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Level4 2017-03-03
The stall was located inside a coffeeshop. It was well known for its thai style wanton noodles and attracted long queue. But today it was raining quite heavily during lunch time, and it like a queue of 8 persons in front of me, so was too bad. While queuing up the staff took order and payment. Don't forget to help yourself to the condiements such as deep fried lards, green chilli, and chilli flakes.Wanton Mee Regular with extra ingredients ($5)The serving looked fairly small in the huge bowl. Although the noodles looked rather dry without sauce, it was quite tasty on its own. The cured fish sausage was not bad, topped with 2 pieces of deep fried wantons, but the char siew was lacking the sweetness which I preferred. It served with 2 wantons in soup. Pig intestines ($2)It was served with slices of raw garlic. The serving looked quite small. Although tender, the intestines still had a quite powdery texture with a slight bitter taste. A hint of need of a better cleaning job.Overall food was not bad but I felt it was a tab overpriced. continue reading
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Level4 2015-07-07
For complete review, visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2015/03/soi-19.htmlThough Soi 19 Thai Wanton Mee has been around for 2 years, it only become talk of the town recently on social media platform. Due to my recent trip to Bangkok which lead me into an increasing urge for Thai Food, I find that it's time I should make a trip down to Soi 19 in Singapore. And with the constant reminders from their Facebook page posts, I could not help it but allowed it to tempt me further.We drove into Ang Mo Kio district and began our search. The queue was long just like what everyone was talking about, thus we were well prepared for a wait.The style of Thai Wanton Mee was dry but filled with aroma especially from its free flow of crispy pork lard. The bigger portion costs $5 and you are entitled to Char Siew, 2 fried wanton, 2 soup wantons, "lap cheong" (chinese sausages) , blanched vegetables and chopped spring onions.Though those egg noodles were dry, the noodles were springy in texture and evenly coated with shallot oil. What's more, the strands of noodles did not cluster together into a lump.Having a bowl of original version costs, $3.50, a dollar more as compared to a usual bowl of wanton mee, lessing out the sauce and moist texture, that's what you have got at Soi 19, Ang Mo Kio. The smaller version has only 1 fried wanton as compared to the big bowl and also chinese sausages were no where to be seen there. For additional flavours, condiments like chilli flakes, green chillis The wantons were juicy and each of them was wrapped in its tightest form, revealing the shape of its filling.With such concoction where Wanton Mee looks plain into its simplicity, it kinda jog my memory to a stall in Chinatown Hawker Centre which has the noodles served exactly in Simplicity but it falls under the chinese kind of wanton noodles. Having tried Wanton Mee from Bangkok, I would say Soi 19 in Ang Mo Kio may have the closest taste here in Singapore to Bangkok's. Well, what's more can I say? At least we dont have to fly a few hours to Bangkok to enjoy it. continue reading
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Level2 2015-03-01
Before it was featured in the papers, there was barely a queue. Now the queue is crazy! I feel that it's okay only. I don't understand why people are raving all about it. It's different from regular wonton mee. Then again, there are so many different kinds of wonton mee in Singapore.This Thai-style wonton mee has no sauce, but it's a little oily due to the pork lard. You can add in your own condiments. They provide free flow pork lard, green onions, red chilli flakes, fish sauce and....sugar. I ordered the medium bowl, which cost $4. Basically it just has more noodles than the small. I think it's quite expensive given that you only get two soup dumplings and one fried. continue reading
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Full review: http://dairycream.blogspot.sg/2014/11/sol-19-thai-wanton-mee-ang-mo-kio.htmlPeople have always been asking me whether I have tried Soi 19 Thai Wanton Mee since it is right in my hood and even within walking distance. And so I braved the crowd and possibility of long-waiting time and head there on a busy Sunday (prior to that confirming that the stall opens through their facebook)10.50am Started queuing 11.45am At the front of waiting line. Not too long, considering the fact that I can skip the transport time. I have no idea what's a good authentic Thai-style wanton Mee ( eavesdropped on the next table and learnt that it was like Koko Mee) NO CHILLI, but there is your Pizza Hut Chilli flakes (add it in, you won't regret). NO GRAVY, but the seasoning is sufficient already (bottle of fish sauce on standby at the counter) FREE FLOW of PORK LARD which I decided not to take advantage of since there were more than enough of that crispy wickedly fragrant bits in my $4-bowl. If you prefer those saucy or moist version, this might not be your kind of wanton Mee. And neither will it transport you to the sweet, sour spicy Thai paradise. It's simple and aromatic. Thankfully there were juicy meaty wantons in the soup to counteract the dryness in the bowl. Yes, the noodles clumped together, but I can always separate it with my chopsticks. continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-24
When i come to this coffeeshop, it's usually for the fishball noodles. As it was closed during one of my recent visit, it was a good chance for me to try out this wantan mee. According to the online reviews, it's thai style ( that explain the stall name ) which i think quite hard to find so i was quite excited to try it.Looks nice when it arrived at my table but first impression was if it be bland cause not much sauce ( too used to our local version ). But it's actually not too bad when i took the first bite, feels quite like the one i had at Thailand. I poured all the chilli flakes into my noodles and i even took my mum's one cause she don't take spicy food. I like =)They were quite generous with the ingredients and it was fresh. Overall i enjoyed my thai style wantan mee and i don't mind trying it again. continue reading
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