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Swensen's came to Singapore in 1979, and won the hearts of many with delicious ice cream sundaes in a warm, unpretentious ambience and a casual atmosphere. Friends and family meet in the cozy and comfortable booth seats with trademark tiffany lamps for relaxing meals or to celebrate special occasions. continue reading
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This is farewell lunch to our pretty mummy, Miss Liaw Hwee Li. Don't be surprise, definitely, she is a young mother who decided to resign in order to accompany and take care her little baby boy at Malaysia. Okay, let's start with our menu. Out of my expectation, there are too much choices for our lunch! (I thought Swensen's only selling dessert and ice-cream ) I finally ordered a Spagetti which was chef recommended but quite spicy for me. Oh ya, before I forget, the lunch comes with free drink or dessert which you can either choose 1 for your meal. As usual, we shared our food together. Enjoyable!! Especially to Miss Liaw : Although we being apart, but I trust our friendship will last forever!! Take care and we will miss you always!! continue reading
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Level4 2012-07-21
My favourite western hangout, especially in Central where there is the least people here! Had a quick dinner with my family today at Swensen's. The service was quite okay, mostly served by Filipinos but they were not the smiling friendly welcoming staff you get from other restaurants. IN fact, my mother tried to strike up a conversation with them but they just looked away! (Even though they had nothing to do).Bought a Beef Sourdough 49'ers. It cost about $14. It was filled with beef patty, onions, cheese slices and a soft white bread. The fries was as deliciosu as always, and they have this United States flag stuck in-between to make sure the beef is cooked. I honestly have a hard time deciding which was nicer, chicken or beef sourdough. My verdict? BOTH Is equally nice. But I honestly felt that they should change the flag to 'Singapore flag' especially during the month nearing to August, our national day. Feeling patriotic We bought ourselves a set meal, an additional top up of $5 for a bowl of soup of the day, ice-cream, and coffee or tea. The soup was delicious! Since when Swensen's serve poor soup? I love how they make sure all their food is served with quality. ALso bought a plate of fish.. very small piece, but cooked/grilled/roasted in such a premium quality. The cup you see there is olive oil, and it goes really well when you dip the fish with it. Doesn't have a fishy smell, in fact, it smells fagrant that makes you hungry for more. Since it's my mom's birthday month, she gets a free Sundae with the Swensen's Card! (U.P $6.90). She decided to go for her favourite mint ice-cream, and woah, it was soooo minty I felt like it tasted exactly like extra minty mentos sweet Get ready to feel like you're in an igloo, especially when the air-con is blowing full blast at you. Anyway, do sign up for their Swensens' card because there's a lot of great benefits going along with it. Although it lasts only one year, you can collect points in the card and redeem it with value (200 points get to have $10 off your next visit!). If you get 1000 points you'll be able to have $100 off and also a set of dining vouchers. Good deal, eh? Swensen's have a great dining layout where you get privacy from other tables, and enough space to walk in-between each table. I love the stained glass, it goes really well with their brown furniture (tables) and maroon-coloured chairs. Swensen's makes me feel happy like a child again, which makes me remember their 'I'm soooo going to Swensens' theme is really suitable! ALthough the campaign ran for only a short time, I can really remember that forever. continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-21
If you noticed, a lot of restaurants started to serve breakfast on their menu nowadays. Now you can find so called "angmo" or western breakfast easily in the morning. A good change from the usual Asian breakfast that we usually have at hawker centres or coffeeshops. The breakfast set at Swensen came with a free coffee/tea and a fruit juice. Breakfast was nice except for the scrambled eggs which was on the dry side. continue reading
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Level4 2012-01-31
For my friend's 20th birthday celebration, I brought her out to Swensens for lunch.We decided to share a newly introduced main course called the Chicken Victoria.The chicken breast served was very tender and juicy and it was topped with a sauce that was rather thick and cheesy.The sauce became a tad bit too overpowering after a while US potatoes were also served and this was really delicious!Overall, I think the Chicken Victoria was of an average standard.My friend and I had to force ourselves to complete it as after a few mouthfuls, the chicken becomes too overwhelming. continue reading
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Level4 2012-01-19
It was December. Early December, and Christmas season dawned upon many social places. One was Swensens to have published a special Christmas menu!Enticed by the range of sundaes and pretty desserts, my friend and I agreed to choose one after our meal - which was the standard normal Swensens western meal of chicken chop, no further elaboration needed. This was the highlight~!Ordering the Berry sweet xmas special with longans, kiwi and strawberries with vanilla ice cream, the sundae was really tall!As this was ordered by my friend, I was not in favor - I definitely preferred something chocolatey. Nonetheless, it wasn't that sweet as it was paired up with fruits, and if i'm not a fan of this yet I managed to finish it, that's a good thing enough for you to grab it next year! But still, I'd put OK because I still prefer chocolate. Own's personal taste Ice cream wasn't too rich in comparison with a better brand. Only the prettiness. continue reading
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