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The Lawn is a new-style cafe where you can 'Meat Your Greens' with premium grills cooked on the spot, which are complemented by fresh greens and toppings of your choice. You can also choose one of their original dressings for your meal. continue reading
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Chargrilled Garlic Prawn Salad on Grill
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More pics and thoughts at: http://lepakwithyaops.com/the-lawn-cafe-healthy-salad-grilled-bar-at-shenton-way/(Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @lepakwithyaops)Blessed to have this food tasting at The Lawn Cafe located at AXA Tower in Shenton Way. This is probably the only Specialty Grill & Salad Café in Singapore where you get to fully customize your own salad, pair your favorite greens with some premium grills. Lastly, top it up with cheeky and teasing dressings. In essence, it’s all about MEAT-ing your greens.At The Lawn Cafe, it is all about customization. You are ready to go with 3-5 simple steps on the Create-Your-Own-Salad-Form.These were my creations: - Salad with grills (Beef Rub & Chicken Breast with Maple Infusion) and toppings (Alfafa, Cheddar, Baby Potatoes, Celery and Granola) - Olive Rice with Char-grilled prawns and grilled Teriyaki ChickenNot forgetting a cuppa after a hearty meal! I had a latte ($5), not much of a latte art due to poor frothing nonetheless, a decent cup of coffee before bed time.Catering services are available for celebration of special moments and events too!It was rewarding and timely to have this food tasting session after a fruitful session of massive lifts in gym and pounding on the track earlier. I will be back for more! continue reading
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Another lunch place for the CBD people where they can enjoy a meal healthily! The Lawn at AXA tower. A surprise cozy corner, cafe alike style. Brightly lit cafe, with carpeted grass on part of the cafe and use of white wooden furniture. Overall, very soothing and relaxing atmosphere. They have dine in and takeaway options.So basically The Lawn has 2 mains option. Either the salad bowl or olive rice. If you are trying to eat clean or feeling healthy, you can go for the salad bowl ($9.90), you get to choose one grill of your choice from the 10 available choices (they have really good choices! ranging from char grill prawns to teriyaki chicken to grilled black pepper duck breast to butter seared dory to even assorted mushrooms) , 5 toppings (such as cheese, veggies, eggs, fruits, nuts and more!) and your choice of dressing (different salad dressing and even savory dressing that goes with the rice set). Alternatively, if you want something carbo or you just dislike the greens, you can opt for the olive rice set ($8.90) whereby you can choose your grill and it comes with a side salad and your choice of dressing! For olive rice, the only difference from the salad bowl is, instead of the 5 toppings, you get olive rice. And you can always complete your meal with either a soup or a bun!I’ve decided to go for the Olive rice set. I’ve choosen Char-grilled prawns with garlic and Me so Spicy for my dressing. Very flavorful rice, well cooked succulent crunchy prawns. And i totally like the dressing, spicy with tangy lemon taste. But i feel that the overall dish is too overwhelming, too rich and strong in taste. The salad really helps a lot in cleansing the rich aftertaste. As you can see, they are generous with their portion too! Even the salad consists of a variety of corn, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce. Filling meal indeed!No matter how filling we are, how can a meal be complete with a dessert? They sell ice cream sandwiches! I’ve got the chocolate hazelnut! Chocolate hazelnut sandwiched between chocolate biscuits! Very chocolatey. If you’re not a chocolate lover, advise to choose from other flavours. If you need something a lil better for lunch, can check out The Lawn! continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-05
Have you ever been torn between the dilemma of wanting to stay healthy with eating greens, yet your teeth yearns to sink into some juicy pieces of freshly-grilled meat? Well, The Lawn Cafe - the only specialty grill and salad cafe / bar in Singapore that allows one to customize their salad and selects grilled meat to accentuate - allows you to literally have your cake and eat it too.Diners select their choice of greens, meat, toppings and home-made dressings on this order form. Wan Tin very kindly informed that their chefs were preparing the specialties for the Beau and I, so we only had to choose our toppings - carrots, Parmesan cheese, grapes, cashews and olives.This plate consists of Char-grilled Cajun Chicken and Char-grilled Prawns with garlic. The chicken was not exactly tender to a perfect T, but I really appreciated the absence of any fatty meats or skin at all. As Cajun goes, the flavor is more on the sapid side, a tad too salty for my liking, but I couldn't deny that the taste was simply awesome.As for the prawns, they were fresh and juicy despite having being subjected to high level of heat, and the hints of smoky flavors complemented the succulent sweetness of the prawns.This plate carries proudly its load of Butter-seared Pacific Dory with parsley rub, and Ben's Beef Rub.I've tried dory many times before, and looking at the charred exterior, I had expected the texture to be somewhat rough / hard. However, the first bite left me widening my eyes in surprise literally - this dory melted in my mouth! Into a puddle of deliciousness, of course.The beef chunks were well-marinated, succulent and crunchy at the same time - how did two different textures coexist together in the same piece of meat was something that baffled us - and is something that everyone should get to try for themselves to get what I mean.Last but not least, the culprit that made the Beau so full because he could not stop eating - the Olive Rice. Yes, one may choose this in lieu of salads, to eat with their grilled meats. Cooked with their secret recipe (of course), the Olive Rice was very scrumptious, with a crispy, sticky texture that the palate agrees with totally.For more detailed information and photos, do check out:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/06/invite-dinner-at-lawn-cafe.html continue reading
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For full reviews, visit my blog at www.ms-skinnyfat.comThere is no trick to staying skinny, it's a lot of exercise and watching your diet. Well with my hectic food blogging schedule and essentially my love for food, i make it a point to eat healthy on weekdays and i turn to salads for lunch! I love them because they are healthy and fresh and I also love preparing them myself. But if you don't have time to make your own, then check out The Lawn, the only Specialty Grill & Salad Café in SingaporeThe grills are what make The Lawn different from the other salad spots. If you are a salad virgin, The Lawn helps with that veggie anxiety with their selection of savory and delicious grilled meats and seafood. Eating green doesn't mean that you gotta sacrifice on taste! So go Meat your Greens!You could go with a salad base or have your grills with olive rice (comes with a side salad and dressings). Grills are at an additional price of between $3 to $5. Teriyaki Chicken is good, so are the seared Pacific Dory and Mushrooms but the best is the Garlic Prawns!With 12 sauces to choose from, you're probably gonna have a hard time but i've done a sauce review on the blog so you just need to ref that. Top 3 would be, Red Island, Maple Peanut and Manly Mango. Wasahonie is really good too!Now check out my creations!Grilled Garlic Prawn Salad. With Tofu, Granola, Cheddar, Chestnut and Cous Cous. I loved the spicy garlic prawns a la aglio olio style. If you pick granola, make sure you choose a saucy sauce so that the granola wouldn't be too dry. The chestnuts are absolutely yummeh.Grilled Black Pepper Duck Breast Salad. With Pasta (Fusilli), Corn, Alfafa Sprouts, Parmesan and Cashew Nuts. Love the umami of the parmesan. The pairing the duck with mango sauce is simply heavenly but the duck could be more pink. Make sure you remove the skin!Ben's Beef Rub with Olive Rice. I love the preserved olive vegetables with rice! It may not be the healthiest considering that it's preserved in oil and there's plenty of carbs but this would be great for friends who are just not that into vegetables. Would love a brown rice option though! The beef cubes were a little tough too.The Lawn previously operated out of the Biopolis outlet but they have added another store at AXA Tower in Shenton Way. If you are in a rush for time and are too lazy to create your own salad, there are a couple of planned salads for $12.90-$13.90. My advice? Grab a few of their order forms and keep them in office and you can plan your salad before lunch. continue reading
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Walking into The Lawn, we instantly felt at home with the woody furniture, the fake grass to simulate an actual lawn and the comfy sofa seats with vibrant coloured pillows and cute vegetable soft toys to make it feel even homelier! We ordered one of the Chef’s picks which is the Hunky Dory, an Olive Rice set with char-grilled Cajun Chicken, and our own customised salad bowls with our own grills!If you order the basic Salad Bowl ($9.90), you get a Mesclun salad with 5 toppings of your choice, topped with a dressing; also of your choice! The basic Olive Rice set ($8.90) also comes with a side salad topped with a dressing of your choice. If you want some meats to go with your salad or your olive rice, you get to add on grills from $3 - $5. Wallet friendly? Hell yes!SALADOn the whole, all the fruits and the greens that we picked were all fresh, crunchy and juicy! You wouldn’t go wrong with your favourites, whatever they are.OLIVE RICEThe rice was a little hard and slightly on the dry side, but it is tasty.GRILLSGrilled Black Pepper Duck Breast (+ $4.00)It has a tangy appetising flavour to it, though the meat is slightly tough, it is still very juicy!Chicken Breast with Fresh Herbs (+ $3.00)Slightly salted with a tinge of herbs, texture of the chicken breast is tender.Grilled Teriyaki Chicken (+ $3.00)Tastes like your regular Teriyaki Chicken, nothing too fancy.Char-grilled Cajun Chicken ( +$3.00)The chef was generous on the Cajun seasoning; it has a very strong Cajun flavour. Chicken was once again rather tender.Char-grilled Prawns with Garlic (+ $4.00)Prawns used were fresh and it was grilled till it has got a slight brown sear on the sides, taste of the garlic was prominent yet not overpowering.Char-grilled Mixed Mushrooms (+ $3.00)Very flavourful and tasty, the mushrooms were grilled to perfection, being soft and juicy. The mushrooms were seasoned with pepper, garlic, balsamic vinegar, olive oil and maybe a little oyster sauce. One of our favourites!Butter-seared Pacific Dory with Parsley Rub (+ $4.00)The dory was fresh, tender, juicy with a slightly crispy outer layer. Seasoning was light and not too buttery.Ben’s Beef Rub (+ $5.00)The rub consisted of mainly black pepper, although the beef was well done, it was not too tough and still manageable.Refer our full review at www.ieatandeat.com continue reading
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