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The Missing Pan is located at a shophouse along Bukit Timah Road, with a bakery on the first floor and a brasserie on the second level. Breads are freshly baked daily; while you can also enjoy modern cuisine with a twist at the brasserie. continue reading
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62 Degree Eggs with Smoked Salmon
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Level4 2015-04-14
Tucked away in the stretch of shophouses along Bukit Timah sits The Missing Pan. Featuring an open kitchen concept at both levels with the first level showcasing their daily bakes and second level whipping up delish food serve up to our table tops. I like the chic and cozy setting of The Missing Pan, the perfect environment to spend your time with a cup of coffee accompanied by a plate of pastries or mains.I like how extensive their menu is, filled with variety of choices from the typical brunch food to mains like pasta and risotto.We ordered some munchies for sharing – Missing Wings ($10) and all time favorite Truffle Fries ($12). Missing wings turn out to be a little different from what i was expecting that is wings marinated with hot sauces. Instead it came out deep fried with its batter filled with spices and herbs. Crispy on the exterior with the crunch and juicy, piping hot in the interior. Not too bad an alternative i would say.These shoestring Truffle Fries are so addictive and awesome. Well seasoned with parmesan cheese and herbs tossed in truffle oil. Not only does it brings out a piquant truffle aroma, but i like how the texture of the fries are – the combination of crisp on the outer and soft in the inner.Instead of ordering one main each, we decided to order 2 of their Signatures, Crackling Pork Eggs Benedict ($18) & Beef French Toast Salpicon with Skewered Chicken ($23). It was something special to see Crackling Pork in the menu of brunch food, who would expect a combination like this. I find the pork a little too dry but at least it’s not too fatty, and the most important, your can hear the crackling sound as you bite off the skin. It’s also quite an intriguing use of orange flavored brioche in replacement of the typical white toast. You could really taste the orange flavor with a sweet orange scent, quite pleasant overall. The poached egg was a little disappointing though, besides the yolk being soft and runny, it lacks the lustre and seasonings. The taste and flavor of hollandaise sauce wasn’t really uplifting and the whites tasted really plain especially in the absence of hollandaise sauce.One of my favorite for the night is definitely this Beef French Toast Salpicon with Skewered Chicken. A very innovative twist made to a typical french toast. Juicy mushrooms and beef chunks well hidden within the french toast that was topped with tropical fruits and skewered fried chicken. A delish to satisfy both your sweet and savory cravings at the same time. The french toast has definitely not lost it’s natural beauty, the eggy taste! The pairing of french toast and stew within is indeed a delightful combination while the additional of fruits add a little sweetness and healthy touch to the dish.https://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/04/14/the-missing-pan/ for the full review. continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-07
The restaurant is located in the middle of a row of shophouses, which looks rather narrow and tall. At the first floor, one would see rows of cakes and breads on display. So yummy! A staff at the door kindly shows me to the second floor for the dine in area.As it is a weekday morning, there is not much crowd, but I could spot a couple of tables with the reserved sign on. The wall of the room is quite uniquely decorated with lots of drawers of different sizes. The place has a homey feel and time passes quite fast while dining in there.I have a table by the window, which I have a view of the vehicles passing by. The place gives a cozy and relaxing feel.Through the staff's recommendation, I have ordered a serving of French Toast Salpicon ($19) as it is one of must ordered for a first timer in the cafe. Another choice will be its 62 Degree Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon but is unavailable today. The staff is quite friendly, makes small talk and serving ice water. Food is served quite fast.French Toast Salpicon ($19)It looks like a huge french toast topped with various fresh cut fruits such as mango, kiwi, strawberry, dragon fruit, banana and deep fried banana nuggets, lightly dusted with icing sugar and served with a small jar of smoked maple syrup. The smoked maple syrup is not too sweet and comes with slices of strawberry in it. The fruit toppings are fresh and juicy, especially the mango. The deep fried banana nugget is quite sinful with a cripsy crust filled with melt in the mouth and sweet tasting banana. Inside the French toast, it is stuffed with spinach, chicken and mushrooms. It is quite a hearty one-dish meal which is both savoury and sweet. Very unique.Cafe Latte ($5.50)It comes in a small glass with latte art on top. Not too strong but still tastes not bad.Total bill = $28.84Overall the food is great, place is great. Service is great too. Except the location is a bit out of the way. Billing may takes awhile as the cashier is on another floor. Quite unique having a lift in the shophouse. I am expecting to walk the stair by the way. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-24
A private event with the wedding party. I enjoyed great hospitality from hardworking and innovative chefs of The Missing Pan and the personal attention from one of the founders, Derrick Ow. Look at the delicate and unique spread! Looks beautiful, tastes superb. I've got to say, I'm coming back to check out their regular menus soon. They were ready as soon as we reached at 4pm, and presented the food selection on a beautiful table setting. I'll be touching on four of my favourites of the afternoon.I am already missing the Almond Tea Cake, which had stuffed blueberry in the heart of the spongy fragrant cake... an indulging pop through and through. The Tiramisu was also filled with powdery and soft chocolate and cocoa. For the sake of manners, I didn't monopolise the whole tray even though I wished to. The exquisitely decorated Chill Capellini served with prawn and caviar also had my tummy rumbling in anticipation the moment my eyes were set on them. The capellini pasta was cooked al dente and very evenly soaked in sauce, makes for a really delightful appetizer.  Fish Schnitzel on Toast With Kaffir Lime Aioliwas the best dish of all, because of the tangy savoury sauce that was set on the crispy slice of fish that was tenderly cooked on the inside. I would love to eat this again and again. For the sake of dining etiquette and reputation preservation, I exercised self-control while wolfing down the yummy array in an orderly manner. Definitely recommended place for a group gathering and private event. Loved the lighting and lots of beautifully decorated walls for all your camwhoring purposes. continue reading
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For full reviews, visit my blog at www.ms-skinnyfat.comA good love story always begins with fresh, rustic bread. I couldn't help but fall in love with this all-day bakery/brasserie that serves up freshly baked organic breads in their little shophouse along Bukit Timah Road.We started with the Bircher Muesli ($10), my go to when I want something healthier. TMP's version is smoother but you could still get the great taste of Granny Smith, muesli, puffed brown rice, oats, maple syrup, nuts, cinnamon in a yogurt mix. I love how tangy the dish was and it's a great starter to share but it certainly will fill you up if you have it as a main.The French Toast Salpicon ($19) is a delightful plate with the many colorful fruits. It may look like an ordinary sweet french toast but it hides a huge secret within it.Cut through that fluffy brioche and out spills a savory combination of chicken, spinach and mushrooms. Weird it is not, in fact I thought the gravy could be more creamy and savory. It's really a go-bold-or-go-home dish. The strawberry-smoked maple syrup was delightful with the toast though.The 62 Degree Eggs Benedict with Smoked salmon ($22) is another favorite with diners. TMP got all the ingredients right; perfect salmon, creamy avocado, seaweed crumbs on crunchy sourdough but the somewhat weak in-house hollandaise sauce didn't managed to lift the dish. The overall taste was a lil blah.The Guinness Pot Pie ($24) got most of the things right. Hearty beef stew with Guinness topped with a buttery flaky puffed pastry. This is the perfect cold weather dish!For desserts, the Mela Con Formaggi ($14) is a sweet-savoury combination of granny smith, banana caramel sauce, chocolate soil, citrus mascarpone, homemade honeycomb and parmigiano reggiano chips. I couldn't stop eating this one...  continue reading
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A new brunch spot just a few doors down from Choupinette, we were pretty mesmerised by their website initially and seeing how they’ve got eggs ben as their signature, we thought we just had to give it a shot!With two level seating, it was surprisingly full on a Friday afternoon. We loved the cosy ambience and comfortable seating that was pretty spacious unlike most cafés these days.The eggs ben was certainly a must-order for us, and thankfully we’d ordered one portion to share first before ordering more as we saw how big the mains’ portions were for other diners!62-Degree Eggs Benedict with Ham (S$19/++)Honey grilled gammon ham, sauteed spinach and mushroom, buttered corn, in-house hollandaiseThe first thing that came to our mind – this seems more like soft-boiled eggs than poached eggs! Needless to say, this was perfectly flowy yolks we’ve got. We were quite delighted with the generous servings though, with thick slabs of ham, spinach and our favourite buttered corn! The combination was great, with the corn adding that buttery touch to the eggs, the alternative to hollandaise sauce, and natural sweetness of the spinach that turned an anti-veg person like me eating up all my greens!One major drawback for this – there just wasn’t enough hollandaise sauce! In fact, it was so little that we could hardly taste it. Not having hollandaise sauce was just missing the essence of eggs ben and through the little that we’ve managed to taste, it was more sour-y than buttery creamy like what it should be. If there could be more of the sauce with the sour edge to complement the whole combination of buttered corn, spinach and eggs, I think it would have been a much better one to balance the whole dish. A decent one nonetheless, and certainly generous with their servings!Mela Con Formaggi (S$14/++)Granny smith, banana caramel sauce, chocolate soil, citrus mascarpone, parmigiano reggiano chips, homemade honeycombThis looked the most exciting out of the few in the menu and I was half expecting fireworks just like what the deconstructed black forest was like at Petite Menu. With cheese, granny’s smith, and homemade honeycomb, it tasted like an odd combination forced to come together. The cheese didn’t quite sit well with us, though we loved the honeycomb that was just slightly sweet and crumbly yet not sticky. A bold choice of flavours, try it if you’re feeling adventurous.Flat White (S$5.5/++)Its latte art sure didn't impress, but the coffee taste managed to shine. I'd enjoyed the robust-ness of it, and it wasn't too acidic. Quite a satisfying cup of coffee to go with our brunch!For more photos, please visit http://www.makeyourcaloriescount.com/2013/12/sg-missing-pan-generous-portions-with.html continue reading
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