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Australian restaurant in Neil Road serving housemade comfort food, with Aussie Chef Darren Farr helming the kitchen for brunch and German Chef Max Strauch taking over for dinner service. continue reading
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Level4 2017-12-26
Booked the place for Christmas eve dinner and the restaurant was having Sunday Roast Dinner. There was 3 different dining slots for dinner. I selected the earliest which was 5.30pm and the 2 of us were given the kitchen counter seats where we had a great view of happening in the busy place. Sitting next to us was the head chef's mother who shared with us who was visiting Singapore. Watching the kitchen, I realized the roasted turkey was faster than one usually expected.We started the meal with Pork Terrine (S$15++)Served with homemade pickles and clementine jamThe light crispy toaste, spread with the chunky terrine, and topped with some pickles such as onion, and beetroot, quite peaked up the appetite. Beetroot & Gin Cured Salmon (S$15++)Served with cucumber potato salad and herb mayonnaiseThe salmon tasted just like sashimi that one would not felt that it was cured version.The meal was followed by huge serving of main courses. Roast Beef  (S$25++)Served with sides of red cabbage, buttered green beans, duck fat fried potato, and bread sauceWhile the meat looked rather raw, it sliced easily and tasted delicious. The sides were good too, except for the bread sauce which one felt it was too starchy.Roast Turkey ( S$25++)Served with sides of red cabbage, buttered green beans, mashed potatoes , and gravyOne would thought that the meat would be rather tough and dry, but the version here was kind of juicy and went quite well with the light but flavourful gravy. Topped up with the well braised slightly sweet cabbage, it tasted even better.Accompanied with Christmas stuffing (S$3++)Pork mince, pine nuts and thyme.I was not a fan of christmas stuffing as I always felt it was rather strong in herbs taste. The version was more like meat loaf with a bit of nutty texture.Ended the meal with a couple of Christmas cookies topped with cream cheese topping, complimentary from the chef. continue reading
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Level4 2016-05-15
You may be mistaken by the German word "Lokal" thinking that it serves more on German Cuisine but in fact the Lokal is an Australia Style Cafe than offers more than just German flavours. Taking the business name, it kind of already suggest that its more on the Local, more like internationally influenced style. They are located at a corner of the intersection of Bukit Pasoh and Neil Road where you can find Goethe Institue nearby. It's quite easy to get here as they are within minutes walk from Outram MRT Station.It's causal and welcoming atmosphere had kind of remind me of a cafe in Edinburgh Bus Interchange. Interior was rustic with a hipster interior that keep up with the cafe trends in Singapore.We requested the coffee based dessert to be served first. This looks really cool with a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with shot of espresso.While waiting for the food, I had a glass of chai latte. Chai fragrance was average and all was down in my stomach even before the food was served.Starters was good with 3 ways Cauliflower served on a traditional Chinese metal plate. Cauliflower comes in 3 different forms and beautifully presented. With puree as its base, stacked by leafy greens and cabbages with tumeric infused cauliflowers, fried cauliflowers, as well as Ricotta & almond makes it special. Recommended.Another starter we had was great and perhaps suitable for those who want a lighter meal instead. Roasted beet roots was juicy and mix with quinoa, green beans, blue cheese & honey walnuts. I'm not really a fan of blue cheese, fortunately, the taste of the blue cheese was not that strong as I would have thought.Torn between the Braised beef cheek and Cape Grim Sirloin Tagliata, I end up with the latter as per recommended by the server for its popularity. Served on a wooden board with scrumptious beef cubes cover by watercress with Asiago cheese and cheery tomatoes pairing.The beef were cut into cubes form cooked to the default perfection by the cafe. Simply love its charred exterior and the juicy tender mild bloody meat.Ending the session of the night with sticky date pudding as dessert on a good note. The warm pudding was velvety coupled with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream and yummy caramel sauce. The best part of the dessert was that with the sticky date and sauce, the entire dessert was not too cloying and one won't feel the excess richness and sweetness in them.As a whole, service was friendly with a good atmosphere around. Even though they have limited items on the menu, fred not as they have daily specials, so do check out what's on their black board. continue reading
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Level2 2015-12-24
For the full review and more photos, head over to http://toroamtheworld.blogspot.com/2015/12/food-review-lokal-revisit.htmlThe Lokal is a Melbourne-inspired cafe that does good coffee and serves quality food too. Located near Outram Park MRT (Exit G), it is a recommended place for a hearty brunch or catch up with friends.Toasted Banana Bread ($12++): I've heard so much about this banana bread that I decided to get it, despite me not being a fan of bananas. While I wasn't 100% convinced of its hype, it's still a good slice of banana bread, with it being moist and quite rich in flavour. What I love most is the yogurt! It's all made in house and it's got a little tinge of sourness. The caramelised bananas were quite nice too. And as usual, something crunchy to add to the whole dish is the toasted macademia nuts. Great combination overall and I swept the plate clean (especially of the yogurt)!Lokal Lobster Roll ($22++): My friend tried this Lobster Roll which is made up of slipper lobster tails, gherkin (pickled cucumber), coleslaw, lemon mayonnaise and served with twister fries. The lobster meat was fresh, but a bit overpowered by the coleslaw and mayo. That said, I think they should adjust the ratio of lobster meat to other ingredients, because it feels like you're eating much more salad than the meat itself. But it's priced reasonably so maybe that's why...?If I come again I may try their sandwiches, which I heard are not bad too! They have a separate menu for dinner and weekend brunch. continue reading
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Level2 2015-05-07
Opened by the same people behind Sarnies and located along the busy streets of Neil Road, The Lokal is a fairly new cafe which serves good food at an affordable price. It's focused on using the best raw ingredients to make the kind of food that everyone loves - a wholesome hearty fare that will not break the bank (As adapted from their FB page). Address:136 Neil RoadNearest MRT Stationutram Park MRT StationWhat they are famous for:Customizable breakfasts, sandwichesOpening hours:Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pmSaturday - Sunday: 9am - 4pmAtmosphere: 7/10Price: 7/10Food: 7/10Service: 8/10 Interior Open Kitchen Concept Food Menu Drinks MenuWe had: Pimp my breakfast - $15.50(Scrambled eggs, Smoked salmon, Toasted sourdough)Here at The Lokal, customers are given the choice to pimp their own breakfast with the different sides available on the menu. I had the scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and toasted sourdough. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the smoked salmon, because unlike other cafes, this did not come in thin slices but in a thick piece, just like a normal salmon fillet. And yes, it was smoked perfectly with the right texture! The eggs were decent too and I must say that they were pretty good. I was also rather pleased w my sourdough as they were still fluffy and crispy by the time we ate it . Pimp my breakfast - $15.50(Scrambled eggs, Grilled sausage, Toasted sourdough)Almost the same like my breakfast, just that we subbed the smoked salmon for a grilled sausage.... Which was quite a disappointment for me. The sausage had a foul smell to it so personally, I wouldn't order this again. Not for $6 and definitely not in a million years.Roast chicken panini with crispy panchetta, tomato, avocado, cos and aioi - $15Ahh I loved this! The chicken spread reminded me like that of chicken mayo and the other ingredients used were delicious! Toasted banana bread, home-made vanilla yogurt, toasted macadamias, caramelized banana - $12One of their signature dishes! The banana bread was moist, and toasted well. The vanilla yoghurt wasn't too sweet or tart, and was the perfect topping to the bread. The caramelized banana and macadamias sealed the deal. Would definitely order this again!Serviceouble thumbs up for the service! It was prompt, and the staff were really friendly. They even gave us free butter and sugar (it's chargeable, btw) just because they didn't have enough change for us. HahahaAtmosphereefinitely loved the old-school concept with a spacious interior. It was also well-furbished with comfy sofa chairs, beautifully decorated bookshelves and wooden tables.. ------------------------------Met up with the Cafe hoppers weeks back after Alex came back from his Summer trip and a rewarding brunch before school started. School has been good to me so far, and I'm starting to pace myself better in terms of school work so that I don't have to squeeze everything right till the very end. I only have two final exams this semester (YESSSSSSS) but that also means that I've more CA projects & papers to submit. But I'd rather have that than go through the dreadful preparations for Finals again. Will update this space soon with a proper post Toodles! continue reading
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Strong Aussie vibes with a touch of Peranakan style, The Lokal (which also means "bar or dining place" in German) is nestled at the corner of Neil Road. Led by Chef Darren Farr, The Lokal is all about Western comfort food and gourmet coffee which beans are from Sarnies.Despite of the crowd, service by the waitresses are well delivered with courtesy and hospitality.I ordered a burger dish, but forgotten its name. Served with squid ink (or was it charcoal) buns, bacon, sunny side up with a thick slab of perfectly done salmon. Not only was it tasty, but definitely Instagram worthy!Lu orderd Roasted Chicken Panini which did live up to expectations.As mentioned earlier, beans are from Sarnies as this cafe is co-owned by the folks of Sarnies. Besides Latte ($5.5), German wheat beer Paulaner is also on tap.Lastly, although both of us were filled, but we couldn't resist the temptation of Sticky Date Pudding. Blame it on the good sales speech by the waitress.Served with a heap of vanilla ice cream, piping hot pudding and adorned with a thick layer of caramelized sugar, it was diabetic (but shiok)!Opened till 1030pm, The Lokal is probably one of the spots for dinner and wind down after a long day of work.Full review at http://lepakwithyaops.com/the-lokal-aussie-inspired-hipster-cafe-at-neil-road continue reading
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