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The King Louis is Singapore's first medieval restaurant. It has been listed as one of the best family restaurants in 2011 and 2012!I really love their castle-themed ambience as it adds on to the whole dining experience. At The King Louis, they have different types of banquets (meat platters.etc) for sharing. I guess the essence of dining at The King Louis lies in the joy of sharing platters of food with friends or family. For drinks, I had the mango juice which is reasonably priced at $5. They do not serve fresh juices though, so skip this if you do not like artificial fruit juices. They do serve floats but the floats can get really filling if you order the banquet platter as their portions are huge and value for money.First up, we had the Homemade Mushroom Soup ($9.50) served with a stick of garlic bread. The button and shiitake mushrooms are blended and made into a creamy mushroom soup. It would be good to share with at least 1 as the mushroom flavour is rather thick.For starters, we also had Platter C ($24.90) which consists of chicken drumlets, calamari rings, prawn twisters, potato wedges, and sausage and bacon bites. The chicken drumlets were a favourite. Although they were all deep-fried, they were not oily. The calamari rings had the right texture and were not overly chewy. I also like the prawn twisters which were crispy and had a unique touch to it. In contrast to the deep-fried snacks, the salad served as a refreshing side.We had the Queen Victoria Banquet ($169.90 for 4-5pax). There are roasted beef with black pepper sauce, premium BBQ baby back ribs, pan-seared snapper with wasabi mayo, sauteed scallops with garlic and cream sauce, and lastly, oven-baked king prawns with melted mozzarella cheese.The only disappointment here was the beef steak which was dry, tough, and felt like it had been cooked beforehand. The black pepper sauce was yummy though and I wished that they had given more of it. That aside, I enjoyed the various seafood in this banquet. The snapper fish was really tender and fresh but I would prefer if there were no bones in it. The king prawns were huge and they went well with the melted cheese. The BBQ baby back ribs were tender and the sweet BBQ sauce complemented the ribs well. This banquet came with lots of roasted potatoes underneath as well as assorted vegetables.We also tried their Wales Beef Bolognese ($19.90) which is one of their signature dishes. The sauce is homemade and sauteed with grated carrots and onions, and reduced with fresh cream and red wine. It has a rich bolognese taste which may be a tad overwhelming for some to finish it alone. I find the taste very authentic and bolognese lovers should like this.Lastly, we had the Beer Battered Fish & Chips ($21.90). This is served with mesclun, straight cut fries, and homemade egg tartar. The fish and chips looked oily but they were surprisingly not when I tried them. The fish had retained lots of moisture in them but the batter was not soggy. Although tender, the texture of the fish was too soft for my liking.***King Louis is perfect for group gatherings and family dinners. With their selections of banquets to choose from, you can prepare to FEAST LIKE A KING! continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-21
We had a birthday celebration with our evil sista at this medieval themed restaurant. This place is located at level 3 of Vivocity (opposite Daiso). It has both indoor and outdoor entrance, the outdoor facade is much grander with two armored knights guarding the 'castle' doors.The diner was dressed in Halloween theme during the month of October. The interior of the restaurant is furnished with custom made tables, chairs and benches, and more armored knights with swords and shields. The restaurant also boast a scenic harbor view for diners sitting by the full length glass windows.Simple table settings and the menu.Some of us ordered drinks first while we take our time to explore the extensive menu. Most of us had the Bottomless drink $7++ (free flow Coke, Sprite, Fanta grape, Root beer & Ice lemon tea).Bottomless Fanta grape $7++ & Tropic zest $7++Apple juice $5++We ordered a few sharing platters of Starters Combo sets and one main course each. The food serving were rather huge, we indeed feasted like Kings and Queens for this birthday lunch!Platter C $24.90++Platter A $21.90++Platter D $26.90++Caesar salad $13.50++The starters were good, I especially liked the Banana bacon bites and the Prawn twisters. The Mussels and Scallops in Platter D were also super fresh. I didn't touch the Caesar salad though as it was covered with loads of cheese.For main course, I had the Pan Fried fillet of Snapper $23.90++. The chunky snapper fillet was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, very tasty! The roasted potatoes were a nice change from the fried version on the other dishes.Other main courses ordered were Beer Battered Fish & Chips $21.90++, Roast beef & BBQ ribs $35.90++, Dragon tail Aglio Olio $19.90++ and Seafood Marinara $25.90++.All the main courses were huge, even the caesar salad was served in a gigantic bowl. Some of us didn't managed to wolf down everything on the plates. Food was generally yummy, ingredients were fresh and well prepared. I find the menu a little too meaty with very few selection of non meat dishes. Service was good as the diner was quite empty during lunch hours. Overall, it was a nice dining experience.Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2014/11/lunch-at-king-louis-grill-bar.html continue reading
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Welcome to The King Louis! Singapore's only castle-themed restaurant serving medieval cuisine. Get ready to be served and feast like a king or queen as we are being transport back to the Medieval times.Hidden in a corner at Level 3 of Vivocity (beside Daiso), many would not have noticed this restaurant in the mall. It's never too late to find this hidden gem suitable for family or friends gathering. We were warmly greeted by the friendly staff standing outside the restaurant. Simply love how the restaurant has many different table setting to choose from. Majority are long tables and benches made from specially crafted wood. These's also the more formal type of table setting with office chairs and black tables. Very cool to hold a small group meeting here. The armored knights as well as the interior decor keeps me very fascinated and I just can't stop snapping photos. They also added extra effect like the spider webs, skulls and the black paper ghosts for the Halloween festive feel. The King Louis Halloween Feast that I've won. Thank you, OpenRice! It says 2-3 pax so I made an impromptu reservation for 2 pax, thinking that bf and I should be able to finish all. I was so wrong!The bf with the big jar of ice-lemon tea! This is enough for 4 pax! Highlandar Pumpkin Soup. The soup is thick and creamy and comes with the garlic bread. I love the combination but the portion is too big that I can't finish the soup and when it's cold, it doesn't taste that good. The King Louis Platter consisting of fried sausages, fried wedges, fried onion rings and a small portion of salad. Perfect starter but later we regretted choosing this over the Chicken Ceasar Salad because the main platter was so huge that we really can't finish it and have to call more friends to join us.The Queen Isabelle Platter. Our first reaction was shock with jaws dropped when we saw this huge portion! Consisting of Roasted beef with Black Pepper Sauce, Premium BBQ Baby Back Ribs, Roasted English-style Queen Pullet, Lamb Steak with Rosemary Herbs, roast potatoes, assorted vegetables like long beans, cauliflower and carrot and salad. Fruits are on skewers. As I don't take beef and lamb, I can only enjoy this portion of the platter. My favourite is the BBQ Baby Back Ribs. The meat is well marinated and is really tender. Best part, the meat fell off the bone easily. Roasted English-Style Queen Pullet was a decent dish. Read other reviews and found out that the restaurant uses chilled instead of frozen chicken so that's a plus point. However, the breast meat was a bit dry, so I only ate the thighs which are juicy and tender.The meat for the Lamb Steak with Rosemary Herbs is really tender and juicy as quoted by my bf. The The medium rare finishes for the Roasted Beef with Black Pepper Sauce is just perfect. Dessert was Coconut Ice Cream. We thought it would be just the usual vanilla ice-cream but it's not. Quite a unique choice of flavour. It's not too sweet and ends the whole meal well. Our choice of table comes with a scenic view of the Harbour. At one point, we even witness fireworks coming from Sentosa. Friends who came down to help us finish the dish. Thanks!! Even Halloween they've put in so much effort in the decoration, I guess Christmas they would have special menu too! Looking forward to that! The King Louis Grill and BarThanks for the ice-cream treat too! ^^ continue reading
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Thank you very much to OpenRice and The King Louis Team for the invitation to the tasting of Halloween Feast.King Louis Bar and Grill ('King Louis') is the first medieval theme restaurant in Singapore. Located on the third floor of Vivocity at the Golden Village section. The third floor of Vivocity is a combination of indoor and outdoor area, therefore able to put up this prominent sign on the outdoor, together with ancient castle decorations complete with armoured guards.When you enter the restaurant, the first half of the restaurant is furnished with wooden tables and bench according to the medieval theme. Alas, closer to the 2nd half of the restaurant is decorated more like a corporate meeting room rather than medieval castle theme, a bit of loss of identity halfway through. To incorporate Halloween theme this month, the King Louis has added a touch of Halloween theme with pumpkins and black-orange décor to create the atmosphere.The Halloween feast started with Highlandar Pumpkin Soup. The soup is thick, smooth and creamy. It is slightly on the sweet side and garlic bread is there to offset the sweetness. Portion is quite generous for a starter and it feels a bit heavy for an appetiser.English style Bacon Caesar Salad & The King Louis Platter. The salad is quite ordinary, consist of lettuce, croutons, sliced hard boiled egg and bacon. The dressing is creamy with a twist of tanginess to it.The King Louis platter is basically 3/4 fried stuff and 1/4 veggies served with sweet chilli sauce. It has two pieces of fried sausages, fried wedges and fried onion rings. The sausages are hard and salty, but the dish are saved by the crispy yet moist onion rings and the wedges. If fried stuff is not your thing, stick with the veggies.Next up is the Queen Isabelle Platter. The platter has stacks of Roast Beef with Black Pepper Sauce, Premium Baby Back Ribs, Roast English Style Queen Pullet and Lamb Steak with Rosemary Herbs. Covered by all the proteins are sautéed vegetables, roast potatoes, salads and fruits (Orange, apple and pineapple) on skewers.We ordered our roast beef cooked to medium rare. The meat is not from best cut, but kudos to the chef to make sure that it is tender. According to the insider info, it was well marinated before it was seared, roasted, sliced and put on the grill for the final touch. It is cooked to between medium rare to medium, tender with pinkish colour in the middle.The baby back ribs is sweet and fall of the bone. Kind of remind you of the Tony Romas or Cafe Cartel style. I preferred a little bit more bites to my ribs, but this is individual preference. A quick check with cptslowyeo (another openricer), who just came back from the Uncle Sam land, the one that I like is more to the Northern style while the one served here is more to the southern style.The lamb chop is gamey, hard and chewy. Maybe a little meat tenderiser will help though. The chicken, is dry and not succulent for the breast part, while it was slightly better on the thigh and drumstick. Very inconsistent in the cooking and personally I won't actually recommend these two items. The best part of the sides is the pineapple. You should have a few slices with the proteins, as it helps to cut through the fats and stop you from being overwhelm by meat.For desserts, we had coconut ice cream with almond shavings. Surprisingly it is quite good, not very sweet and the shaved almond provide the crunchy texture. I only manage to have a few bites because I was in food comma after all the proteins intake.Overall, I find that dining in King Louis is more like dining in one of the restaurant in a theme park where a big group will come together and have a great time. You might have to lower down your gastronomic expectation. The Halloween feast that we had was priced at $149.90 and it is easy can feed a group of 6 and can be consider value for money. With a little tweak and more attention to the cooking time, the food has the potential to be better. Cheers and Happy Halloween !!!For the complete revew, click here:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2014/10/the-king-louis.html continue reading
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Hi guys!This is my virgin post and i shall dedicate it to The King Louis Grill & Bar located at Vivocity!Be prepared to be welcomed by a group of friendly and helpful staff the moment you step into their restaurant. I was served with my drinks pretty quickly the moment i settled down. Ok, shall proceed to the main point!First up, the Highlander Pumpkin Soup! This dish was specially tailored for the Halloween Season! It features a thick and creamy pumpkin soup topped with a garlic bread. Well, i tried to finish to soup but i quickly decided that i should save my stomach for more awesome food. Hence, i used the pumpkin soup as a sauce to my garlic bread instead. Be sure you catch this dish before its gone!Next up, English-Style Chicken Caesar Salad. Im a huge fan of Caesar Salad, and im really glad to say that this is one of the best Caesar Salad i ever had. If the word "salad" reminds you of nothing but veggie, you really got to try this. Many of times when i order salad, i will end up munching on the veggie like a cow. But, the Caesar Salad from this restaurant added generous amount of crispy croutons,tasty bacons and also a freshly boiled egg! And here comes the highlight....Queen Isabelle Platter!! Well just as what i captioned in my open snap: All the best things in one plate. This platter contains steak, pork, chicken and lamb!ok, they have really fanciful names so here goes: (1) Roasted Beef with Black Pepper Sauce(2) Premium BBQ Baby Back Ribs(3) Roasted English-Style Queen Pullet(4) Lamb Steak With Rosemary HerbsThe roasted beef was really supple and well marinated in the black pepper sauce and you can taste that the sauce had already been infused into the beef. The baby back rib separates from its bone easily. It is really soft and easy to chew.On the down side, i think that it is a little dry. But, dont worry, you can request for the gravy from the friendly staff and it will taste awesome again!I think that the texture and taste of the Queen Pullet pale out as compared to the others in the platter. It was dry. I tried dipping into the sauce provided but the chicken couldnt absorb the sauce. Fyi, i took the breast meat. Maybe thats the reason why it is dry. The thigh meat looks fine though!Finally, the lamb steak. The persin-in-charge mentioned that it might taste a bit "lamby" to some. But it is definitely alright for me!And the final dish prepared for us was the Coconut Ice-cream!It features a cup of coconut ice-cream glazed with honey and topped with generous amount of almonds!Totally loving this desert after a hearty meaty meal!If you are looking for a simple night out with your loved ones or friends gathering, The King Louis Grill & Bar should definitely be the top choice. It is strategically located at the Harbourfront Walk where you can enjoy the night scenery of Singapore while having high quality food. Personally, i really like the ambience of this restaurant. And i would recommend anyone reading this to give this restaurant a try! continue reading
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