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Thai Accent will amaze you with delectable Thai cuisine like never before. The moment you step into the restaurant, you will not only be greeted with warm Thai hospitality but also a stylish and funky décor giving it a retro and clean feeling to this iconic restaurant. continue reading
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Review (25)
Level4 2013-12-30
For pictures and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2013/12/28/thai-accent/Mom was in town and since she loved Thai Cuisine, Hubby treated us to Thai Accent. I too love Thai fare because of the strong aromatic components, complex flavors and spiciness.Thai Accent is quiet and comfortable, with window seating overlooking the waterfront and Sentosa Island. It was a week night and the restaurant was fairly empty. Service was attentive without being intrusive.The menu is relatively idiot-proof, in plain English without confusing Thai names. Prices are on the high side.Mango salad with dried shrimp ($9.90) was ok, nothing remarkable.I was disappointed with the Tom Yam Seafood in Fire Pot ($23.90). Although the seafood was fresh and the serving generous, it sorely lacked the characteristic spiciness that Tom Yam soup should possess. Something must have gone wrong that day because I had the same soup on 2 other occasions and it was nothing like this.Pad Thai Fried Noodles with Prawns ($13.90) was competently executed, with a decent amount of peanut toppings on the side. Absolutely satisfying!Stirred fried minced pork with hot basil leaf ($15.90)-let your tongues revel in this spicy and flavorful dish!Stirred fried Kway Teow with Pork Ribs ($13.90) was not bad. Beautifully marinated, tender ribs and smooth kway teow with a smoky flavor; mix in the chilli flakes and nuts for an extra kick. What more can I ask for?We ended our dinner with a very average Pandan Leaf Chicken ($14.90) continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-07
I'm not a fan of thai food but my friend like so accompany her here to try. We had pineapple rice for $13.90, the pineapple rice was very flavourful,the floss on top was nice, prawn was huge and very fresh,love it. The chicken wing 3pcs cost $10.90 which I feel a bit expensive but tasted not bad. The waiting time very fast as there's no queueservice ok, overall not bad,might go back try again. continue reading
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Level2 2013-08-22
Was craving for thai food and went into Thai accent since there was no queue and the only thai food around in vivocity. Pandan chicken, a standard thai food, was so-so.Tom Yam food was decently spicy and the fish (and seafood) was very very freshPad thai was very nice! Decent amount of peanut toppings. had way too much beansprout that spoilt the flavour, but otherwise one of the nicest pad thai i have ever eatenThai pineapple fried rice was not good, had a very strong curry taste and that was all to it. I did not even taste like curry rice. Just tasted like plain rice with curry powder. disappointing continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-22
This is my second time at the Vivo City thai accent. Ordered pineapple fried rice and the red tom yum soup this time round. The pineapple fried rice arrive warm (not piping hot as I would like it to be) and the taste of the yellow powder (spice) is too strong for my liking. The tom yum soup is very spicy but good. It will probably go better with plain rice instead of fried rice. continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-14
Having heard many good reviews and walking past there everytime I'm in vivo, I finally had the chance to try Thai Accent! We went in at around 5pm and managed to get a good window seats overlooking out to Sentosa! The menu was really full of words, no pictures, but it was neatly categorised. We took quite a while to take in what they have and zoomed in on the ones with recommended signs. The plain water is free, so thumbs up for that because we ordered the spicy tom yum. But one of my friends decided to go with a Thai Iced Tea ($6). We didn’t order as we wanted to see how the drink turned out. $6 is pricey for a normal Thai Iced Tea but I feel that the one at Thai Accent is worth the penny. Usually Thai Iced Teas will turned out to be sickly-sweet and leaves an aftertaste that is similar to pure condensed milk. But Thai Accent’s one is really good. It’s not too sweet, just nice. Remember to mix it really well! Pineapple Rice was one of the recommended dishes, and honestly, how wrong can you go with the yellow rice! We got Pineapple Rice with Prawns ($11.90). The portion of the dish was well accepted for its price and it’s also very nice. We ordered a Phad Thai with Prawns ($13.90) and it’s also one of the recommended dishes. But it’s a pity we left it out for too long (maybe 15 mins after it came) and the noodles started to stick together, making it very hard to mix. If you don't like your phad thai to be spicy, just don't mix it with the chilli powder! Again, for the price tag, I would say this is a good dish to order, the portion was really big!We ordered a pot of Red Tom Yum Soup ($23.90) too! When eating thai food, tom yum cannot be left out! Red Tom Yum Soup was priced at $9.90/bowl and there were 4 of us so it was more worth it to take the pot. The pot one is enough for 5 persons' share. If you enjoy eating tom yum with just white rice, and your partner enjoys it as well, take the pot one! It’s quite shiok! Having tried the red and white version of tom yum before, the white one is more spicy although it looks less spicy. If you’ve tried both, you will know the difference. I personally still prefer my tom yum to be the red one! Anyway back to thai accent’s tom yum, it’s quite good. They have prawns, fish, mushrooms etc. We shared a bowl of rice between us for the tom yum! This is definitely one of the better tom yum I've tasted. And lastly, we saved some stomach space for the Red Ruby ($4.90) that my friends said it’s supposedly to be nice. I thought it to be a bigger portion but unfortunately, it was quite a small portion and nothing much to rave about this dessert. It's mostly full of ice anyway.When we left around 1 hour later at 6pm, the place was already packed. So do come earlier to enjoy good food (to avoid queuing also). Overall, we paid $73 for all the dishes, which I think it’s still pretty okay considering the fact that we had quality food (except for the red ruby), good view, and good service from the staff! It’s a mystery how I never went in despite walking past countless times and already knowing that it’s good. continue reading
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