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Sushi Tei presents an assortment of scrumptious and creatively designed Japanese gastronomy - appealing to the delight of aficionados of Japanese cuisine. The menu features Japanese offerings and innovative dishes illustrating the emerging influence of Asia on modern Japanese cuisine. A revolving selection of appetizer, dinner, sushi specials guarantee a new experience with each visit to the restaurant outlets continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-26
The other day, I had dinner at Sushi Tei Raffles City. I arrived at around 7pm and there is a queue forming. I waited for around 20minutes for a table for two (it would be a 10minutes wait if we had gotten the counter seats. However, I had actually preferred the counter seats as the table seats for two are actually very cramped and the other table is just half an arm’s length away which is slightly too close for comfort.Anyway, I always liked to order the sashimi salad at Sushi Tei. The sashimi salad is diced in chunks and there are salmon, tako, tuna and squid. However, I felt that the sashimi is not as fresh as the previous times I was there, so it is a slight disappointment. There are three different sauces to go with the sashimi salad as well. I have only tried the Wafu dressing and Sushi Tei dressing and both are good. The Sushi Tei dressing is thicker though, so if you prefer a lighter dressing, the Wafu is quite a good choice. continue reading
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Level1 2014-08-07
Sushi Tei @ Raffles City best branch of Sushi Tei in Singapore. I always enjoy eating at Sushi Tei, particularly at this branch, as the food and taste are finer and services are great.What is so great?The Wafu Source Beef Salad, Fried Rice, Phoenix Roll, Salmon Skin dipping with the special sweet source, coupled with Wasabi and Chilli Powder.  These combination is just heavenly combination of taste. These dishes come with free flow of green tea.Lovely! continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-02
What will be a Chinese New Year Dinner be without Fa Cai Yu Sheng. I loves Japanese Yu Sheng more than the Chinese style as I can get to eat fresh fish (Sashimi) while the Chinese style might not be able to compare with the freshness (and thickness too).The Fa Cai Yu Sheng consist of a few vegetables including some Japanese side dishes like scallop skin which is also another of my favorite dish when I eat at Japanese Restaurant.Fresh salmon cues are being mixed together with fresh vegetables which mostly consist of lettuces and special Japanese sauce to make the overall taste nice and healthy. There are 3 choices of dressing to choose from mainly:-Sushi Tei Dressing -Wafuu Dressing -Sesame Dressing This dish is freshly grilled half fish head with just salt though it does not taste salty at all. As expected of Sushi Tei, the dish is nicely grilled with juicy meat and crispy skin.Out of so many Japanese restaurants which I had tried having this dish, I rated Sushi Tei the best in my case as the Salmon sashimi is placed nicely while the big and juicy salmon roe is given with a generous serving. I loves the taste of their sushi rice in it which is the main reason why I love this dish.As usual, I will order this dish to eat as I love the freshness (Cold and great texture) but must remember to inform the staff that you wish to have it freshly made rather than get it from the convey belt.Minced raw tuna and spring onion are being placed on top of sushi rice instead of normal Japanese rice. You can either mixed everything together before eating or eat it based on your preference. This is more of a sweeter type of sushi roll due to the additional of mayonnaise on it before serving with slices of avocado on top of each sushi using Tan Tan Meat (Center) topped with Crab Meat and Avocado (Top)One of the specially dish created by Sushi Tei Holland Village Branch. Oyster are being steamed and made into sushi roll using Cucumber slice to wrap it instead of normal seaweed. Great for 1 or 2 but taste a bit over-powering if you are trying to eat more than that. continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-28
Sushi Tei is one of my favourite places for Japanese food, simply because I love that they use higher quality ingredients in every dish. I had a gathering with my friends the other night and I wasn't feeling very hungry, but was still craving sashimi. (I always crave sashimi) So I went ahead and ordered the sashimi salad, with Wafu sauce. Boy was that the yummiest plate of salad ever. They were so generous with the sashimi pieces that even after I was done with the vegetables, there were still leftover sashimi. The pieces of sashimi were cut into smaller cubes rather than the usual sizes, and had a good variety. Of course, the sashimi was fresh and very good. Do give the Wafu sauce a try as well if you prefer something lighter to go with your salad.We tried the Mango & King Prawn Sushi Roll which is as good as the other fusion sushi rolls. I'm not really one to have mango other than dessert though so I'll probably prefer the others rather than this. continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-06
Had dinner at Sushi Tei, place was relatively empty when we reached about 6. We ordered the golden roll, one of my favourites at the restaurant. The mango slices are very fresh, goes very well with the sushi and fried prawn, very yummy! Salmon sashimi slices are very fresh. We also had the meat gyoza, I like the sauce that comes with it. Tastes sour but complements the salty taste of the gyoza. The grilled salmon mentai was awesome, the mentai sauce was very delicious and tasty. Definitely a good dinner! continue reading
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