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Chilli Crab Curry Fish Head
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Level4 2014-04-22
Having a usual dinner at Woodlands area with friend, we opted for Chinese cookery. There was no much peoples hanging around during night time, service was friendly prompt. Menu was extensive enough, photo inside was attractive with brief intro given. Humble-looking restaurant at coffee shop yet it presented high-class restaurant dishes, food was appetizing in presence while taste even better.It was a very famous dish mimicking Sweet and Sour Pork, intentionally vegetarian version. Cut into decent sizes, each tofu cube was pan-fried until perfection. Not too oily or too hard, texture was firmly soft. Evenly coated, crisp layer was delighting. Generous gravy poured on top, taste was well-balanced of tanginess and little sourness.My first time to try out this combination, appearance was shinny colourful and mouthwatering. Slight fiery spicy, eggplant was silky moist in texture. Thick pieces in golden brown with medium-high heat, potatoes were well-fried, classic taste with garlic fragrant. Best eaten with a bowl of rice, saltiness was all right and served warm.Cracking and blending it, scrambled egg was fluffy tender. Seafood such as shrimps and squids were mixed along, authentic homely dish with petite burnt surface. Easy and straightforward taste, yet it was wonderfully impressed me. Went through deep-fried method, it was surprisingly without greasiness.Mushroom wise, the dish was nothing fantastic. I must admit I don’t really fancy about it, plate was full of purely natural mushrooms. Starchy gravy was flavourful, thick with soy sauce aromatic. Portion was rather huge for two person, quite worthwhile to order. Overall, we felt satisfied to dine at the place. Price was inexpensive with great food quality, not bad experience. continue reading
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