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<BR>Sin Hoi Sai (also known as Sin Hoi San) Eating House, is an established seafood restaurant with over 20 years of history, located in Tiong Bahru & East Coast. Its reputation has been built with its range of exotic seafood and uniquely Singaporean cuisine. continue reading
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Level1 2014-12-15
Mongolian Hoisin Delight (Mongolian Pork Chops)I dunno...but meals just don't feel the same without any meat on the table...so we started off with the Mongolian Pork Ribs.The ribs were well-marinated with a tangy Hoisin sauce reminiscent of thickened plum-sauce & uniquely served with crinkle-cut fries on the side...quite unusual considering we were having rice as well for dinner.The meat was also tender & juicy at the same time & it made for a very good start to a heavy meal.Saturated Velvety Goodness (Claypot EggPlant)Everyone loves Egg Plant. These parts, we're familiar with the name brinjal. This one's done to near-perfection as the soft, velvety slices of egg-plant were stir-fried in a familiar sauce marinated with Chilli Padi, Spring Onions & minced meat.This is one classic Chinese dish bathed in a sauce called the Holy Trinity of Chinese cooking...Scallions, Garlic & Ginger! Lip-Smacking Good!Fun with my Greens (Kale)One of my favourite dishes whenever we come here. I'm not kidding! I always ask for this each time we come, whether or not anybody cares to join me in eating it!They call this the Chie Lan Miao or loosely translated, it means Kale Shoots & Sin Hoi Sai does this Really Well! Stir-fried with crushed garlic, it doesn't have any of that bittery aftertaste you get whenever we eat the same dish prepared elsewhere!Salty Sea-faring Goodie (Salted Fried Prawns)Alright! Crab is expensive, & whole fish is costly...what to do? We're on a budget, but how not to eat seafood at a seafood restaurant?Hokkiens have an old saying: 'No Fish, Prawns also can'!So prawns it was fried with salt, garlic & spring onions...I realise we love garlic, because almost everything here has this deliciously pungent bulb in it! The prawns were fresh & this was obvious because the shells literally slid off the meat, but then again, I'm pretty slick when I'm using my trusty fork & spoon to undress them!Not Quite There (Tilapia Curry)All-round perfection is Hard to come by in any meal & today was no exception. Perhaps it was a result of a miscommunication; perhaps it was my bad Mandarin; maybe it was a futile attempt by the restaurant manager to off-load this particular fish to me...I asked for Groupa Fish-Head Curry, & got stuck instead with their Tilapia whole-fish claypot curry.Ok. Tilapia has a very fine meat texture & t...he meat is succulently soft & moist.MY gripe with Tilapia is that despite what I just mentioned earlier here, I find its meat bland and devoid of flavour, no matter how it's cooked! Furthermore, the skin on this fish tends to get sticky & clings to your fork, spoon or chopsticks as you try to eat it! Or maybe I'm just a spoilt brat who was brought up eating only the fish I wanted to (Pomfret, Groupa & Threadfin largely)...anyway, the rest of the family thought it was good so I guess all wasn't lost  continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-31
D & I were in the Tiong Bahru vicinity to racee food places. Original plan was to try the beef hor fun at another eatery but it was full house! Alas! So as we walked around, we saw Sin Hoi San eating house & there were ample seats! We ordered a large size Beef Hor Fun to share, which cost $9. Being an ardent fan of beef hor fun, both of us quickly dug into the hor fun right after i took a few food shots! It was disappointing as I felt that the hor fun lack of 'wok hei' in cantonese terms ~ meaning it's not being fried for a sufficient duration. The beef amount was considered rather generous thou, with big slices. D's verdict was she didn't like the beef hor fun here & gave up finishing her portion & I ended up having to eat the bulk of it! continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-04
Our pal had decided to treat the rest of us a Zhi Char Dinner to celebrate his next milestone in life (Just Married) and Sin Hoi Sai Eating House was voted for its well known reputation . Although it was not the peak hours for a proper dinner, we were informed that no internal seating were available for the 9 + 1 (9 Adults + 1 Toddler) of us. There goes our opportunity to dine in a cooler environment after a hot day of work and welcome the Alfresco Dining! Enjoy the enchanting lights as we walked down the sides of Sin Hoi Sai Eating House's building, especially with the welcoming decorations of Singapore Flags to commemorate our upcoming National Day 2013.Welcomed by 2 kinds of appetizers (Spicy Ah Cha & Braised Peanuts) while waiting for everyone to settle down. We are the minority to order its Barley drink while most of them were the usual Coca Cola Supporters. Our first dish was served, Kangkong Belacan and it comes without any serving of rice initially. Look at the stir fried Chinese spinach, they are mixed together with fermented shrimp paste and dried shrimp. You cant miss out it's crunchiness! This dish is not that spicy too!I was kind of surprised by how they served this dish. Hotplate with tofu was served covered initially and was opened when it reached our table. The simple looking plain dish was given a "great pour" full with minced meat gravy and followed by the sizzling sound of the hotplate. The gravy especially with minced meat, makes a perfect match with our bowls of plain rice. Pipping hot Har Cheong Kai (Prawn Paste Chicken) was fried to golden brown perfection with each piece filled with the awesome flavours and richness of the prawns! Yum Yum!Seafood Goodies filled the Yi Pin Guo (Royal Pot)! Prawns, abalone, fish maw, scallop, broccoli and mushroom. All of us dine like Kings and Queens! Cereal Prawns , the deep fried prawns in better, is one of the famous dish in most Ci Zhar restaurant . Prawns are fresh and mixed with aplenty of richly textured crunchy oat flakes. Some like to eat with the shell while some chose to remove them before consumption. Enjoy these hot stuff without the use of utensils, they are absolutely finger licking good!Heh Chor (Prawn Roll) were equally good - Impressive and not too oily. It wont go wrong with them dipped into the sweet sauce that come along with the plate!Service rendered was great and attentive. One of our chopsticks dropped onto the floor, the next moment a chopstick came as a replacement! . When the bills are cleared, the staff will actually place a sign on the table to thank their customer for the patronage. Total Damage for 9 Pax: S$233.35 Highlights(1) Take a chance to visit their toilet, you may find their toilet sink rather interesting. (2) Parking maybe an issue as the lots are limited, be early.(3) For those who are dinning in big groups, do remember to make reservations if you want to enjoy the air-conditioned dining environment. continue reading
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Level4 2013-05-30
Always heard from my fellow collegue that the shrimp paste chicken here is very delicious and I finally get the time to visit here with my sister on this evening. Here the place is very crowded and abit difficult to get seats, which took us almost fifteen minutes to settle down with a table. Service here was normal and serving was slow as well. My colleague & I have only order the shrimp paste chicken and the plain rice. It took around ten minutes for the the shrimp paste chicken to be served to our table. As what she has told me earlier, the chicken meat was really very juicy and tender. The shrimp paste sauce used to marinate the chicken is really fragrant and has really make the chicken meat very appetitizing and delicious. Did not ordered other dishes as they are quite expensive and we only want to have a simple meal. continue reading
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