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SunnyChoice Pte Ltd is a family business run by 5 sisters that started in January 2007, carrying a wide selection of natural/ organic products. continue reading
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Level4 2015-11-19
My last visit to Sunny Choice Organics was more than a year back. It was another fine day that my colleague and I decided to have an impromptu dinner over there when our initial plan does not work out. Thinking about eateries near Bukit Batok MRT, the idea of having our meal sure revolves around food from the food court. Since those were simply too mainstream, I suggested to go Sunnychoice.If you are not aware, Sunnychoice is about a minute or 2 away from Bukit Batok MRT Station. Its a organic food place that carries wide selection of organic/natural products, serving tasty food even suitable for vegetarians. The setup is by a family, operated by 5 sisters ever sinced 2007.Ever since the 1st Visit, I would say I'm pretty well-versed by the operations in Sunnychoice. We chose a seat and took out the Samsung Tablet Device to make our order.Sweet broth and mock meat sums up the dish! Unbleached Mee Sua was used in an assortment of vegetables like celery, corn, dried mushroom, lettuce and tomato add with vegetarian mutton, bean-curd and Taupok in the herbal soup,There is a choice of Bee Hoon or Noodle and we opted for the former. Curry Noodle was not too spicy and contained carrot, cabbage, potato, turnip and beancurd. Unlike the usual curry that I had outside, Soy Milk Vegetarian Curry is used here and you won't get to taste the thick coconut cream. With such ingredients, we were assured to have a guilt free diet.Abacus as a side was great. Its chewiness and smooth texture were irresistible. No doubt yam played a major part in the ingredient, there were not too much of the taste. Never knew that I could come across such Hakka bites from an Organic stall. Instead of just Tapioca Flour, Abacus was deliciously mixed with mushroom, black fungus, vegetarian mutton, bean curd, carrot, coriander, sesame seed and pepper.Lemon Grass was totally out of the expectation. Instead of the sweet and light lemon grass scent I got from prepacked drinks or even in Thai Restaurant, what they have served here was totally concentrated. It was bitter with both lemon grass and ginger scent.With so many interesting dishes on the menu termed as an healthier choice, I see more return trips coming.For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.com continue reading
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Uncountable benefits to dine here, Sunny Choice Restaurant offered a huge variety of healthy food that free from artificial ingredients. Occupied not too huge space, everything was neatly arranged. Friendly service and comfort atmosphere, pricing on menu was reasonable too.Organic grains stood independently were well-coupled with thickly flavoursome curry broth. Potatoes were cooked to soften perfection, tofu and beans were well-blended with savoury gravy. Shredded Carrots and Cabbages were put aside as Salad, Greenish veggies and Crispy Cracker as dressing to balanced up the dish. Concept was exotic tasty, felt ease and guilt-free to have my meal. Overall was a pleasant visit, thanks to Joshua for the recommendation. continue reading
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I have always associated organic food = pricey + bland taste. This shop totally change my notion about organic food. Firstly, the food are selling at reasonable price, all the main courses are below $10; secondly, each plate of the dishes are so colourful and the taste is certainly far from bland.One of the dishes that I used to order every time was Thunder Tea. I think it is their signature dish as they feature it on the poster displayed outside the shop. Slowly, I explored to other food and I found several other 'new loves'This dish is called abacus, probably due to the shape of the dough with the resemblance of abacus. It is a Hakka dish.Now I order this almost every time I visited the shop, it is called fruit rojak. Instead of prawn paste, they uses lemon juice. It is such a refreshing dish!We ordered chendol as the dessert. I wasn't expecting any difference with the conventional chendol.But voila! Instead of attap seed, they use sea coconut; instead of the green flour worms, they use green tea agar-agar. For those of you concerned about the coconut milk, don't be, the soya bean milk was used in place of coconut milk!So if you want some healthy meals without burning a hole in your wallet, do pay a visit to their restaurant! continue reading
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Level2 2013-10-21
Felt like eating clean for a day and hence i decided to pop by Sunny choice for some organic goodness.As we all know, organic food comes with a price. But, it does not compromise on the taste as the dishes we ordered were flavourful and very tasty.The first dish we ordered was the Tauhu Goreng with pumpkin sauce. Besides looking very pretty and colorful, it was yummy as well. Many different types of veggies came with it such as alfafa and carrots and the chopped peanuts garnished on top added a very nice crunch.I also ordered their signature lei cha fan (thunder tea rice) which is a Hakka traditional dish. It came with toufu, veggies, peanuts, mushrooms and the tea provided was very awesome as well. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)