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Taratata Brasserie brings back Classic French in all it's traditional style prepared with the freshest quality produce and ingredients. continue reading
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Review (8)
Level4 2014-11-29
I was attracted to the good ravings from the reviews for Taratata Bistrot, and so decided to try out this french restaurant. Indeed, the moment we walked in, we felt right at home ~ greeted by friendly staff and a soothing atmosphere. Although I must admitted that the background 'music' (sound like Scotland windpipe) was rather annoying. LOL Although the menu appeared to be the usual, but hey, it's harder to impress with normal fare right? So if they do, then they must be good! (1) Appetizer I luv luv the escargots! Usually, I will order half a dozen to share. This was probably the first time I got to eat half a dozen myself! Very generous indeed. The escargots were simmered in aromatic garlic herb sauce.. yummy! I even dipped the complimentary bread with the sauce. Keke(2) & (3) Main CourseThe pork trotter was crackling good, crispy on the outer, although the meat itself could be a tad dry but still manageable. Similarly, the salmon skin was grilled with a nice crispiness, paired with mussel with creamy sauce and asparagus.(4) DessertA good meal was never complete without a good dessert! Do you like pear? If the answer is yes, then you will like the dessert here. ^_^The dessert was really innovative - Chocolate layered with pears to even out the sweetness and pear sorbet to freshen up your palate. Overall, the food was lovely. To add on, the service was commendable, with the serving staff greeting you with a broad smile and always checking on you. Visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2013/03/resturant-week-taratata-bistrot.html to read more! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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Level2 2014-09-16
Dinner date long time ago ^^Went to Taratata. Free-flow baguette which was so good! Crab cocktail with avocado.My fav dish of the dinner!Generous amount of fresh, sweet crab meat amongst slight sour/bitter pomelo, topped with avocado mousse.So healthy and yummy~Escargot tart was baked just right.Must-try! Sirloin steak. Cod & salmon terrine was well-delivered, thou I would prefer to be more cooked personally. Opera cake for dessert!Came with a cute pocky stick lol.The sweetness is overwhelming though continue reading
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I hadn’t made any successful reservation during the last Singapore Restaurant Week as the restaurants that I wanted to visit were all fully-booked by the time I was down to it. So in the recent same event (7-13 October 2013), I acted early to secure a lunch reservation at Taratata Bistrot, not because it was one of the few restaurants with available slots but its menu was appealing enough for me to want to try it.French cuisine in a French Bistrot helmed by two Frenchmen, Chef Bertrand Raguin and Chef Philippe Nouzillat. How authentic can it get? Both chefs have more than 20 years of culinary experience in top-notch fine dining restaurants as well as Michelin-starred establishments around the world. At only S$25++ per person for a 3-course lunch, dining here is just an inexpensive affair.I am truly captivated by the Parisian-style decor of the bistrot that exudes this old European vintage charm with its wooden tables & chairs, warm lighting and black-and-white photographs on the wall. The floor space is not huge so the furniture is placed quite close to one another. If you’re not bothered whether your neighbours can overhear your conversation with your dining mates, then it’s not an issue.I had requested for a corner table when I made my reservation and Ms Marie-Agnès Labopin, the front-of-house, had sent me an email to confirm that my request had been taken care of. I appreciated the thoughtful pre-dining service as she had also sent a few email reminders as my reservation was made more than a month ago which could easily slip out of my mind.As we arrived earlier before our selected time slot, we had to wait for a couple of minutes outside the restaurant for all guests from the 1st seating to leave and for the restaurant to refresh the table setting which didn’t take long. We were then greeted by big smiles and ushered to our table speedily. Ms Labopin even exclaimed to me that she had reserved a lovely corner table for us. She’s very candid which we like. Made us feel like we’d walked into a friend’s house for lunch. Orders were also taken promptly.When a basket of bread and butter was served, I was already excited to find out if the bread was warm. And indeed, it was. I always love fresh, warm and moist French baguettes. And this was even better because it had the sourdough tang that I adore! The slab of butter could be softened more for easy spreading.The menu had 2 selections for appetiser, 2 choices for main and 1 standard dessert. We ordered one of everything so we could try them all.To continue reading, please visit http://springtomorrow.com/2013/10/21/taratata-bistrot-keong-saik-road/ continue reading
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Loved the cosy ambience within the family-friendly bistrot once we stepped in. The layout and decor of the restaurant is such that there are many intimate nooks (much like what I would imagine a real French bistrot would be like) where you can just be yourselves and languish over good food and wine. Service was also impeccable, with the attentive and accomodating wait staff with friendly smiles. They looked like they are really glad that you chose to be guests in their workplace. The food was lovingly prepared. The escargots are a MUST-try! So delicious they were we mopped up every bit of the yummy mushrooms and tomato gravy with our crusty bread. On the other hand, the seared salmon was a bit forgettable. The roasted lamb leg was a tad gamey for my liking though I loved the accompanying creamy gratin. Couldn't quite taste the garlic and rosemary herbs teh lamb was supposedly prepared in. Scallops were done well albeit a trifle bland, if not for the seafood cheese base they came with.Dessert was the highlight for us - chocolate & caramel tart with vanilla ice-ream (with real vanilla bean flecks!) hit all the right notes with us. The crust of the warm tart was crumbly while the centre oozed chocolate lava sin. There were some hits and misses but overall, it was a pleasurable dining experience dining in this popular venue. continue reading
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I was deciding on a place for lunch during Restaurant Week, and settled on Taratata as I've read many good reviews of this place. It's a French bistrot serving authentic French cuisine by chefs Bertrand Raguin and Philippe Nouzillat, both of whom were from France with more than 20 years of culinary experience. This alone warrants a visit, especially during Restaurant Week with a 3-course set lunch which costs $25++.Complementary bread - They were quick to replenish the bread when we finished ours; toasted baguette, warm when served and bread was so soft with the outer crust crispy. Great start to a meal and is rather addictive.For appetizer, my friend had the Seared Marinated Salmon with Black Pepper & Momotaro Tomato Salad with Basil Oil. A huge slice of salmon nestled on tomatoes, it was a refreshing appetizer and the salmon was very fresh, with a hint of natural sweetness. The black pepper accentuates the sweetness of the fish, and the slightly sour tomato salad makes a good end to the dish.I had the Half Dozen of Snail Baked in Herbed Garlic Butter. Being a fan of escargots, this certainly did not disappoint. The escargots were chewy, and I especially liked their herbed garlic butter - slight buttery taste, and the garlic flavour was not overpowering. Along with many others from other tables, I dipped the toasted baguette into the leftover herbed garlic butter sauce; absolutely great. For main course, my friend had the Crispy Oven-Baked Pork Trotter with Mushrooms Fricassée. It doesn't look that appetizing but it was certainly good. It was baked till crispy, and I loved the outer crust. The meat within wasn't dry as others have mentioned previously, and it goes well with their gravy. I also liked the very fine mashed potato that came with it, although that was a little salty.I had the Baked Sea Scallops with Mussels, Prawns, Mushroom & Cheese. The portion looks small but it's actually very filling and just right for a small eater like me. The large scallops were well baked and the outer crumbs were crispy, but it wasn't the best I've tasted as the natural sweetness was only slightly distinct. Nevertheless, I liked the combination of de-shelled mussels, tiny prawns and mushrooms in a cheese and cream based gravy; even better if you are a cheese/cream sauce lover.For desserts, we both had the Chocolate & Caramel Tart, Vanilla Ice Cream. Seems like a simple dessert but it actually tastes better than it looks. You could say that it's like a mini molten lava cake encased in a cookie tart. I liked how the molten chocolate flowed out when cut, and the two layers of cookie crust was a nice change to the common molten lava cake. Nevertheless, the caramel was only drizzled at the sides and not within the tart itself. The vanilla beans in the ice cream was distinct, and the ice cream had a slight velvety taste to it; but the ice cream failed to impress, although it's a very good complement to the very sweet and rich chocolate tart. I especially loved the crispy almond flakes at the side.Overall a very pleasant first time dining experience at Taratata, thanks to Restaurant Week. Service was good as the servers were attentive and replenished our water every now and then. The manager also enquired about how we found the food after and during the meal when we were having our main course.Do give it a try if there are still slots for lunch this week. The set lunch at $25++ is a good deal to the usual $35++, and you are unlikely to be disappointed with the great authentic cuisine served at Taratata. continue reading
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