cheapest omakase dinner option, Shinji is also renown to be the most expensive Japanese restaurant in Singapore. The multi-course meal is well worth it though, sparkling fresh, immaculately finessed and exquisitely plated.The restaurant, a pinewood-ed space of tranquility, is split up into several dining rooms, each one kept small so a single chef can helm it, and each room it can be switched up into a private space.Service was intuitive, attentive, and unobtrusive. The waitresses were stealthy like ninjas, I never really saw them around, but my teacup was always filled to the brim, and barely a second after we whipped out our credit card, they appeared with the bill! We actually looked up to see if there were cameras in the room watching our every move.Best save this for a special occasion. continue reading
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Please visit here for full review and photos of all 20+ courses: http://look-see-eat.blogspot.sg/2013/12/singapores-best-omakase-sushi-shinji-by.htmlTwo weeks ago I reviewed the $75, 9-piece sushi lunch set and concluded it was the best sushi in Singapore and hence was insanely good value. Today let's look at the Omakase, which at $250 is more than triple the price for some additional sashimi and cooked dishes.For lunch, we get different appetizers and desserts, and a grand total of 3 sashimi courses, 3 cooked dishes, half a tomato, 10 nigiri sushi and 1 maki.The sushi is, of course, sublime, especially the shari (rice) which is the best I've ever eaten anywhere in the world including Japan. The cooked dishes have some hits and some misses, so aren't all that great.Considering the price differentials, it's hard to recommend the Omakase over the 'regular' lunch sets; however if you're in the mood for the absolute best the restaurant can offer, you won't be disappointed. continue reading
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Level3 2011-10-13
I went with my friendsim a japanese food lover especially sushi Their sushi is very famous & Every single piece of sushi was an amazing work of art. Served at the perfect temperature The sushi was fresh prawn nigiri was sweet & pleasingly bouncyIkura sushi is fresh & big like pearl ,very yummy Matcha mousse with Azuki beans was great too very light yet with a deep rich green tea fragrance at the same time.Overall i rate 9/10 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)