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12:00 - 22:30
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09:30 - 22:30
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Signature Dishes
Carrot Cake Smoked Duck Ciabatta
Review (5)
Level4 2014-11-19
I really like the retro setting in TCD. Coffee places with a theme is worth visiting. You can appreciate the efforts to piece everything together from the traditional red/blue/white chair to the small little old radio. Nostalgic biscuits (Free flow) - compliments of TCD We bought the breakfast sets which came with coffee/tea. Alternatively, you can top up the difference to select your choice of drinks, like us. Regular Set: Roasted Chicken Slices and Cheese + Americano ($12)My order! I liked that the green salad came with cranberries and sweet tomato. The chicken was nicely roasted with toasted ciabatta. A simple yet satisfying plate. Premium Set: Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Eggs + Americano ($16.50)Hubby's order. On the contrary, the salmon sandwich was just passable, with a very thin slice of salmon. Nai, I'm not a fan of smoked salmon anyway. But I really think my order was more worthwhile. Keke Somewhere over the Rainbow ($10)Whoever invented rainbow cake is a genius. It's just a normal butter cake with 7 colourings but we gals will just go goo goo over it. Well, I'm not exception. And hor, it looked so pretty in picture and any food that looks good must order lah. There's no question about it. *Affirmation nod* =pClick on http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2014/04/the-coffee-daily.html to read more & see photo! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-28
Chilling with my girl , researching on cafe and i found this cafe , THE COFFEE DAILY , it a very good place for chilling , it is deo in a old school design . people we want to chill and have a place with their friends for a gathering and chit chat session should head down here.we order choco lava cake , rainbow cake , ice caramel mocha and fruity italian soda ( watermelon) total cost of roughly 35dollars from ang mo kio station take bus 136 or 73 . continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-01
I would not have been to this sequestered spot if not for our specific pursuance of Sun Ray Cafe. Because they are only (almost) side by side, that makes Sun Ray Cafe nowhere better in terms of accessibility. Presenting itself as simple, white, and retro at the same time, we were drawn to this seemingly perfect location for an indulgence in a cuppa’ hot beverage or two, while letting our hair down. True enough, the ambience and environment was pretty ideal, a treat for the eyes.White and brown, mainly. Interesting posters around the cafe. The furnishing aren’t all status-quo in the joint, a series of retro-looking, some uncomplicated-looking ones, you pick your own seats before heading over to the counter to place an order. Or for us, we did the reverse, since we were convince that we were able to get some seats even if we order first. Oh yes, we are proud that we did away with the kiasu attitude here, at the very least.Service was pretty warm, just like most small cafeterias and outlets. They get personal and have spare time to interact with patrons. We joked a little, we chatted a little. All was well.Caramel Mousse ($5.50) :: For a small cafe like The Coffee Daily, they have quite an comprehensive list of cake selections (about 13 of them). Disappointingly, the caramel punch wasn’t there for this. I believe in having an almost overpowering taste to any cakes / ice creams with caramel or salted caramel flavors. Because if patrons order it, they must have been prepared for the intense taste. But oh wells. I quite love the texture of it. Not the crumbly soft kind, but averagely resistant when slicing through it, yet it semi-melts in your mouth. It’d be perfect for me if it has a stronger taste to it.Waffle with 2 Scoops of Ice Cream ($6.90 + $2.50) :: With a single scoop, it is just $6.90. They have a range of about 7 – 8 flavors. Ranging from dark chocolate to green tea, to ones with brownies. I must applaud for its larger-than-usual portion of ice cream, but taste was undistinguished. It is either my palate had some problem that night, or it is really the problem. Its respective taste, once again, wasn’t substantial enough. What a waste.Hot Chocolate ($4.90) :: Hot Chocolate was mediocre. I did not try their coffee, my dining partners did. I only hope that it is better than the Chocolate beverage. But its coffee art is praiseworthy. It is pretty precise and detailed as compared to most others. What’s cute is it comes with a biscuit, like ones you get in airplanes.It might stand a chance of revisit if it’s in a more getatable location. (Proper) Parking can prove to be a challenge. continue reading
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This Cafe has been my must-go-place since its opening last year. It has changed their management a few times since its opening in 2012, however it seems always for the better. Kudos to the new management. Chubby Botak Koala can be considered a regular here. You will most likely spot me here during the day, where it is more quiet. I find it to be a good getaway place if I need a little break from endless work, as it is nearby my office. The main attraction for this cafe has always been the coffee and their old school deco. They get their beans from Highlander, one of the renowned artisan bean roaster in Singapore. The latte is fragrant, smooth, creamy and no bitter after taste. Accompanying their latte is Malongo Biscuit Speculoos. Other than the coffee, you should also try their ice cream and gelato. The best combination will be in form of Affogato. I had this once in the evening with a friend from Jakarta, the lethality of the espresso lead to insomnia until 4 in the morning. The ice cream has a nice sweetness level, perfect creaminess that will make you ask for more.The cakes here is also quite good. I tried their yuzu cake and passion fruit moose, both has a delicate balance, light and refreshing. For non coffee drinker, they have tea selection from Gryphon, Mark & Spencer, Ginger Beer, Artisan Beer and others.Decoration of this place is simple. They claimed that their design is old school deco, personally I think they probably pick up the furniture from a second hand shop, repaint and put it together. However, I have to say they did a good job with it and I always feel comfortable spending my time in the cafe. Service has always been friendly and efficient. For the price, The Coffee Daily actually deliver value for money. Their price of their coffee, ice cream / gelato and cakes are comparable to the neighbourhood cafe's or even lower. At this point of time, I can include this as one of my Top 3 Coffee Place in Singapore. Cheers !!!For the full review with photos,menu board, go to the below link:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2013/07/the-coffee-daily-away-from-daily-grind.html continue reading
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Level4 2011-10-05
Headed to The Coffee Daily! Got their warm mocha which was good! Very strong mocha taste and the fragrance of the mocha was enough to keep you satisfied. It was however abit too sweet for me. I diluted it abit with ice water and it became better. Great ambience of the café! thumbs up! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)