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Black Pig Ramen Shabu Shabu Ramen
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To say the food here is AMAZING is anunderstatement. For full review, visit : http://dairycream.blogspot.sgMy (and even my family) favorite Japaneserestaurant in Singapore has launched their FIRST Kyoto fair featuring theaward-winning KYOTO BEEF that has done its ancestors proud by clinching the TOPprize at the 61st Kinki Tokai Hokuriku Union Beef Cattle Kyoshin Association in2014. Really? Kyoto Beef? How good can it be whenit's not even one of the Top 3 Wagyu Beef in Japan? Yes, I had those questionsin mind too but when I had a bite of the Kyoto Beef, I nearly wanted to flipthe tables. (Just kidding) Trust me, this breed of cow is just as elite as thevegetables and tofu produce from Kyoto.Wagyu purists might disagree but I donot care. This is definitely my ideal cattle because of the regular marbling offats make this a balanced cut that is tender yet not too fatty. Kobe beef feltlike swallowing a whole chunk of butter and I couldn't proceed after one. Butnot for this. The one-week Kyoto fair is run by Okamotosan, an experienced chef with a restaurant in Kyoto. ALL ingredients, from thepickles in the appetizers to the strawberries in dessert are all imported fromKyoto. There is ala carte menu but thelunch/dinner course is much more highly recommended for the full qualityexperience. The price ranges from $28 to $100, which is jaw-droppinglyreasonable for the excellent standards of the meal. Here is the recap of whatthe meal: 5 kinds of Obanzai appetizers--Spinach withTofu, Carrot Kakiage, Pickled Pink Ginger, Burdock Roots, Raw TofuFresh Kyo-Yuba with Uni Main Course for the Gion Set ($28) KyotoBeef in Kyoto Negi (Leeks) and Tofu Pot This tasted like a very robustsukiyaki but yet sweet! I could pour the broth over a bowl of rice and justfinish everything. Main Course for Miyabi Set ($58) StoneGrilled Kyoto Beef A5 Tenderloin For dinner, the course (2 options $78/$100)is more extravagant and it comes with the following additional items: Fresh Gluten Cake with Miso Sashimi Mix (Chutoro 2pcs, Tai 2pcs,Hamachi 1 pc) Main Course - Kyoto Beef A5 Kyoto Soy MilkShabu Shabu (or the above Stone Grilled A5 Tenderloin shown in Lunch MiyabiSet) Fresh Kyo-Yuba and Kinoko Ankake with Rice きのこと湯葉のあんかけ御飯 (Only for Dinner Miyabi$100) Everyone, even my non-rice lover friend, was swooning for this Japanese"Mui fan". Every set comes with rice, miso soup, KyotoTsukemono (pickles) and dessert But that's not the end. The dessert broughtthe Kyoto meal to another climax. Matcha Fondue. Yes, dark green liquid servedWARM with Kyoto Strawberries, Warabi Mochi, Matcha Cake and Shiratama Dango.This was so ridiculously good that I licked my fondue cup clean.Blissful. The beef, the tofu, the matcha. Every ingredientplayed their respective role in he course. Looks like this meal has set a highstandard for 2015 and honestly speaking, it's difficult to find another placein Singapore that can beat this in terms of value and quality. For full review, visit : http://dairycream.blogspot.sg continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-21
Decided to try their Black Pig Shabu Shabu Ramen this time as it seemed to be their specialty. I actually prefer shabu shabu pork slices than the normal cha shu you find in most ramen, so I actually enjoyed this ramen alot! The soup was also creamy and rich but without making you feel jelat. Many Japanese restaurants offer this dish and I've always wanted to order it, and I finally did this time at Tampopo. The squid was firm and slightly chewy, I really liked the texture and it was a joy to eat It was just lightly brushed with teriyaki sauce so you could still taste the sweetness of the squid itself, very yummy continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-04
It is my very first visit to Tampopo and I was awed by the many different offerings that they have on their menu. There is ramen, tonkatsu, sashimi, sushi and I was simply spoilt for choices. I ordered the Black Pig Loin Tonkatsu Set and since there are three of us, we also ordered a salmon sashimi to share. The Black Pig tonkatsu is really good. I would say it is one of the best tonkatsu that I have ever had. The tonkatsu is not too oily and the meat is juicy and tender. Normally for tonkatsu, it will be slightly on the dry side but not the ones at Tampopo. I guess the use of the loin from the black pig really is more tender than the loin from a normal pig. The salmon sashimi is sliced very thickly and it is served on a bowl of ice to maintain its coldness and freshness. The salmon sashimi, while being thickly cut (as seen from the photo) and fresh, is rather expensive since it is $15 for 6. I would probably skip ordering this next time and save the $15 for desserts. Do try the black pig tonkatsu if you haven’t! continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-17
Went for lunch at Tampopo luang court. I ordered the black pig katsu set. The set comes with   a black pig cutlet, salad, rice and misa soup. The cutlet used to be very juicy and thick, however this time it is thin and a bit dry And they don't provide saseme sauce, only the usual katsu sauce for sasem sauce I have to pay extra.  The pork cutlet is too lean with not much fats, does not taste like black pig at all. The rice is short grain authentic Japanese rice which is good. Overall, pretty ordinary. I spent $25++ continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-23
After the first time at Tampopo's, I headed back at least thrice because their Ramen is so good. Cravings made me cave in. Let me share a couple of my favorite dishes there.They have two outlets - Liang Court and Takashimaya. I usually prefer the former outlet even though it's more crowded. I love their Black Pig Ramen series - especially the Shabu Ramen or Deluxe Shabu Ramen. Note that I was, and never am a fan of pork - but black pig tastes so succulent, tender, lean and the flavor comes with hints of sweetness that totally enhances the sensation when eating a bowl of Black Pig Ramen. The soup is tasty, needless to say. The Ramen noodles they use is also different - springy, slim, and somewhat curly.My next favorite item from Tampopo has to be their Wafu Steak - think tender, succulent, chewy and absolutely sumptuous seared beef slices marinated / sprinkled with salt, and melts in the mouth. For more detailed information and photos, please drop by:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/01/dinner-at-tampopo.html continue reading
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