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Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang is the famous stall located in the heart of the city that specializes in Indonesian cuisine such as Ayam Rendang, Nasi Padang and Begedil. Enjoy vibrant spices and sauces from this stall. continue reading
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Avoid long queues by visiting Sinar Pagi Nasi Padang during non-peak hours
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10:30 - 22:30
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Ayam Rendang Begedil Nasi Padang
Review (8)
Level4 2015-09-12
See my full revies & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/09/12/sinar-pagi-nasi-padang-lagi-bagus-geylang-serai-food-markey-on-8sep2015/(this is the branch at geyland serai market)a friend brought me to a nasi padang eating stall in geylang serai some time ago. i did not have a blog post, so i guess it must have been like 3 years ago (i started blogging in mar2013). at the time my favourite was river valley nasi padang at zion road. it had been for many years from the time when children were very young. we even ta pao food for large 10+ parties & really relished the curries. river valley nasi padang was expensive, and some though the curries were too salty. i quite agree. it is closed now. the other place i liked was at the old tanjong pagar railway station. it was also closed. so i have not had nasi padang at the stalls for a really long time. i did have some at rendervous. this time the same friend brought me to sinar pagi nasi padang at geyland serai market on 8.9.2015. ^^ i had wanted to try this the last time when i saw the food beautifully displayed & the long queue, but at the time we already had our lunch at the nasi padang stall across sims avenue on the joo chiat side. well, never too late. another friend joined & my friend bought lunch. the beef tripes curry (top photo) was very good. it was not as salty as river valley nasi padang so on that score i guess it was better. curry chicken was lovely too! curry was very tasty. some how in my memory, the yellow & red curry chicken at river valley nasi padang at zion road was still better. assam fish curry was as good as any. chilli brinjal was ok, but i think not great. my helper can make it better & tastier. egg kind of non-descript. lunch was S$21. actually not cheap, no cheaper, i guess, than river valley nasi padang at zion road. anyway, company of old friends was great. we chatted about GE2015. & over food i liked and enjoyed. lagi bagus!^^ continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-03
i love this nasi padang food with their fragrant vegetables, ah char, bbq chicken , tofu, as it is near my office, i been going back to eat, their rice is very fragrant with curry sauce, you must try each and every dishes, spoil for choice, although a bit ex for nasi padang, i keep going back to the stall, their spices are too fragrant with nice chilli added, they wrap their rice in banana leaf if takeaway, add fragrance to rice. Their original stall is geylang serai hawker centre, this branch just as long queue during lunch time. strongly recommended for nasi padang lovers, one of the best nasi padang i eaten in Singapore, always go back and eat. Even when no meat chosen, the vegetables spices are spicy and fragrant enough to be eaten with their very spicy chilli. 2 vegs with rice $3.50. 3 vegs with rice $4.50, chicken and one veg $5.50. : ) yummy yummy continue reading
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Level2 2013-03-16
It was lively that night at Boat Quay because St. Patrick's Day Festival has begun. A lot of people are there drinking while making merry. I chose to move away from the crowd as I did not want to get into trouble with anybody there. It was dinner time. I happened to find this quiet dining place that offers nasi padang. I doubt that the food there tastes good at first. However, after seeing the reviews inside about the eatery, I decided to have a plate of nasi padang. I had rice with beef lungs, sayur lodeh, kentang belado and some sambal. Often, I had nasi padang served on plates that resemble banana leaves. This nasi padang is served on a round piece of banana leaf on a plate. It was hard to find rice served on banana leaves these days. The appearance of the dish reminds me of South Indian banana leaf rice. The rice is soft and chewy. It tastes good when served on the banana leaf as the leaf gives the rice its own fragrance. The strips of beef lungs are soft and chewy. They are like chewing gum because they are hard to be torn apart in the mouth. The chillies help to make the beef lungs taste spicy hot. About the sayur lodeh, it tastes mildly spicy. The gravy is soupy. While other vegetables such as carrots and long beans come in small pieces, others such as cabbages and cauliflowers come in big chunks. That is fine because that makes the vegetables more crunchy. As for the kentang belado, the potato wedges appeared to be deep fried before stir-frying. The potatoes are soft and pulpy, with the outer layer being soft and firm. Likewise, they also taste mildly spicy. The anchovies add to the potatoes its salty fishy flavour. The sambal tastes very spicy, salty and a bit sweet. It also has a fishy taste maybe because it has a hint of anchovies in it. The rice can complement with the sambal and the dishes as it can relieve any spiciness. The whole nasi padang is very tasty. Eating within the shophouses by the river makes me feel that I was going back to the days when traders and coolies work and eat by the river. This is an amazing dining experience and I hope to come there for another plate of nasi padang. continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-22
Decided to queue for this stall as they was a long queue during lunch time hours and have brought some food which includes mixed rice with fish and the tahur telor. The fish is well cooked, soft and tender texture and is topped with generous amount of the chili sauce. The chili sauce is a bit watery, have chunk of chili skin and taste wise is not too spicy and goes well with the fish. As for the tahur telor, it is well presented, topped with shredded mixed vegetables and dipped in the peanut sauce. The beancurd is firm and has a soft texture. The peanut sauce is well seasoned, not too salty but is a bit watery. With the presence of the mixed vegetable, it give the beancurd a extra crunchy texture. continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-22
This is another branch of the famous Nasi Padang from Geylang Serai. This branch is conveniently located in town so made eating their Nasi Padang much easier. My usual favourite dishes are beef randang, curry vegetable and begidil (malay style potato cutlet) and not forgetting their specially made chilli to go with the rice. The beef randang has got a tender and soft texture. The curry vegetable consists of cabbage, turnip and tau kwa. MUST TRY. continue reading
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