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Black Sheep Cafe offers a casual and cosy French dining experience. Chef Ratha, who started The Black Sheep Cafe in 2006, was trained in Raffles Hotel. The cafe has thus produced cuisine that is best described as Modern European with hints of Asian wit, earning raves from both patrons and the press Come satisfy your taste buds with popular dishes like Duck Confit on Apple Roesti with Mango Relish, Cheeky Pork on sautéed greens, pear & orange glaze. continue reading
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Duck Confit Kahlua Souffle Cheeky Pork On Sautéed Greens, Pear & Orange Glaze
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Level2 2014-12-31
For full review: http://molly-mia.blogspot.sg/2014/06/mias-review-black-sheep-cafe.htmlAll thanks to the banner, if not we wouldn't have known this building is the legendary Thomson V Two.Even though they're The Black Sheep Cafe, there's also a fair share of white sheeps around to accompany this black sheep! And all the news covers about their Duck Confit....The cafe interior is pretty spacious, yet big enough to house a considerable number of patrons at one time. And pretty cute too! See little meeh meeh looking over all the patrons from the ceiling. Really happy to be able to sit right below the black sheep and his sheep friends. Heehee... And now, let's get started on the food. Rose Raspberry Cider, Belgium - $9Didn't manage to get a picture of the bottle for the staff took it away after serving it at the table. Actually I can't really decide if it's really a cider or just an extremely sweet and fruity beer. For the bitter beer after taste is too much of a beer thing, but the fragrant sweetness is too much of a cider. Nevertheless, a good refreshing drink. A recommended choice for ladies who feels ciders are too sweet, yet dislike the bitterness of beers. Chicken in Red Wine,Stuffed Field Mushrooms, Pureed Potato - $26.50Couldn't put a word to the gravy taste. A mixture of both savoury, sweet and a slight indescribable fragrance. There isn't really much of a red wine or alcohol taste, but I guess it helped to tenderize this big fat chicken drumstick really well. The meat was really soft and tender, yet lacking a bit of flavour for my tastebuds. The stuffed mushroom, on the other hand, was really flavourful. I couldn't make out the ingredient used for the stuffing, but it was slightly chewy yet pretty tender and juicy. I really enjoyed every single bite of it. As for the pureed potato, was a huge let down. Didn't like the taste of it at all, for the potato fragrance was overpowered by a strong cream/milk taste. Plus, the serving was so meagre I kept thinking that the dish name should have ended with Asparagus instead. The Duck Confit on Apple Roesti, Mango Relish - $26.50Didn't get to try both the fruit side dishes, but did get a bite of the duck confit. It's really flavourful and tasty, but I guess it's already obvious enough from the picture that it's slightly charred and hence, dry. Reviews boast of a crispy surface yet juicy tender meat. But sadly, I didn't taste that. It was dry (and almost tough) throughout the entire chunk of meat I've tried. Maybe it was a one-off miss by the chef, I don't know. But this definitely wasn't worth the rave I've read of. Homemade Tiramisu with Espresso Tuilles - $9.50This wasn't very well received at the table but I really enjoyed it. I'm not sure if the mascarpone cheese mixture was just totally frozen or the chef substitute part of the cream with ice cream, but the entire dessert was just really refreshing and pretty light. Kahlua Souffle, Double Chocolate Ice Cream - $14This souffle is really worth every bit of the $14, in terms of serving size. Creamy, fluffy and very moist, infused with a shot of kahlua upon serving at the table, this dessert should be a must try for every souffle lover. Now back to the cafe, if you're not very familiar with The Black Sheep cafe, one of the main 'attraction' will be that they only have one chef. Yes, ONE CHEF. And that simply equates to long waiting time for order to be served. Our mains basically took a minimum of 25 minutes to be served, and the souffle took so long that we lost track of the waiting time, I'm estimating a 45 minutes or so. Pretty exasperating if you're on the brink of fainting from hunger, so I strongly recommend that you take into account of the extent of your hunger when dropping by for a visit. continue reading
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Since its relocation to this quaint little mall off Upper Thomson Road, Black Sheep Cafe has had problems drawing new walk-in customers, possibly due in part to the somewhat concealed location off the main road. It is, however, able to leverage on its proximity to the rows of food establishments lining Upper Thomson Road, among which are foodie favourites such as Udders and The Roti Prata House.Arriving early on a Wednesday evening, I found Black Sheep Cafe, as well as the rest of the mall, practically deserted. Despite contributing to a peaceful and relaxing ambience not commonly encountered in densely-populated Singapore, the perennial lack of human traffic at the mall must certainly present a headache for the smattering of tenants, Black Sheep included.Fortunately for Black Sheep, it is able to bank on its delightfully hearty and comforting French fare to draw loyal customers with whom the chef, over the years, has established unwavering rapport. Central to its culinary success is its trademark and flagship Duck Confit on Apple Roesti with Mango Relish (SGD 26.50). Black Sheep's rendition of this French staple consists of a duck leg served on a bed of roesti, accompanied by apple slices, a mesclun salad mix and a serving of spiced mango relish sitting prettily in a tablespoon.The duck skin was commendably done, offering a substantial crunch to the bite. Yet, the flesh within retained a fair quantity of moisture and tenderness, providing a welcome contrast to the crispiness of the skin. The flesh fell delightfully off the bone with some gentle prodding, making it a breeze to savour its tenderness. While flavourful, the duck was a little too salty for my liking, but not excessively so. In fact, the saltiness was partially offset by the soft and fluffy roesti, which, being relatively muted in flavour, provided a perfect foil to the intensity of the duck.The accompanying salad provided the customary greens, and did little to enhance the dish's memorability. Worth mentioning, however, were the slices of apple which added a touch of tartness and sweetness to the dish.While not to my liking, the spoonful of mango relish succeeded in spicing up the dish, both gustatorily as well as visually. Apart from providing a kick to the palate, the spiced mango bits also added a dash of colour, instantly doing wonders for the visual attractiveness of the dish. The mango relish also offered the dish an indisputable talking point, and by giving this French classic a refreshing twist, it instantly set it apart from the plethora of other establishments offering duck confit.Crispy-on-the-outside, tender-on-the-inside duck confit. The accompanying mango relish is a visual treat.Upon the chef's recommendation, we also ordered the Baked Brie with Pistachio Crust and Citrus Fruit Salsa (SGD 16.00). Being an ardent cheese maniac, I was certainly keen on sampling one of my favourite cheeses.Luscious baked brie with accompaniments of mesclun and citrus salsaIt did not disappoint. The brie came ensconced beneath a firm yet yielding crust which was studded with pistachios. The chopped nuts added much flavour and crunch, and contrasted beautifully with the silken brie beneath it. The accompanying fruit salsa was barely a salsa of any sort, but seemed more of a typical fruit salad to me. I identified some orange and grapefruit slices, and these added a touch of sweetness and tartness to the dish. Overall, it was indeed a magnificent cheese dish.Indeed, Black Sheep Cafe is where one can savour some ingeniously-crafted French-based cuisine. Considering that they do not charge for service or GST, the prices are comparable to similar niche establishments. Check out the lunch/dinner menu.Lunch/dinner menu at Black Sheep Cafe.Despite the lack of an explicit service charge, service there was polite and meticulous, with all the staff readily sporting smiles and paying close attention to details such as the placement of cutlery and crockery. Furthermore, the tranquil setting of the sleepy mall enhances the snug and cosy atmosphere. Do drop by Black Sheep Cafe for a homey-feeling gastronomic treat! continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-28
The last time I had the Black Sheep Cafe was in their older establishment in Bugis, though it's situated in a corner of the basement of a condo, I was surprised to find that lighting was still ample and there were window seats so it didn't feel claustrophobic at all.I was also surprised to see that they had more staff so it isn't as cozy as it used to be, but they now have a prominent bar area.I came on a weekend so there was no lunch set menu, but I believe it's a good deal to go there for lunch then sit there and have tea to either chill or to study. I miss their dinner set menus that they used to have though.The total meal cost about $150 which included escargot, 4 main courses, and 2 desserts. Black Sheep Cafe does not include GST and Service Charge That's really worth it considering the cuisine, environment, and quality of the food!Escargot was very huge, however the garlic and butter did not get infused in the meat, so it wasn't particularly tasty.We ordered two portions of the duck confit ($26.50 each). The mashed potatos were done very nicely as my sister kept on trying to take them from me (none of that instant stuff). What's in the spoon is sort of like a mango salsa which had an indian flavor to it.My dad ordered the Pork Cheek at $28.50 and said that the pork tasted like ham since it was rather salty I'm not too sure because I didn't want to waste my stomach space and savor every bite of what I had ordered with space for dessert. Lamb ranks at $38.60 were done very well. I think the picture captures it well cause I'm salivating just looking at it and thinking backLemon Cheesecake was just the right thickness that leaned towards an American Cheesecake without being overbearing as the lemon and citrus helped each bite be really refreshing Tiramisu came with fruits on top and was very generous with the rum (not for the faint hearted alcoholic), but each bite was so good that it was finished up before we had barely begun. The balance of the ingredients inside were just right. continue reading
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Heading to a newly place, it was French cuisine cafe and I heard it has reopened at Sin Ming Road’s Thomson V. The place is situated at the Basement 1 of a private apartment block. To avoid disappointment, be sure to make reservation as the seating are limited. The small French cafe can probably seat around 30 guests, it was well decorated, neat and comfortable with a contemporary café feel. There were many paintings mostly involved sheep in the cafe. Even for the welcome board, it was cute and very matching to the title of ‘’Black Sheep Café’’.The Menu was simple and straightforward, nothing much to hide, all the price was nett. No GST, No Service Charge! The waiter shared with us that Duck Confit on Apple Roesti was their signature dish, Seafood Carbonara with freshly cream-based gravy and Beef fillet on Truffle scented glaze was the top seller. The serving attitude was pretty good.We get started with a hearty snack. There were a few slices of crispy, warm garlic bread to munch before the serving of our food. I suspect possibly made from home, it was delicious with a small plate of chilled butter.We shared the starters among ourselves, ordering 3 out of 5. It was a super cheesy starter for cheese lover like me. It actually known as the King of cheese, came along with colourful dressings. ($16.00) Ceasar Salad with ingredients such as lettuces, tomatoes, shrimps, bacons and eggs, it was refreshing and definitely enhanced your appetite. ($14.50)The size of the dish was relatively smaller than the normal portion yet the taste was just nice with the food was well-seasoned and perfectly cooked. ($24.00)While waiting for the Main Course, I noticed the wall was filled up nicely with the certificate obtained by Chef Ratha. I am sure he is a very famous chef particularly in French cuisine. continue reading
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