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The destination of choice for high-powered executives and the socialite set alike, dining at The Landing Point is a posh affair. Stretching along an elegant indoor promenade paved with bespoke marble mosaics and gold hues, it is the perfect venue to see and be seen. Savour an exquisite three-tier afternoon tea with French pastries and traditional scones that are replenished on request. Come sundown, catch up with friends over an evening soiree with light bites and artisanal cocktails while taking in the stunning panorama that’s the Marina Bay waterfront. continue reading
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Full review - http://midas400.blogspot.sg/2015/05/mothers-day-afternoon-tea-at-landing.htmlWe are back again at The Landing Point for afternoon tea, one of our fave places for tea. This time happens to be Mother's Day eve and the restaurant is offering a different menu just for the weekend. Instead of the usual 8 sweets and 8 savories, they are having 12 sweets and 7 savories tea set...we're gonna get a sugar rush! We made advanced reservation via Chope and got instant confirmation. There was a baby shower event going on when we arrived slightly earlier than 3pm, the waiting staffs gave us a sofa seat near the corner.We enjoyed a quieter ambiance there, however, it became a nightmare to get attention of the waiting staffs when we wanna replenish our food and drinks. Whats worst is that we are situated between two bigger groups of diners, and were being overlooked by the staffs constantly! The drinks that we ordered shortly after being seated came only after 30mins and multiple reminders...duh!Selections of TWG teas and Coffee (hot/cold)The food came before the drinks arrived, served on a 3-tier tray, containing two tiers of sweets and one tier savories. The scones were served separately by another staff.Top tier - Carrot Cake & Lemon Cheese Frosting, Mother’s Love Chocolates, Mini Cupcake & Chocolate Cream, Double Flavored Macaron and Crème Brulee tartlet.Middle tier - Mini Salmon Quiche, Herb Brie Cheese on Hazelnut Cracker, Smoked Duck Mango Salsa on Semi-Dried Roll, Purple Potato with Ricotta on Saffron Roll, Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Truffle Egg Sandwich and Semi-Dried Tomato with Mayo and Cucumber Sandwich.Bottom tier - Coconut & Mango Cake, Kueh Lapis Cake, Lime Tart topped with Fresh Blueberries, Chocolate Opera Cake, Pistachio Financier and Rose Chocolate Mousse Cake.For the savories, we only fancied the Smoked Duck sandwich, Truffle egg sandwich and the Smoked Salmon sandwich, which we ordered replenishment several times. We were less impressed with the sweets though. I quite like the tangy Lime tart and the Crème Brulee tartlet but didn't order extras due to slow service from staffs.My order for 2nd round of drinks, Cafe Mocha with latte art. It was pretty good.Near to the end of the tea session, we noticed that a special item was being served to the table beside us, we wanted to ask about it but the staff walked past us again and vanished quickly into the abyss! After some waiting, we managed to grab attention of another staff and voiced our displeasure to him. He managed to seized a few of the special items (not stated in the menu) for us and it turned out to be the best tasting savory item of the day!The Mini Lobster Tartlet, a different rendition of their all time favorite Lobster Cornet was simply delicious! We think that it should be included in all special occasion menu for afternoon tea.Our Mother's Day afternoon tea, ended much better than when it began. But we couldn't help but feel that their special occasion menu was lack luster overall in terms of taste and quality, and the slow service didn't justify for the price hike. We much prefer to come on a regular weekday afternoon and enjoy the original menu with Lobster cornet, Chocolate caramel tart and Lemon tart. continue reading
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Level4 2015-03-14
The Landing Point Afternoon High Tea Buffet was something which we wanted to try for sometime. We had heard so much about its three tier high tea set. Noticed the piano at the side? A pianist started playing the piano at around 330pm providing soothing background music which set the tone for the relaxing afternoon. Comfy yet cozy sofa seats to chill out while enjoying the view. It over looks Marina Bay Sands. Elegant, dignified table setting. Beverage (Tea & Coffee) MenuThe Landing Point's Afternoon High Tea Buffet cost $49++ per person on weekdays and weekends from 3pm to 530pm. If you would like a sparkling wine to go along with your high tea, it is $69++. For a child, it would be $25++. Currently, UOB cardholders would be able to enjoy a 15% discount. So do remember to use this card if you have it.There's 20 varieties of TWG Tea to enjoy while indulging in the high tea and enjoying the beautiful view of Marina Bay. Plain SconePlain Scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam. There was also Raisin Scone. The Scones were average; they were not buttery enough.Festive three-tiered high tea setThe main star was the three-tiered high tea set which is refillable. As we visited during the Christmas period, their normal three-tier high tea set was replaced with the Festive three-tiered high tea set.Top TierThe top tier consisted of mainly sweet items - Crème Brulee, Christmas Cake, Christmas Cookies and Christmas Pie.Second TierThe second tier which consisted of savoury items was our favourite - Lobster Tarts, Biscuit with Cheese and Fig, Truffle Egg Sandwich, Smoked Salmon Sandwich, Turkey Sandwich, Smoked Duck Sandwich and Cucumber Tomato Sandwich. We refilled this tier several times and did not refill the other tiers.Front to back (Lobster Tarts, Biscuit with Cheese and Fig, Truffle Egg Sandwich, Smoked Salmon Sandwich)Our top 3 items were the (order of preference) Lobster Tarts, Truffle Egg Sandwich and Smoked Duck Sandwich. We constantly ate these 3 items and got refills for them as they were real good. Other than that, the rest were mediocre.Last TierThe last (third) tier also consisted of sweet items - Pistachio Cake with Chocolate, Christmas Fruit Cake, Raspberry and Cream, and Macarons. The bitter sweet Chocolate Macaron was easily the best among all the items in this tier.Most of the items in the first and third tier was too sweet.RefillsThe refills were placed at the back of our seats. The staff would make it a point to constantly provide refills for customers. However, service was a little on the slower end. They seemed under staffed and could not cope with the crowd. As you can see from the above photo, the popular items which was constantly being refilled was the food items in the second tier.Left to Right: Fullerton Express Tea, Fruit MountainThere was way too many selections of TWG teas to try and could only try 2 different tea. For the first tea, I went for something light; the Fullerton Express Tea which was specially commissioned from TWG Tea by the Fullerton Group. It was a light, refreshing and fragrant tea. The second tea I tried was the Fruit Mountain which was a black tea. It was stronger in taste with a delicate sweetness to it.As you may have already figure out, other than the Teas, the food was average. We ate mainly the Lobster Tart, Truffle Egg Sandwich and Smoked Duck Sandwich only. The price was on the higher end. But the ambience was excellent - Quiet, cozy with a great view. Perfect for a date or to just chill out and chat.A summary video on the Afternoon High Tea Buffet which I posted on Instagram.http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2013/12/the-landing-point-afternoon-high-tea.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-19
I love the Hi-Tea at The Landing Point! Service and ambience are impeccable, quality food items and the most exciting part is that items are refillable! It took me a while to comb through the list of venues that provide Hi- Tea and another combing session to look for one that provides refillable Hi-Tea before deciding on The Landing Point. More than often, Hi-Tea offered are usually those 2 or 3 tier settings, which are pretty small to be satisfying. I know Hi-Tea is just small bites and not meant for a meal, but I like to treat Hi-Tea as a proper meal.We went on a weekday so it was less crowded. We were seated comfortably at the couch area, with a pianist playing at the background. I already liked the setting of this place already. =)Hot Chocolate - Free flow too!For beverage, you can choose from a whole list of teas selection, coffee or hot chocolate. And of course, the beverages are free flow too. While we waited for our 3 tier tray to be served, we were offered hot scones.Nice warm scones to go with cream or cranberry jam. Ta- daa! A good selection of both sweet and savouries items. And they looked so cute and photogenic! My favourite! Lobster in a cone!I must have ordered 6 or 7 of this until the kind lady decided to just give me a few at one go. =p And it was thoughtful of them to present this in a cone which made eating it less messy.I'm biased. I think everything is nice on the tray and I definitely recommend this to anyone who adore Hi-Tea session. Great for both dates and friends gathering!Click on http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2014/08/the-landing-point.html to read more! ♥ ♥ ♥ continue reading
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After our morning outing to the River Safari on my birthday, the husband and I headed home to get changed and left for the Fullerton Bay Hotel where we enjoyed a relaxing afternoon, indulging in an elegant high tea in full view of the waterfront panorama of the Marina Bay.“Built in 1933, Clifford Pier was a landing point for immigrants and other sea passengers. The Landing Point derives its name as it signifies the long passage way the early settlers took upon setting foot at the pier.” – Fullerton Bay HotelWe love the breathtaking architecture and ambience of the hotel (in fact, there were a couple of times when hubby and I just stopped by the lobby area to rest our feet) that exudes this refined elegance and luxurious grandeur.While waiting for our high tea set to arrive, we were first served a plain scone and a raisin scone each. Not the best scones I’d eaten but at least they were warm and fresh.The unique part about the high tea here was that food would be served on this three-tier stand instead of a buffet line so we could just sit back, relax and indulge without the need of walking around to grab bites or catching the attention of a service staff to place our orders.This mini lobster cone was filled with succulent pieces of lobster meat in a crispy outer covering. The cone itself had a lovely aromatic flavour of black sesame that was a little overpowering in flavour.The duck rillette crepe was my favourite among all savouries. I can never resist soft, moist, rich and creamy duck rillette! This was beautifully rich and flavoursome that would leave behind a salty after-taste just like luncheon meat.Another winner if you like prosciutto. The bagel was a little soft for me (I prefer mine firmer) but I loved the combination of the ham, with cheese, tomato and lettuce in between. Salty and sweet.These tarts were kick-ass! The creme brulee with a nice caramelised top was just delicious! I could eat more of these creme brulee (without the crust) anytime! The chocolate crusts weren’t too bad, crumbly enough but could be slightly more moist.I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the cross-section of the salted caramel tart because it just looked delish. Bottom was a layer of gooey sweet caramel, followed by the dark chocolate custard and then sprinkled with some sea salt on top. Every bite was a burst of flavours in the mouth.For full review and pictures, please go to http://www.springtomorrow.com/2014/02/09/exquisite-afternoon-high-tea-the-landing-point-fullerton-bay-hotel/ continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-01
Hightea today at The Landing Point. We selected our teas while browsing the menus, wondering what to drink and eat, excited for our high tea session to kick start. The seats were very comfortable, no doubt - vintage, cushy couches and soft piano music floated through the air melodiously, setting the perfect ambience for catching up and lazing around on a hot, bright Sunday afternoon. We were also offered the magnificent views of Marina Bay Sands area, so while the mouth feasted, so did the eyes.The ala carte buffet-concept high tea goodies were served to us on a three-tiered tray. The drinks menu consisted of a rather wide assortment of TWG teas, coffees and other beverages. As for the buffet items, there were mouth-watering savoury bites and sweetly-sensational pastries, all available for more helpings when the service crew walks about with their refill trays.On the top tier, stacked neatly, are two each of Caramel-sea salt Chocolate Tarts and Creme Brulee Tarts in Chocolate Crusts. The Caramel-sea salt Chocolate Tartlets were rich, thick and an exotic blend of sweet-salty taste - I loved the sticky bittersweetness of the chocolate lava within a solid chocolatey crust.The Creme Brulee Tartlets consisted of the same solid chocolatey crusts and the golden center consisted of soft, butter-smooth egg-custard like filling and the aroma of vanilla-caramel blend. It was rather tasty if a tad sweet, but no worries, I have a sweet tooth.For more detailed information and photos, do visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/02/afternoon-high-tea-at-landing-point.html continue reading
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