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The Banana Leaf Apolo is where you can savor authentic South and North Indian fare, served in traditional style and ambience. continue reading
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Fish Head Curry Masala Papad Prawn Pakora Tandoori Rack Of Lamb
Review (13)
Level1 2013-06-09
Been looking for mouthwatering, heart racing delectable Nasi Briyani?Like most Asians, rice is a Singaporean's staple food. Eating plain white rice all the time gets pretty boring,So we try to mix things up a bit with dishes or trying different types of riceThe Nasi Briyani is one of the local favorites! What I realise though is that it is ridiculously hard to find the PERFECT Nasi Briyani. Sure there have been some good ones,But to find one with just enough spices to keep your tastebuds excited,To find one moist enough so you don't feel like you're swallowing sand, To find one with enough flavor to match the usual dish of chicken curry or fish curry along with the popular papadam,Is so so hard! BUT FINALLY! After trying so many recommendations and being disappointed,I found Apollo! You won't regret it. Service can be pretty slow at peak periods and it can get frustrating,But it is all worth it! Generous portions! With all the above, your tastebuds will be jumping with excitement you can't help but smile Super tasty even if you purchase it to go (: I had it to go and the freshness of the dishes were still intact!The fragrance of the rice will blow you away,The distinct taste of the spices in the curry will have your mouth watering,The freshness of the vegetables is simply sinful.Whether you prefer meat mutton or fish, the generous servings and the simply amazing quality of food will not disappoint! continue reading
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Level3 2013-06-08
As i said I'm not really a fan of Indian food, but my friend love it, so when going outing with her, she will bring me go around try. I find that is quite special that the rice was served in banana leaf however i don't find that is really nice,it's a bit oily to me but their curry was not bad,indeed very spicy.Service was ok, waiting time was also fast,but I don't really find the food here worth to try. continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-08
Having a busy day on a Saturday chilling how hard can it be to find a parking space... well we managed to park near sim lim and walk our way all the way there... It is a super spacious place where there are 2 segments to the building the one downstairs... u makan there with all the indian style furniture and that very indian smell... There were many things that i wanted to try it out... assortments of chicken namely the Butter Chicken and the chicken Tikka ,This with egg sambal... the chicken is epic and the rice is usually free flow.... if you wonder why indians have an everlasting belly... its not just the beer... its also the rice...Butter chicken is damn good... feels like you have committed a very big sin... but the taste is memorable...For the chicken tikka.... you can actually feel marinated... it tastes ever so awesome so no one can actually push that away.. It is very well accompanied with rice... with naan it actually tastes better so we bought plain naan and garlic naan. So good... Service here is questionable but they can remember your orders... how do they do it??? continue reading
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Level3 2013-04-07
The best banana leaf rice that I've ever had was in a tiny hole-in-a-wall shop in KL, Malaysia. I've been there twice before they decided to relocate, and I have never even bothered remembering the name of the stall. Since then, its been a personal goal of mine to search for the next best banana leaf rice that would match up to their standards. So whenever I get friends to recommend good banana leaf places that they've been too, everyone would immediately bring up Apolo. Given that its located in Little India, I fell for the whole legit perception of it being the most original one that I could posisbly find in Singapore. It was a Saturday afternoon, and I was really craving for that plate of banana leaf rice which I had years back in KL. The boyfriend and I decided it was time to give Apolo a try. Since we arrived past the lunch peak hour, we managed to get a seat pretty quickly, and was served up our food pretty fast. The servers were helpful, but sadly, my verdict for Apolo is that its overrated and perhaps overly popular to bring out that taste that I've been searching for. The boyfriend said that the chef could have been different, as he also mentioned that it didn't taste as good as he remembered. So perhaps it was just bad luck that we went on a day when the food hasn't been that fantastic. Perhaps I will give it another chance in the near future, but for now, I'm open to any recommendations for awesome banana leaf rice that would once again possess that flavorful taste which I would probably never find again. continue reading
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Level4 2012-05-30
The food here is quite authentic. Love the chicken tikka and the naan. Cheese naan, butter naan and garlic naan made to perfection. Plus the pappadam on the side, this meal was really awesome and to die for. The flavour was there and I quite like the fact that no utensils are used to consume all these food! Just your hands and your mouth! Love it! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)