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Smoothie King was created when Steve Kuhnau being experimenting with mixing fruits, nutrients and proteins in a blender. Today the company has grown to include over 600 locations - and their vision remains to become the healthy alternative by creating great tasting nutritional smoothies. continue reading
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Often we think that eating well and healthy got to be expensive. Also, with our fast pace of life, often we turn to unhealthy fast food to satisfy our hunger amidst our busy schedule. Thanks to Smoothie King which arrived in Singapore earlier this year, now we can get to enjoy healthy, fast and affordable food and of course, SMOOTHIES on-the-go!Since I am on a low-carb diet, this is a perfect place for a quick lunch and a good cup of smoothie! For those who are health concious, they are very helpful to state the amount of calories on the menu beside to each item as well as the ingredients in them so I can have a good understanding of what goes into my body. This is excellent for those on a "clean diet" unlike other fast food restaurants.Having a soft spot for tacos, I ordered the BBQ Chicken Breast Soft Taco ($5.90) which has only 221 calories! It was served with a pile of fresh and appetizing lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers and bbq lean chicken breast meat. It was pack with delicious-ness over a soft taco wrap. Yummy! each set consist of 2 soft tacos and this makes it good for sharing specially if you are craving for a light and nutritious snack. There are many kinds of smoothies to choose from and I was totally spoilt for choices. From the regular refreshing smoothies to slim and lite ones which promotes weight loss. I went for the Blueberry Heaven (Regular size - $5.90) which has a mixture of blueberries, banana and vanilla protein at only 160 calories! Thankfully, it suited my taste buds as it wasn't too sweet and it has both my favourite blueberries and banana. It tasted like milkshake and it was very appetizing and a perfect drink on a hot afternoon!There is an option to "Make It Skinny" too so they will use non-fat milk instead. If you like an additional boost to your smoothie, you can top up $1 to boost it with Antioxidants, Diet Down, Energy, Fiber Blend, Multi Vitamin, Muscle Builder, Probiotic, Beauty Collagen depending on whichever you like. I enjoyed my meal and also the service too! It was my first visit and the staffs were very helpful as to recommend which type of smoothie suits my preference best as I do not like those with a weird vegetable taste. This is definitely a great place for students and family to visit with the casual and homely ambiance.Time to ditch your burgers and fried chicken for some healthy smoothie and tacos! continue reading
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Touted as the original nutritional smoothie since 1973, Smoothie King offers thick, creamy smoothies containing fresh fruit ingredients, nutrients and proteins specially designed to meet our bodies needs!Their first outlet in Singapore is at Centrepoint Orchard takes over the shop space owned previously by Haagen Dazs and is prominently positioned right at the entrance to Centrepoint on level 1.There are a ton of flavours to choose from, sorted out by Smoothie King's own nutritional charts. Health fanatics who go down to the calorie when selecting their food choices would find themselves very much at home here. Customers can also go by 3 broad categories, Refreshing, Nutritional Meals and Slim & Lite, each specially designed to meet the your body's requirements.Given that there has been a plethora of healthy drinks such as the likes of Boost, LINS Smoodees etc., 1 of the ways Smoothie King stood out for me was the choice to add enhancers to your smoothie. There are quite a few available, each customized to meet special needs. And you don't have to stop at 1! Go crazy and add more if you like. Each enhancer costs an additional top up of just $1.It's always safer to stick to a popular choice for a first-time taste test. So I opted for the top 2 choices - Angel Food and Strawberry X-treme. A luscious blend of bananas and strawberry, Angel Food certainly tries to live up to its name with a creamy concoction that brings out the aroma of bananas tempered by sweet notes of strawberry.$6.70 + 2 enhancers (Multi-vitamins and Diet Down) -- $8.70 On the other hand, Strawberry X-treme is the just a culmination of strawberry brilliance. Both sweet and sour at the same time. Ooh la la!$6.30 + 1 enhancer (beauty Collagen) -- $7.30Service wise, I wasn't too happy. It took longer for the cashier to process my payment than it took for my 2 smoothies to be ready. Other than that, the staff on hand were always happy to provide more info and recommendations.On top of their signature smoothies, Smoothie King's menu includes a wide selection of healthy snacks and high quality nutritional products. Well they say and I quote: "They’re not just good. They’re good for you." I haven't exactly shed weight significantly that I can tell since my dose of Diet Down yesterday, but I am still hopeful! continue reading
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Level2 2013-01-24
Smoothie king is a near drinks stall located at The CentrePoint Mall. Recommended by a friend who told me about this smoothie healthy shake! So, we went there to try it! We ordered Slim n Trim -Mango, Yogurt D Lite Strawberry, Mango Festival. It turn out to be from the sweetest to the sourest. It's good to try out different types of drinks! They also had nutritious meals, hot coffee, cold coffee and salads meals. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)