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Nestled in Singapore's most popular beach at East Coast Park, Sunrise Bistro & Bar offers diners a quaint place to chill with its repertoire of cuisine, an extensive wine list and a good mix of small bites and sweets. continue reading
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Level3 2015-10-24
Sunrise Bistro & Bar offers diners a quaint place to chill with its repertoire of cuisine, an extensive wine list and a good mix of small bites and sweets. Helmed by its co-founder and chef with an impressive 22-year culinary experience, Chef Vincent Teng is affectionately known for his specialised skills in Sous Vide cooking, modern European cuisine with a contemporary twist and a fine blend of creativity. Accessibility:Approx 10mins drive from Eunos MRT StationOutside the restaurant is a place to chill out with your friends, watching soccer matches and having a beer. Al fresco style.The restaurant boosts a spacious area which is comfortable to dine in, no squeezing and cramp feeling, yay!Let’sEat!Seafood Chowder Soup ($12)The photo shows a tasting portion, that's why it looks small! I recommend this creamy seafood as a warm starter. It tastes lovely and comforting, the seafood was fresh too.Seared Foie Gras ($19)Again another tasting sized portion. But I savoured every bite of their foie gras. Layered in mango, citrus jam and berry compote for a touch of zing. One of the better foie gras I've had so far!Sunrise "Fish & Chips" ($26)Deep fried and off wowing people for its presentation, the red snapper fish is deep fried and laid on fries, with mango salsa and tartare sauce on the side. Amazing thing is that the flesh was free of bones, so no worries if you want to order this! Personally I felt this was an interesting attempt to recreate the good ol' fish and chips.Cereal Crusted Cod Fish ($28)A dish for the fish lovers, the cod fish is baked with cereal crust and set on top of seasonal vegetables braised in sesame oil and ginger shoyu broth. Its seasonings helped balanced out the good fatness of the cod fish.Asian Five Spice Duck Leg Confit ($28)Made via Sous vide for 8 hours straight, the cripsy duck leg is infused with five spices. A lovely presentation also helped to spike up my appetite as we take on the interesting marriage of the passionfruit sauce (served as a light dip) with the duck meat. Marmite Canadian Pork Shoulder ($26)This dish had been sous vide with marmite for 12 hours, and tastes like bak kwa! The meat was tender and softer than usual shoulder meats. An overall interesting dish.BBQ Beef Short Ribs ($32)This beef short ribs is no joke. Before being served to you, it had been sous vide for 24 hours (yes, an entire day!) straight.Served with mixed spice, this was super tender with the right amount of fat. Would recommend this to meat lovers.Luncheon Chips ($9)We also tried their super yummy luncheon chips! It was so thin and well fried, and it just melted away upon popping into the mouth. Goes so well with beer, would come here just for this!Tiramisu Semi Freddo ($12)A light ending to a heavy meal, if you've had the mains. Featuring the semi frozen mascarpone cheese layered with coffee liqueur jelly sponge topped with milo crunch and tuile biscuit. Salted Egg Yolk Custard Molten Chocolate Cake ($14)This was crazy nice. The warm chocolate cake was rich and lovely. Cut it open, and a beautiful yellow salted egg yolk comes flowing out. The ice-cream on the side, while nothing to shout about, balances the richness of the cake very well. A really well-balanced, lovely dessert that I want to eat again. This is what I call a heavenly dessert! A must order when you visit! Overall, I felt that the food here was above average, and is a place I would visit again!This is an invited media tasting session. continue reading
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Full Sunrise Bistro & Bar review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/09/sunrise-bistro-bar-tasting-session.htmlFounded in November 2014 and helmed by Chef Vincent Teng, Sunrise Bistro & Bar within the nostalgic Playground @ Big Splash, in East Coast Park, offers hearty, casual bistro fare. Sunrise Bistro & Bar may be unassuming in looks, but take a chance on Chef Vincent's creative fusion dishes, combining casual French with contemporary Asian, and you'll be hooked!Ambience at Sunrise Bistro & Bar is clean, modern, and contemporary minimalist. What stands out for me is the spaciousness; both for the outdoor al-fresco, and the indoor dining area with live band stand. The dark mahagony colours and low ambient lighting set an intimate mood, perfect for long, slow meals with friends or loved ones. Match days for soccer are screened here too! However, I find the decor rather dull, especially the rather gaudy fish tank smack at the entrance.Service at Sunrise Bistro & Bar is pretty good for a hosted tasting session. Staff were proactive in clearing after each dish, and at least some of them are able to describe drinks / dishes from memory alone. Chef Vincent Teng came out personally to introduce the nuances of each dish, which I really appreciate. As our visit happened on a rather quiet day, I noted that staff were able to accord more personalised attention to guests, but I've yet to see them perform during peak periods.Food at Sunrise Bistro & Bar is delicious, thoughtfully crafted, and well plated. Chef Vincent has a fondness for the sous vide method of food preparation, and his unique culinary style of casual European (British, French, Italian) fused with contemporary Asian (Singaporean, Chinese, Japanese) influences mean that each fusion dish is memorable in taste. Prices are typical of a mid-range bistro, budget about SGD $45 per person for a meal here. As we were served tasting portions, the actual portion size will differ from the photos here.So I was telling a friend how good the Luncheon Chips (SGD $9) bar snack is, with a thin, crisp texture, almost like a potato chip! Savoury, but not too salty or too greasy, these were unstoppably good! Holds its crisp, crunchy texture rather well, without getting soggy, for over an hour! Wish I had more now...Ordered the Black Swan Cocktail (SGD $20) because it's made with sous vide red wine infusion! Yes, I was mind blown too. So red wine is sous vide with herbs, then mixed with raspberry liquer, apple juice, orange juice, lime juice, sprite, and green and red apple cubes. While the presentation looks like a normal Sangria, it tastes nothing like a Sangria, being more sweet, fruity, and less bitter. Will appeal to ladies as well.Loved the Cereal Crusted Cod Fish (SGD $28), which I had more of it! A large, buttery fillet of cod fish, coated in a cereal crust rather similar to the Chinese cereal prawns, baked and served on a bed of fresh seasonal vegetables, braised in a fragrant sesame oil and ginger shoyu broth. The beautiful, delicate flavours of this dish tease and tantalise, leaving a longing on the palate. Highly recommended!The succulent, tender pork meat of the Marmite Canadian Pork Shoulder (SGD $26) is a pleasant result of marinating the meat with marmite, sous vide, then grilling to perfection, with some light torching towards the end. Chef Vincent tries to ensure that he selects his pork shoulder carefully, the best cut is those with fat within the meat itself, which helps the pork shoulder to retain moisture during cooking, and lends that luxurious, velvety texture. Served with seasonal vegetables, I loved the savoury, robust flavour of the pork, with a slight hint of sweetness and smokiness. Excellent! continue reading
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Level4 2015-09-07
For more food reviews, check out my blog http://www.hazeldiary.comI was introduced to Sunrise Bistro & Bar which is located at Big Splash, East Coast of sunny Singapore last month. The bistro serves all day breakfast dishes and also dinner dishes. Sunrise Bistro & Bar also offers extensive wine and beer list with small bites and savory ala-carte to enjoy as well.It was a private food tasting session with a group of foodies. We were introduced to Executive Chef & Owner, Vincent Teng (41 years old) of the bistro.StarterSeafood Chowder SoupCreamy seafood soup S$12.00++ with seasonal fresh seafood topped with chopped chives and extra virgin olive oil. There is a slight sweetness taste with tomato based in the soup. Although the price is a the steep side for starter, the soup has the seasonal seafood ingredients included.Seared Foie Gras S$19.00++ was my favourite. Seared goose liver on brioche bread layered with mango with citrus jam and berry compote. The goose liver texture was literally rich and smooth flavour texture with the fruity taste to kick off the night.Main CourseSunrise “Fish & Chips” S$26.00++ is served with crispy fried red snapper with lemon myrtle pepper served with mango salsa, tartare sauce and French fries. Instead of dory fish which is commonly used for fish & chips, Chef Vincent opt for red snapper. It gives me a fusion taste of this dish.Cereal Crusted Cod Fish S$28.00++ is the baked codfish with cereal crust served with seasonal vegetable braised in sesame oil, mirin and ginger shoyu broth.I am totally in love with the fish texture. Crispy crusted codfish skin and soft fish meat in the inner part. Along with the sides served, this dish is well-received that night.Asian Five Spice Duck Leg Confit.S$28.00++ Delicately sous vide 8 hours crispy duck leg infused with five spice served with citrus salad and passionfruit sauce. Crispy skin with tender meat is perfect for a meal.Marmite Canadian Pork Shoulder S$26.00++ is also one of the dish that is sous vide for 12 hours. The pork shoulder is marinated with marmite before grilling it and followed by sous vide and served with seasonal vegetable. Thus, the texture of the pork shoulder is juicy and tender. Diners can comfortably enjoy with smooth cut on plate.BBQ Beef Short Ribs S$32.00++ is sous vide for 24hours so that it can be tender and roast with homemade BBQ sauce served with seasonal vegetables. I would recommend you to give this a try with the delicate preparation of long hours to achieve the tenderness and juiciness of the meat.DessertTiramisu Semi Freddo S$12.00++ served in semi frozen mascarpone cheese layered with coffee liquer jelly sponge topped with milo crunch and tuile biscuit.60% of the mascarpone cheese gives a tangy finish for tiramisu and the idea of adding in milo crunch is to give the texture of the dessert. It’s a different way of serving tiramisu that gives a touch of asian mixture.Salted Egg Yolk Custard Molten Chocolate Cake S$14.00++ was the dope that night. Warm chocolate cake with melting salted egg yolk custard in the centre served with vanilla ice-cream.SidesLuncheon Chips S$9.00++. Luncheon meat thinly sliced and tasted so crispy that we couldn’t stop eating. It’s best to pair it with beers.French fries with truffle oil S$5.00++In summary, the foods served here are delicately created by the Chef Vincent with the French and Chinese inspired cuisine. Although the location seems to be out of place, it is ideal for some romantic dinners or celebration choice. The prices are within the range of general restaurant pricing but you can enjoy the luxury spacious dining ambience here. They also served breakfast brunch during the day time. You can always opt to give a try on their daytime menu. continue reading
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