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Standing Sushi Bar aims to promote high quality food at affordable prices. Handmade sushi, fresh fish and healthy food are staples at this restaurant as they believe in wholesome meals with quality ingredients. They offer an extensive menu including robatayaki, tempura, and sashimi as well as one of the largest Japanese sake and alcohol selections in Singapore. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-26
It is very crowded over at Ichiban Boshi, so we adjourned to Standing Sushi Bar which is less crowded. I wasn’t feeling too much in the mood for ordering a set meal, so I chose to get a plate of salmon sashimi and two temakis – salmon and tuna.The salmon sashimi is rather thick and fresh. There is no fishy taste to it so I finished it up in a jiffy. That said, it is more worth it to enjoy salmon sashimi during their weekday dinner promo as it cost only $3 for 5 slices. I think it is Monday, but do check the website to confirm. The temakis are a bit of a disappointment as the seaweed is already soft and it is hard to bite it apart. The good thing is that the rice is not too much, and I would say the balance of rice to fish is well achieved. Some temakis had lots of rice which makes eating it bland towards the end. Overall, it is quite a good lunch, though I will probably come back for dinner next time to tap on the promotions. continue reading
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Please visit http://www.makeyourcaloriescount.com/2014/04/sg-standing-sushi-bar-great-weekday.html for full review.People always say that once you've come out to the working society, you would start missing the life of being a student. Maybe it's the competitive Singapore education system or the nature of the Masters degree that's so demanding that actually make me miss working. Well, at least you can experience the sense of satisfaction which seemingly studying cannot offer.My classmates and I intended to have an early dinner before our night class and while we originally planned to head down to the Standing Sushi Bar located at Singapore Art Museum (8QSAM), it only opens at 6pm every evening. As a result, we visited the branch at Marina Bay Link Mall instead.We learnt about the prevailing promotion [$3 salmon sashimi, $2 sake, $5 beer, wine, hot sake and umeshu] on Monday and Thursday only at 8QSAM Standing Sushi Bar. Unfortunately, the branch at Marina Bay Link Mall has a separate promotion targeted at the office crowd there. We ended up with the weeknight deal .Salmon Aburi RollPreviously, there was a hype surrounding Koh Grill's Shiok Maki or Sushi Bar's Salmon Aburi Roll. In terms of the proportion between the rice and ingredients, the salmon and cucumber pieces wrapped inside the rice was done to a nicety. We found the coating layer of salmon sashimi was slightly too thin, resulting in the torching process cooking the entire salmon altogether. In terms of taste, while the homemade sauce served here was refreshing, Koh Grill's unique creamy cheesy sauce was our preferred choice. Nonetheless, the balance of this dish was executed well and surely worth a try!We ordered 3 bar bites in the list including salmon sashimi, yakitori and potato aburi.Salmon Sashimi - 5 SlicesI'm not really a fan of sashimi, but the salmon sashimi was thick and fresh which we felt was value for money at S$5/-. For the purpose of comparison, if you're only targeting their salmon sashimi, I suppose visiting the branch at Queen Street would fare better economical sense since similarly, five slices there would cost just S$3/-.Yakitori - 3 skewersAfter trying the yakitori at Sumire Yakitori House, we felt that this dish could do with some improvement. The meat lacked sufficient marinating time and the grill did not achieve the desired golden brown tan. Also, we found the yakitori sauce to be too watery which made it unable to coat the meat and failed to deliver a punch in flavours.Potato AburiI was really looking forward to this dish as I love potato salad and the dish in the menu photo surely looked more appetising and palatable than what was served as it depicted an extravagant amount of sauce. Unfortunately, the dish served was nowhere close to the picture as there was no overlying sauce and the seaweed wrapping tasted chewy rather than crisp. Though the potato salad on top of the three seaweed wrapped sushi was generous and flavoursome.Scallop MakiThe scallop was fresh and the seaweed remained crisp wrapping the right amount of vinegared rice, overall the dish was carried out perfectly.Unagi RollWe found quite a distinct inconsistency in terms of the distribution of the ingredients within the roll and the unagi tasted average.Quite frankly, the sushi served at Standing Sushi Bar were mostly pedestrian, nothing much to rave about nor criticise. The service was passable as we struggled to fetch the attention of the service crew on several occasions considering the restaurant was not even full house. Nonetheless, it is a great place to fetch some decent, value for money Japanese food and alcohol, and enjoy a good chat with your friends or colleagues after work. continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-24
Many people around me have been visiting this place and telling me how cheap and fresh the sashimi is on Mondays and Thursday and I know I have to drop by and try it for myself one day.Salmon Sashimi (SGD3 for 5pcs)The highlight of the restaurant was the sashimi. They were really good. The slices were thick and fresh and I had 3 sets of these!Yakitori (SGD5 for 3pcs)I feel that this was quite sweet/salty for my liking and one bad thing is the sticks was 'dirtied' by the sauce and it was hard for one to eat it without dirtying our hands. :/Japanese Oysters - 2 pcs (SGD5)Not a fan of such sea creatures but the oysters were super huge and fresh??Like normally I avoid such things because they have those fishy gross taste but these don't???I enjoyed slurping them man! Would definitely order more next time!I also had Salmon Skin which were not really that nice.There was free flow hot green tea for every customer too! I was not sure if the staff was attentive or not, but I had to request for it.Anyway, the promotion for 5pcs of sashimi at SGD$3 is for Mondays, 6pm - 9pm at Marina Bay Link Mall and both Mondays and Thursdays, 6pm - 10pm at the original outlet at 8 Queen Street! We made a reservation and went on Monday, there wasn't any queue but the restaurant was quite full so I guess it's best to make one? Lastly, the restaurant is also under the Perx app and you can scan the QR code to get chops and I think once you accumulate $6, you can exchange for some free sushi. The other day, I received a notification that because of my 1 chop only, I get a $10 dine in voucher which I think is pretty worth it. continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-16
An average Japanese dining place with way above average prices. The portions of the sushi are tiny for the price we're paying! I wonder what's the selling point of this place. The name makes it sound quirky and brings to mind the traditional sushi stands in Japan, but other than that, the food is nothing special. Came out still feeling hungry and disgruntled with the amount paid. continue reading
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