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Shuffle is a bilingual music bistro that has daily'Live' performances in both Mandarin and English. continue reading
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Review (8)
Located in Clarke Quay is Shuffle Bar & Bistro that boosts live entertainment. On a monday night, which was National Day Eve. My cousins and I popped by and at the entrance, the staff asked us if we had made a reservation, unfortunately we had no idea how crowded it would be, which resulted in us getting seated at the back of the dining area. Note to self, always make a reservation at Shuffle, especially if you want to be closer to the stage and performances. 1. Smoked Duck Pizza $20++This was a signature pizza and was found on almost every patron's table. The juicy and tender smoked duck slices, came with a variety of cheese, melted perfectly on a black pepper base and cucumbers. Simple ingredients but executed very well. The result? Khong Guan biscuit like pizza crust and the cheese on the pizza was simply irresistible, not to mention even when the pizza had cooled down, the pizza was still just as delightful in taste! I'm definitely coming back for more of this pizza.2. Aglio Olio $16++We had an option of linguine or penne and we choose penne. I like penne better as it is easier to eat with a fork. The penne however wasn't cooked to an al dente texture. It had a rather hard bite in every one of the penne. It was a let down. Not to mention the Aglio Olio was very spicy. One of the spiciest pasta I've ever tried. The duck pizza had set such a high standard for dinner and this was just on the other end of the scale.3. Beer Battered Fish and Chips $18++The portion of the fish and chips was huge, definitely too big for a lady, but probably decently sized for a boy's night out. The waffle chips were slightly salty and were crisp. The fish itself had a subtle taste but the tar tar sauce definitely made it more palatable. It wasn't a fantastic fish and chips, but I guess if you were craving for something like this and you're at Shuffle, no harm trying!Overall : I went to Shuffle in hopes of trying their paddle pop salted egg tart that they posted on instagram a week ago, but nope. They didn't have it. It was a slight disappointment but at least the smoked duck pizza made up for it! I'm so coming back for more of this pizza and I'm bringing more friends to soak up the atmosphere and conquer more pizzas! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-31
My friends and I headed to Shuffle for a round of drinks. We reached around 11pm + and changed seats for a total of 3 times before we finally settled at the 4th table which was directly in front of the stage. (Yeah! Paraphrase was playing that night too). It was a bit unpleasant though. Luckily our drinks were only served at the 3rd table or I can imagine the waiters/waitresses moving the drinks from one table to another. It’s a Friday night and Paraphrase was playing but 2 of the 4 members were away. The lead singer was replaced by another lady who had great vocals too. We dedicated quite a few songs but none of them was played. I think they are swamped by song dedications that day.I noticed that Shuffle have also changed their decorations and some of their furniture. The same goes for their drinks menu. No more Kronenbourg Beer tower.  Anyway we ended up ordering a tower of Hoegaarden. In between drinks we wanted to play games so I asked for dices and I was expecting 4 cups of dices but was only given 1 cup. Hmm. Anyway we made do by playing some other games with 1 cup of dices.My friend also ordered a thin crust pizza to share and though I only ate a little, (I was quite bloated with the drinks already), I liked the pizza. Cause 1) it’s thin crust (yes!) and also its very flavourful. I think I will try dinner there someday.Before we left, we also ordered a bucket of Corona Extra and a bottle of Apple Cider for a friend who prefers lighter alcoholic beverages. Apple Cider is nice but I think it’s a bit too gassy for my liking. I prefer the Corona Extra.Will continue returning to Shuffle for the drinks and live band! continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-20
Always enjoy chilling with my drinking buddies at night. This time one of them brought us to her regular bar at Clarke Quay. There were no table space when we got there and we had to wait downstairs for awhile before we were escorted up to the main level. As time passes by, we were directed from the very end of the restaurant to the table right infront of the band! The band sings both English and Chinese songs and all of them have really great voices and are all very talented in their own ways. Enjoyed their music! So anyway we ordered the Hoegaarden Tower to share among 4 people. After finishing the tower, we got ourselves a bucket of different kinds of beer. I'm not really pro in drinking but I love their apple cider the most. I got hungry after some time and decided to order the Chicken Tikka Thin Crust Pizza ($16) to share, I wasn't sure why I ordered this but it was served hot and good enough to fill our stomachs! The BBQ chicken had great touch of Indian spices and helped me rid the beer aftertaste I had, also made me more sober. Overall, I really enjoyed my time here. The ambience is great with very good live band, drinks and food. This visit has got me marking this place as my new favourite chilling place! continue reading
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Not sure why this place hasn't got much reviews; it has good food at reasonable prices, great promos, and live band. This was my second visit, on Wednesdays they have ladies night promo and we got a bottle of Moscato (for every 4 ladies, min spending only $20) for free, which we all liked as it was fruity and sweet. Great promo.Their Laksa pasta was very good (no picture as it was gobbled up within minutes); with lots of seafood, and the sauce was thick and creamy but not spicy. This time we tried their seafood pizza, nothing special though and their duck pizza is much better. Lastly we had their cereal calamari again (we loved it), and we also tried their truffle fries - thin and like fries from macs, but truffle taste was distinct and portion was good. continue reading
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Level3 2013-06-20
I was there to support the regular band singing at the cafe restaurant. I ordered the Caesar salad as I wanted something light for dinner on the day of visit. The portion of salad pleasantly surprised me a little. The greens were fresh, sauce taste nice and right for the mix as well. However, I personally find it a little too salty. Other than that it is a great pick for a 'light' meal. Oh, it comes with quite a bit of chicken in it too! continue reading
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