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For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/03/the-alley-cafe.htmlThe Alley Cafe is located around Outram Park, and walking distance from MRT could be around 10-15 minutes. This is my second visit to The Alley Cafe, as my previous visit was an awesome one, which my friends and I really enjoyed the food and sides a lot.Shop space pretty much fits the name, from a narrow corridor which depict the "alley" to a little more spacious area for accommodating bigger crowd.A range of food from brunch to mains, and drinks from non-alcoholic to alcoholic, all in the menu.Sawadee-Chicks ($12.00). Drumette only dish, it lacks the crispiness on the skin, but the sweet and spicy sauce together with the juicy and meaty drumette is satisfying.SP Squid ($10.00). The Alley's tempura battered calamari rings has both the crispiness as well as the chewy texture of the squid, but it lacks of the flavor in it.Truffle Carbonara ($15.00). A very cheesy and buttery dish, awesome for first few mouths but could be sick of it mid-way through the meal. In any case, pasta is quite springy. I, especially love the oldie-fashioned plate used for serving. It just reminds me of how I used this when I was still a kid.Captain Bob's Fish & Chips ($16.00). Fish meat is smooth, but lack of the beer taste but with the fishy taste, and is bland as well. I would say the fish & chips is a disappointment.The Alley Half Pounder ($22.00). Consists of a 227g of beef, caramelized onions, matured cheddar and a portion of fries. Out of the 3 mains we had, I would say the highest popularity vote goes to the Half Pounder. Just like an ordinary beef burger, but the savory taste and beefy meat kept me cutting more portions into my mouth, savoring the juiciness of the beef patty!There is no designated parking lots for those visiting The Alley, so be prepared to be circling round and round for an empty street parking lot if you are lucky. Friendly crew whom serves your table every time with a smile, even though the cafe is already packed with diners.We have to admit that the second visit was a disappointing one, which really does not reflect the positive reviews we had before. It was the first visit that prompted us to visit them again, and perhaps we came on a wrong day, but I hope my next visit to The Alley would be able to bring back what I had expected.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/03/the-alley-cafe.html continue reading
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Level2 2014-11-05
The Alley Cafe is so aptly named because it's really right up my alley. Located at the relatively inconvenient Keong Saik road, it would take you about a 7-10 minutes walk from Chinatown MRT, just enough to work up an appetite! I believe it may be closer if you were to take Exit H from Outram Park MRT, something I figured out while visiting The Lokal the past weekend. I decided to visit The Alley on a Saturday afternoon, after gym, because I heard about their protein packed salad, damn good coffee, and their free wifi! It was indeed a relatively long walk, especially under the hot and sultry weather conditions.Located just further down from the popular Potato Head Folk!The AmbienceThe design of the cafe was indeed the perfect depiction of its name. Dark and looming vibes, I personally would not take notice of this cafe, or would find it too dodgy to enter if I haven't heard of it. However, once I entered the cafe, the cosy atmosphere and comfortable sofa seats, made the cafe exude a very homely feel, and time seemed to just slow down, because it feels so laidback and nice. The sofa seats made me feel like lounging on them the entire day and I suppose it's pretty convenient to host big groups of diners with that as well! Besides, one thing I love about this place, is the available power points around that makes it easier for diners to work on their computers or fuel their phones while having their meals, and not forgetting the complimentary wifi.The FoodI very much wanted to try out their Truffle Mac and Cheese, but I was feeling quite sinful for all the rubbish I've been eating these days, so I opted for the salad instead. I went for the Macho Salad ($15++), which was basically a salad of meats with vegetable toppings. Hahaha! It is worth every single cent paid!The Macho Salad ($15++): consisted of a generous serving of smoked salmon, grilled chicken, bacon and mesclun salad. This was the first time I finished my greens with proteins still left over, despite having them with every mouthful of vegetables. Besides, what elevated this dish was not the generous heap of proteins, but the scoop of guacamole with diced tomatoes served atop of the greens. It gave the salad a creamier feel, and the combination of guacamole with greens and a protein, was just perfect. This is possibly the best salad I've had in a while! Non-meat lovers may want to steer away from this dish!I would definitely come back for their truffle mac and cheese and other truffled items on the menu. Since I was being very conscious about my diet that day, and also stressed over some work, that was all that I've tried from the food menu. I ordered an iced mocha ($6++), to go along with my salad.At first glance, I was quite disappointed because the drink did not look chocolatey enough, and there was a layer of melted ice floating above the coffee. However, after I took my first sip, I began to realize the meaning of not judging a book by its cover. The mocha was thick, and not overly sweet. It was indeed really satisfying and I immediately isolated the drink just to take a picture of it. I daresay it's the BEST mocha I've had, compared to all the other cafes I've been to. And I can't imagine any would be able to top this.Closing RemarksDespite the relatively ulu location of The Alley, I wouldn't mind paying them a visit every weekend just to get my mocha fix, and a quick bite. The food may be a little pricey, as compared to the other cafes, but the quality makes up for it. Besides, it's a good place to get some work done too. Many cafes tend to be overcrowded during the weekends, and as much as I want the goodness of this cafe to be known, at the same time, I want to keep this little gem a secret to myself, so that I can have a quiet retreat here after a hectic week.The entire stretch of Keong Saik houses a couple of good eats as well, including Tong Ah Eating House, for some traditional kaya bread, and cafes like, Potato Head Folk, The Study, Muchachos and Bread & Hearth! So go and visit these places instead! Haha! continue reading
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