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The French Stall brings a bit of Paris to Singapore, aiming to provide classical French food at popular prices. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Braised Lamb Shank with Grilled Vegetable Pan Fried Canadian Scallops on Risotto, Scented with Shallots & Garlic
Review (4)
Level3 2013-01-19
We decided to go for our dinner at this French restaurant which name is strangely called The French Stall. Guess it is started out as a stall to a restaurant as of now and rename it as TFS Bistrot.This restaurant was located nicely at the corner of a junction between Serangoon and Sturdee Road and it would be nice place to relax and chat up at one corner during the night time (Depending on the road condition at Serangoon Road).We ordered their 3 Course Formule meal (1 starter, 1 main dish, 1 dessert) @ $25.80 as follow:Starter 01: Soup of the DayPresentation is very well taken care of in this restaurant and the soup of the day is actually tomato soup which is a bit sour taste from the tomato but not too over powering to your taste bud. Add in some black pepper to enhance the overall taste would be great.Starter 02: Chicken Liver Pate (Pâté de foie gras)Guess you hear before foie gras which means Fatty Liver, instead of having the expensive type of Goose Liver, this is the chicken version.Very very strong taste and it the chef added some pickles and bread for you to eat together as to lighten the strong liver taste of the foie gras.Main Dish 01: Tagliatelle with Mushroom Sauce and Parmesan ShavingsAlso another creamy type of pasta which if you are into creamy type of dish, this is one for you. The taste is nice but remember to eat it while it is hot else the taste would not be so nice.Main Dish 02: Pan Fried Dory Fillet with Mashed Potatoes and Garlic ButterThough the presentation of this dish is very good, all of us think that the portion of this is too small and will not fill your stomach. Nevertheless, the dish is a very nicely done while Dory fillet is very fresh and seemly melts in your mouth. Mashed Potatoes is also nicely done without the powdery feel and will not make your throat dry.Main Dish 03: Grilled and Marinated Chicken Leg with BBQ Sauce, Sautée PotatoBoth presentation and the dish itself is one of the best I have eaten so far. The Chicken meat is very tender and when eaten together with the sauce, the combination is perfect. Though the portion is too a bit too small. Potato are nicely cooked with added herbs which I think even if you do not add in any chili, you will be able to taste the nice natural taste of potato yet some nice herbs taste.Dessert: Traditional Créme CaramelYou can choose ice-cream and Sherbet as your dessert too but those are too normal so I do not take photos of them. The Créme Caramel are nice to go with but in terms of comparing the 3 desserts, I would choose Sherbet (lime one is nice as it is a bit sour yet nicely sweet taste). continue reading
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Level1 2012-08-28
It was dinner. We had a couple seating, and we ordered a set meal: consisting of a appetizer, main dish and dessert.The appetizer was Escargots.The main dish was Grilled Beef Ribeye with Potato Gratin.The dessert was Baked Alaska.Overall the food was good and we enjoyed the dining experience. Croustillant D’Escargots Petits Gris au Beurre à L’AilEscargots (half dozen) in Crispy Skin with Garlic Butter:usual appetizer in France, is served in a very different way from norm. This is served in a fried bowl of pastry. Quite delectable. The escargot was made in a garlic butter and herb sauce. Grilled Beef Ribeye(300gr):I think this is the first time for me eating french flavored steak. i heard that french like their steaks to be drowned in red wine? To me it's not bad, the aromatic taste of the wine was good, but i feel that pure red wine taste leaves a hint of bitterness on the steak. The steak cut was pretty decent, just a bit overpriced for such a cut. But 300gm, that size.. i like. Potato GratinBaked Cheese Potato: Ok my partner and I thought this was really good. As we both love cheese, this dish is quite creamy, and the potato was baked not too soft (that it would very easily fall apart) nor too hard. And baked with the cheese being crispy at the top. Liked it. Omelette NorvégienneBaked AlaskaThis dish was simply delectable! The waitress recommended us this dish. It was a tad crispy on the outside, with very sweet meringue to cover up the sour ice cream(lime) inside. The meringue was a bit burned though but overall was still pretty good!A picture of the place. continue reading
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After eating at saveur last week, the angmokia has been craving to eat at TFS since.. we didnt come for abt a year and he has such nostalgia abt france in this place.. small things like serving wine in a carafe (between a glass and bottle), having a bottle of water for u to refill your own glass on your table, the design of the place.. brings some fond memories to the homesick frenchboy. Anyway, he was making an excuse to come here to 'celebrate Bastille day"--the french national day. =)We took the 3 course meal which cost $36.80 each. I didnt really wanted dessert but he ordering just a main and a started would have cost arnd the same so i just went with it. For me:Starter- French Onion Soup- a little salty but still tasty nonetheless, and i like the fact that they put your cheese on toast on the side instead of dumping it into the soup before they serve you, leaving it soggy. This way i can enjoy the bread the way i like it. Main- the boring me would just take fish since i dun really eat red meat or duck,. Not very worth it i would say. since i dun like mash too. But thats probably the best i could get for myself. I remembered years ago i love this signature dish of theirs which was a steamed dory patty scovering a whole lot of sauteed spinach under it.. was super good and healthy but its no longer on the menu. =( I wish they bring it back!Desserts- Giant Profiterole! This is one of their signature.. the last time we came we had the cheese platter becoz we were too full for sinful desserts.. this time, since i was frustrated from my small mains i went ahead to order this. You really need to set aside calories for this if u r eating alone! I think the worse is actually the huge serving of vanilla icecream in it.. probably 2 good scoops of it.. but they melt really fast so eat it quickly! we really made a tasty mess of it! For angmokia:Starter: Pork pate. As u know i wouldnt say i like it.. was abit too raw porky smell and taste for me but look slike a perfect serving to start your meal with small gherkins and 2 slices of baguetteMains: tenderloin was requested to be medium done but looked quite bloody for me. Angmokia knew this from past experience so it was exactly as he had expected. I tried the sauteed potatoes and it was fragrantly crispy on parts of it. I must prefer this to my mash! Dessert: He took the chocolate cake and since they stated it was supposed to be dark chocolate i had some high expectations of it. The cake didnt quite meet my standards-- too light, too sweet.. and overwhelmed by the large scoop of vanilla ice cream.The whole meal cost abt $100 ( i think they have increased quite a lot since we came the last time), abit heartache.. but as he said it.. "celebrate bastille day!" continue reading
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Level4 2012-06-15
The non air conditioned restaurant is located along Serangoon Road just opposite the Shell petrol kiosk. Take the MRT to Farrer Park, exit H, turn right and walk down Serangoon Road. It is less than 5 mins walk from exit H.The restaurant had a strict sitting policy accordingly to the number of people. Beside that, the service and food are good. We ordered from the set menu which was $17.80 that came with a soup, main and dessert. You can also choose from their other selections by topping up a few dollars. continue reading
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