Tai-parfait can be enjoyed with a taste that is not only filled with bean paste, but also fruits, ice cream, original cream and various topping. continue reading
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So, I'm not a  huge fan of tai parfait.. just in november alone, I've had it 4 times I had it once on saturday and twice on sunday too!! Well also because of the BOGO promo from JPassport which is sadly over, but at least I got a chance to try the different flavours. The green tea cream filling is my favourite. It is warm and oozes out of the fresh taiyaki (fish shaped pancake) The soft serve ice cream melts way too fast, I have tried 3 tai parfaits with soft serve and it just means you have like 5 seconds to cam whore with the tai parfait before everything melts into your fingers. The matcha with azuki is the best!! the matcha cream topping is also delightfully sweet and creamy!!! I need more like ON EVERY TAI PARFAIT not just that matcha/azuki one. The caramel banana also wasn't too bad..FYI you can get just the taiyaki for $2.20.. and once you add the ice cream.. BOOOM!! it's a $5.50 tai parfait.. @_@ makes no sense... but Hey! Singaporeans are usually willing to pay that price.. not me.. but yeah.. if you're in the area, do give it a try! or two tries   continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-26
I finally got a chance to try out this stall. It has been on my radar for a while but I didn’t get to try it in the past as there are always too many people queuing or I was too full from lunch/dinner. I ordered the banana chocolate cream crunch which costs $5. For the filling, I chose the red bean filling. The queue was short and I got my taiyaki within 5 minutes. The taiyaki is warm and crisp on the outside. The cream is rather light tasting so it is not too heavy on the palette. The red bean is rather sweet though, so it can be quite sweet overall. However, what I love about the taiyaki is that the taiyaki itself is chewy which is interesting as most waffle like snacks are usually spongy. There are many other toppings available besides this. It is definitely worth a try especially for people who love taiyaki. continue reading
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New to the Singapore food scene is Tai Parfait, which also opened in the revamped basement of Bugis Junction. A Japanese concept, it combines the iconic Taiyaki (fish-shaped pancake) with different sort of fillings. Other items sold here includes the usual Taiyaki, as well as Frappucino and Milkshakes.Their Taiyaki comes in four flavours; Azuki, Matcha, Custard Cream and Chocolate. There are also a number of fillings to choose from, from soft serve, fruits and cream flavours. I picked the Banana Caramel flavour with Custard Cream filling ($4.20). Fillings are being stuffed in the mouth of an open-mouthed fish, which can seem cute to some. The fresh bananas are just of the right ripeness; not overly soft and mushy but has no traces of being too ripe, and the minimal amount of caramel adds a wee bit of sweetness that does not cover off the rest of its ingredients. Pancake was served hot; a sticky batter that gives a chew yet soft as well and was filled with Custard Cream at the top and the tail; smooth and enough sweetness to taste, but not to overwhelm.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/07/03/tai-parfait-bugis-junction/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)