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Yong Tau Foo
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Level4 2014-12-17
While most of the stalls in Bukit Merah View Market and Food Centre is or have already done for the business day, Soon Li Yong Tau Foo has just started busying preparing for the start of business. Stall is manned by a husband and wife team who are notorious for their short tempers. If you are asking too much questions on the opening timing during the wait or slight slower in ordering or blocking their passage way, you will get the ferocious stare on their face.Besides their unique opening hours from midnight onwards, Soon Li Yong Tau Foo attracts customers with their wide range of items, about 20 over items. Special items includes, pork belly (roasted and non-roasted) meat, intestines, stomachs, pig skins and even fish maw.The wait for Soon Li Yong Tau Foo to open is heart throbbing and unveils all sights of being a true kiasu Singaporeans. The scene was surprising to me when Soon Li Yong Tau Foo started to light up their business signage and everyone rushed into be in the first in queue. It looked as if we were there for free food but in fact its not. Everyone has to crowd around the limited shop front to grab the items. However, the trick is to team up, getting one of us to queue up and the order to pick the items. After picking the items, you have to put the bowls on the top of the rack. The first in the queue will get their food to be served first.Every bowl was placed in a traditional huge metal bowl.Broth was really good, making up of ikan billis and very flavourful with the taste of pork innards. When it comes to the ingredients, they are very fresh as they were made daily. Pig intestines and stomach were all well handled and they went in the soup without letting any foul smell. Cut green chilli and ikan bills were thrown in, giving the soup to a whole new level. Items were meticulously cut into bite size chunks. Just look at the size of the bowl, its bigger than a man's hand.The bee hoon and noodles were cook to perfection and drench with sauces, a mixture of chilli and sweet sauce. Dark brown crispy fried pork lards were mixed in to enhanced the plain taste. Yummy! Separate sauces were given for us to have the food items dipped in.If you are having some midnight cravings and have time to spare, you might want to have a good experience here. Frankly, I never had such anxious experience to queue for food and this experience was really something I had never think that I would ever do, its just too crazy. Nevertheless, I will not stop me from going back again. It's really an interesting supper experience.Review from http://www.umakemehungry.com/2014/12/soon-li-yong-tau-foo.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-21
If you like yong tau foo, soup and pork lard, this is the stall that u got to try. Located in one of the hawker centre in bukit merah, this is one of the popular supper place in the west. Although the middle aged couple stall owners can be quite grouchy, it doesn't deter people from forming a snake of queue the moment the stall started operating at about 11pm.The variety of the yong tau foo is incredible. Beside the usual variety, there are cuttlefish, pig intestines, layer pork and fish maw. On top of that, the fish paste used is very springy. The best of all, you can taste the natural sweetness of soya bean, pork and other ingredients in the soup. There is an option of either to have only the soup or with bee hoon or the yellow noodles. I would highly recommend some bee hoon/ noodles to go with the soup as in the small bowl of noodles, there are some crispy crackers, pork lard together with their chilli and sweet sauce to complete the gastronomic experience. Something to note, they are closed on Monday. Secondly do decide whether you want noodles, sauce( chilli /sweet), kangkong and chilli padi before it's your turn to avoid the wrath of the stall owners. By the way, I spent $8 for 2 small bowl of yummy bee hoon, a pot of soup with lot of ingredients ( egg, fish cake, bitter gourd yong tau foo, chilli yong tau foo, kangkong, taiwan sausage, lady finger yong tau foo, fried fish cake, beancurd yong tau foo, mushroom yong tau foo and button mushroom). thumb up for the yong tau foo which never fail to satisfy my palate in the middle of the night. continue reading
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Folks that read my review should really thank me as I will share with u the ultimate newbie tip to this YTH stall. It will definitely save u alot of time knowing this tip. The stall only opens for business around 11pm. It's couple in their 40s at work here. They were notorious for being fierce by the way. So here comes the tip, buddy system required. Once the stall lights are switched on, get one partner to queue at the LHS of the stall first while the other go get the food. The guy owner processed the orders based on the LHS queue and not whoever finished selecting a bowl of ingredients. You can opt to leave yr bowl of uncooked ingredients on the counter itself or its shelf but the queue still follows that of LHS. Vegetables is standard kang kong here. When it's your turn you just hv to tell the guy owner whether u want your ingredients done in soup or dry. Go soup definitely ftw. Also add that you want vege and anchovies else you will get nothing but plain soup. The noodles or behoon has to be ordered with the lady owner, only these 2 choices in dry or soup. After which u proceed to stand behind the table in front of the stall where many trays are placed. Auntie will send your order to that table where u also collect yr chopsticks and sprinkle pepper as desired. That's where you also pay auntie the money. Do tell her beforehand if u need empty bowls or anything. Key is not to get in her way or she will get grumpy.Now about the food, I ordered one dry beehoon yellow mee mixed, it comes with some crunchy bits like that of fried wantan skin. My ingredients were served on a big metal bowl. My ingredients included cuttle fish, sio bak, pork belly, big intestines, small intestines, fried tau kee, lady finger, ngoh hiong, yu jiao, seaweed chicken, green chilli etc. I took many ingredients so plus the noodle adds up to $17. Anchovies given were generous amount that makes the soup nice. I felt it was an average eat, losing out to the one at lucky plaza. But the queue itself is a sign most ppl like it. But overall a fun experience I must say. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-19
Personally I like yong tau foo as we are able to get our own choices of mixture. This stall serves quite a lot of variety choices to choose from. During my visit, the queue was super long and waiting time is about 30 minutes. The fish balls here are very bouncy, and the ikan bilis sprinkled on top of my bowl made the soup taste even better! The soup is not oily but in fact healthy! The sauces complement my order well too. My advice is to go down earlier so that the waiting time won't be too long! continue reading
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Level4 2013-03-05
Have been hearing a lot about Soon Li and I finally headed down to try it. The queue was very long when it was 11+ pm. Waiting time on average is about 20 minutes. Soup is very rich in flavour. I'm not sure if there is MSG inside but I do feel a little thirsty after drinking the soup. There is a wide range of ingredients to choose from. Overall, this YTF is above average and worth a visit but not in my must-try list. continue reading
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