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A vegetarian restaurant, Teng Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian Dining does a different take on Japanese food, serving you refreshing and healthy dishes. continue reading
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Rocket Salad 5 Kind Sashimi Cold Soman Avocado Maki
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Level4 2016-05-15
Japanese Dining but in Vegetarian Style? Does it ring the bell? Teng Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian Dining gives us a different take on Japanese food in a healthier way serving quality and refreshing food.If you look around, Teng Bespoke Japanese Vegetarian Dining occupies more than 1 unit space. Besides the main dining area, just look opposite of the unit and you will get to see a classy upscale dining area which is the overflow room of Teng's.Kai Lan was blanched, cut and served in a stack. They were drench with roasted sesame sauce with a handful of sesame on its top to elevate the plain healthy vegetables. Simply love its crunchy and succulency in this starter!Teriyaki Chicken on stick looked appetizing indeed served with english parsley and pinkish ginger strips. If you asked me about its taste, well, it takes abit to be greasy and glossy to convince me.The Unagi Maki was something I had never expected and right at that moment, I had issues convincing myself I'm actually having vegetarian dishes. Mock Unagi tasted as though they were the actual with sweet black sauce lying on top of the little rice rice with cucumbers and avocados.Even at a closer look, they look as good as those in the real Japanese Restaurant.Dishes were getting more interesting in this case with 3 kinds of Sashimi, mock tuna, salmon and sword fish. The presentation and food art was stunning, how did they make the "veins" on the fish look so real? Arrangement of food with wasabi on the bed of ice made no different as what we have someone where!Texture was smooth and these mocked sashimi did give fellow vegetarians a very good indication of how actual sashimi taste like, lessing the natural "fishy" taste.The crispy and uniform cuts of the piece of deep fried meat looks none other than a slab of delicious Pork Tonkatsu pairing up with garden salad and its dressing. The texture and bite may resemble an actual pork fillet but the taste still could not hide the fact that its a piece of vegetarian product with hints of mushrooms and yam.Buckwheat Noodle with toufu skin and mushroom broth is delighting. Beside the smooth buckwheat noodle, fried tempura bits had given the dishes another level of texture in the dish.Last but not least, the grains! Fried Rice was unexpectedly scrumptious and every mouth came with a whiff of wok fire taste! Incredible! Grains were topped with brown sea vegetables (hijiki) and these vegetables are part of Japanese diet for centuries as they are rich in dietary fibre and minerals such as calcium, iron and magnesium. Who says only red meats give iron?Special thanks to my pal who insisted that I should give Teng Bespoke a try and it gave me another view point of having Japanese dining in a vegetarian way. One of the servers did mentioned that they have more than 1 overflow room and in fact Teng Bespoke is also serving Thai Vegetarian Food and perhaps this is why we see Lemon Grass Drink available in its menu. continue reading
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Level4 2016-04-24
See my full reviews & photos at = https://chefquak.com/2016/04/24/interesting-jap-vegetarian-teng-bespoke-on-21apr2016/niece bought dinner this evening on 21.4.2016. ^^the radish salad was a great start. it was refreshing & good for 7pax. the goma (sesame) sauce was light & quite perfect. radish was crunchy.didn’t think much of the black sesame yu tofu.king mushrooms was one of the recommended dish. it was pretty good.nice mushroom taste, good texture & great condiments.niece ordered a nabe dish. there were like 5 or maybe 6 dumplings. pretty ok too.soup was plain, good taste.wife ordered a tomato spring roll. i like this wonderful dish, crispy skin, very tasty spring roll, simply excellent!niece ordered a mushroom tempura. it was very good too, not like the usual tempura at all, more like a korokke (croquette).it was nice…i loved the cheese!the avogado maki was ok, pretty good actually. still i like the usual maki a whole lot better, so in the sense just like mock sashimi, i would rather have the real thing la…:-)it was a very enjoyable get together.dinner was S$110 for 7pax. continue reading
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Level3 2015-07-07
 I tried some other Japanese vegetarian restaurants and it seems that many of them are just serving noodles and vegetarian sushi.  Sometimes vegetarian sashimi are just too artificial.Here in Teng they have more variety like paper hot pot, soba, tempura and desserts.  They tried to make the taste as close as it is to the real ones and this effort is highly appreciated.The decoration is decent as a Japanese restaurant.  It's a place to come again. continue reading
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For vegetarian food, most people can only recall the curry vegetables and mock meat on fried bee hoon, commonly found in most chinese temples. But vegetarian food in Singapore is more than just that. One such example can be found in Bespoke, also known as Teng. It is a vegetarian restaurant that offers reasonable priced Japanese cuisine. Located in a rather old building, the restaurant is actually modern looking with its stylish decoration.As one of us is a vegetarian, we decide to have our meal here.Green Tea Cold Soba ($9)The soba is served in a basket with ice cubes below it to keep it cold. The soba tastes light and refreshing.Mix Vege Tempura ($9)The vegetables tempura is nicely done and tastes light and crispy. Tofu with Five Kind Vege ($10)The hotpot is very filling with lots of vegetables such tang oh, cabbage, and mushrooms. The soup is also quite flavourful.Overall the food here is very nice for a vegetarian restaurant. There is no GST, but there is a 10% service charge. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-30
Having vegetarian every 1st and 15th lunar calendar never gives me any problem these days as there are more and more shops selling vegetarian food.So this would be a first “Japanese Vegetarian” modern looking restaurant.A friendly staff took my order - Udon Soup Set The broth was very flavourful, love the tempura bits floating on the soupSalad was crunchy & appetizingTempura vegetables was crispy and sweetSushi was alright, average.All on a tray, just like that they show many ways that vegetables can be cooked and combine into one set meal. Beautiful and tasty. continue reading
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