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SUFOOD is the first outlet outside of Taiwan and a collaboration with local Heng Hwa restaurant Putien. It's a new meat-free dining concept, which has a brilliant track record from Taiwan. SUFOOD is not only inspired by Italian cuisine but also by how it is prepared; through only using basic cooking techniques, Italian cuisine still exudes diverse and rich flavours. SUFOOD thus relies chiefly on the quality of the fresh ingredients to create innovative and delicious meat-free cuisines. continue reading
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Macaroni Alfredo Casserole The Sufood Appetizer Wild Mushroom Charcoal Tagliatelle
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Level4 2016-03-14
This is the second outlet of SuFood. It is known for its vegetarian food. This outlet is located at Wheelock Place. Comparing to the first outlet, this outlet offers casual dining, offering breakfast set, value 3 course lunch set and 5 course dinner set. This outlet is decorated in open concept style, with dim lighting.Today I decided to drop in for its value lunch set. For $15++, it consists of a choice of salad or soup, a choice of main course and a choice of drink. It is available daily from 10am to 5pm. Different from the first order, order was taken using the iPad. There was no hard copy of menu.Classic Garden Salad An assortment of fresh leafy greens served with a creamy homemade Caesar dressingThe lunch set came with complimentary Classic Garden Salad. The greens was crunchy and crispy. Nicely balanced with the creamy sauce.French Onion and Cheese Soup ($6.00 a la carte)Sweet onions and shredded Mozzarella cheese stewed into a rich-tasting soup topped with toasted bread.It was rare to find french onion soup in a vegetarian restaurant's menu, as this soup was usually made with beef broth. The soup was rich and sweet, lots of caramelised onion slices in it.Homemade Vegetable Calzone ($15.00 a la carte)Broccoli, mushrooms and artichoke sautéed in a fresh basil pesto sauce with parmesan cheese, folded in a doughy pizza base and baked until golden.To handle the dish using fingers, one was given disposable glove without dirtying fingers. Inside the pizza, it was filling with well cooked mushy vegetables in minty sauce. The pizza was quite huge in serving and I could barely finish it.Iced Latte ($4.50 a la carte)The drink was refreshing and milky in taste.Overall the lunch set was quite filling that I could barely finish it. Although it was vegetarian, but I felt that it was quite tasty too. I did not miss meat abit. continue reading
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