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Rock Sugar Rice Cake
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Level4 2017-02-18
The outlet served Chengdu style of hotpot, and was opened last September. It was part of a chain which started in Shanghai in 2009 and currently having about 30 outlets in China.For the hotpot soup bases, there was choices such as Mala, Kampong Chicken Nutritious Chestnut Soup, Fresh Mushroom Soup, Pork Trotter Soup, Tomato Soup and Pickled vegetables Fish Soup.For the types of pot, there wasthe single soup base pot,pot with nine grid-like compartments, where ingredients can be cooked separately,Double circle or "son and mother" pot, which has a smaller circular compartment in the middle that is usually used for non-spicy stock,and the usual yuan yang pot that holds two types of soup bases.Kampong Chicken Nutritious Chestnut Yuan Yang Soup Pot 甘榜鸡板栗养生鸳鸯汤锅 ($27)It came with a quarter chicken and assorted vegetables in the chicken soup base. The soup was very rich and creamy, while the vegetables were very soft.One could add beef butter or chilli to increase the spiciness in the mala soup base, although it was already quite spicy.There were various sauces and condiments available which was chargeable at $4 per person.We had the following items with the hotpot :Fresh Pork Aorta 鲜猪黄喉 ($12, $7)It was my first time having this and the texture was quite chewy. The staff told us that it needed 10 seconds to cook.Spicy House Tripe 辣府毛肚 ($12, $7)Similar to the above item, it needed 10 seconds to cook. We were told it was beef tripe. The texture was slightly less chewy compared to the pork aorta.Beef Slices 特级肥牛 ($14)The meat was very tender and silky smooth.Beef Cube 牛仔粒 ($32 , $18 )Although it looked quite frozen when served, the meat was quite tender and soft.Spicy Fresh Fish Slices 麻辣鲜鱼片 ($16 , $9 )Although it was spicy, I felt that the saltiness had overwhelmed all the taste. Maybe with beer it would tone down the taste a tab.Mashed Prawn Meat 鲜虾滑 ($15)Served in a cute heart shape, the staff helped us to scoop into balls into the soup. The meat was juicy and bouncy.Spicy House Home Made Juicy Mashed Beef Balls 辣府手工撒尿牛肉丸 ($16 , $6 )Beware of this meatball when eating, especially the centre part, where it was filled with flavourful soup. Bouncy, chewy and juicy.Bamboo Shoot 竹筍 ($12)The staff told us that it was flown in a couple of days ago from China. It was served thin sliced into thin sheets. The texture was silky smooth, unlike the usual bamboo shoot we had locally. A must order!Bamboo Fungus竹荪 ($12, $6.50)Another item flown in from China, in dried version. The texture was very good, with crunchy feel.Mushroom Platter 鲜菇拼盘 ($20)Tofu 老豆腐 ($5)Fried Prawn Rice 虾仁炒饭 ($10)Surprisingly the dish was made with short grain rice, not with the usual long grain rice commonly found in Singapore. Although it was short grain, the rice was not sticky. The cubes of vegetable was soft and flavourful.As for dessert, we hadRaw Sugar Rice Cake Stick 黄糖糍粑 ($7 , $4 )It was made of glutinous rice, and topped with red sugar syrup. The syrup's colour was quite similar to chilli oil, that we almost thought that we were having another spicy dish. The simple looking rice stick was chewy inside like mochi, while encased with a thin, light crispy crust. Very nice on its own even without the syrup.Overall the food was not bad. The place was relatively quiet which allowed one to enjoy the meal in peace. Maybe could be due to the reason the place was located at the far end of Clarke Quay and most people still did not know about it.By the way the restaurant is currently having a promotion during its supper hours :32% off for Supper Steamboat at 辣府火锅 Spicy House Restaurant- Valid on 19 Dec 2016 - 31 Dec 2017- Valid only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00pm to 02:00am- For orders made after 10pm on valid days- Not inclusive for the soup base, sauce and drinks continue reading
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