The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill is restaurant located at One Fullerton with a picturesque view of the Singapore River serving American seafood dishes as well as steaks and grills. The restaurant ambience is warm, ageless and adapts a nautical theme with decorative objects such as deep sea diver helmets. The menu, compiled by chef Dan Segall, includes mostly classic Boston fare. continue reading
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Baked Snapper Pie Black Pepper Candied Bacon Cod's Tongue Casserole The Pelican Platter
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Level4 2015-09-04
For more food reviews, check out my blog : http://hazeldiary.comI have always wanted to try The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill but I am concerned my pocket will burn a hole. Since it was one of the Eileen’s birthday, we decided to have it here. Thanks to The Entertainer App, we get to enjoy the foods with affordable bill.Located along One Fullerton, The Pelican has an al-fresco bar that caters to customers especially people working around the area to enjoy the drinks with light snacks with a view. The restaurant is well-known with it’s fresh seafood and we are so excited to try. I love the interior design of the restaurant with the yellow lighting with tear drop shape to lift up the ambience. The dining view overlooking the waterfront is also the plus point to enhance the dining experience.StartersPoached Lobster S$28.00. The lobster is poached in a vegetable stock and served on a bed of fennel and avocado dressing. I am impressed with the presentation which delights our pleasure to kick start of the night. All I want to say is that everything fresh is so worthy to enjoy. Although, I find it pricey, but the lobster claw meat served was quite big.SidesBlue Cheese Creamed Spinach S$12.00. If you are a cheese lover, give this a try and you will love it.MainsPanfried Baramundi S$42.00 served with sides, carrots and shallots. The plating style was beautiful and neat. Crispy texture of the fish skin with the tender barramundi meat was a good choice as a main.Snapper Pie S$40.00 is the recommendation dish in the menu. The dish served with asparagus, mushroom and cream sauce. It was presented with the wrapped pie with crusty and fragrance smell from the kitchen. Once we cut open the pie, we can see the thick cream sauce along with the ingredients. It is definitely worth the calories.Glacier 51 Toothfish S$45.00 which is known as Patagonian Toothfish. It’s my choice of the day and I enjoyed the fish coated with brioche crust. The crust tasted like bread crumbs texture and the fish texture was smooth with firm texture. Along the side was the olives, saffron corn sauce and kalian. This is my first time trying it and it has similarity with cod fish.Clam Linguini S$32.00 tossed with garlic, chili and parsley. The clams are generous in servings and tasted fresh with the linguini.The Pelican Burger S$35.00, is the Daily Catch recommendation in the menu. Burger serving with chopped steak, smoked ketchup and fries. I would prefer sharing for this as it can be quite filling. The chopped steak was nicely done with the juicy texture in it. We took quite a while to take photo and the patty is surprisingly still tender.When the Steamed Halibut with Beetroot served on the table, we were caught into surprise on the plain appearances. As there is a saying, never judge a book by its cover. This applies here as well. Halibut was fresh and I felt healthy having it but I will not order it as my choice of main. I personally feel that the average price of S$40.00 for mains should be more impressive than this.DessertDessert that serves as a ‘birthday cake’ , the classic Whoppie Pie S$16.00. The staff was kind enough to prepare it with attaching firework sparks candle for few seconds of enjoyment. The shape is like having a chocolate mini cake and some even said like a burger shape. We love the rich chocolate flavour made from 66% Valrhona chocolate. Sinful and feeling satisfied having it.Since we dine in as 4 pax, we are allowed to redeem 2 x BUY 1 FREE 1 main course with The Entertainer App. Truly pocket friendly dinner affairs. And of course beforehand, we did highlight to the staffs before placing the order to check with them on the available items under the app. The staff was kind enough to explain to us with patience. Kudos to their great services while dining with them. I will definitely be back to try other dishes but first, I need to start saving for a worthwhile meal here. continue reading
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Level3 2014-08-11
The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill serves classic east coast American cuisine with a focus on fresh seafood and wood-fired grilling. We used The Entertainer voucher for a 1-for-1 main course which we had the ribeye steak as well as unlimited Belvedere cocktails.Ribeye Cap Steak ($58) - I quite like the texture of it - juicy and tender. The steak itself tasted great even without any condiments. Skate Wing Chop ($36) - with burn lemon butter. It tasted more like the angmoh style of our usual sambal stingray. Fresh and soft meat, accompanied with crispy fries. Double Atlantic Linguini & Clams ($58) - with chili flakes, garlic and white wine. Double says all which also means double the portion. $58 for double pasta may seems like a rip-off. But I'm impressed at the generous servings of clams, it's more than the pasta. Overall, it's decent but certainly satisfying.We were attended by the manager most of the time and thank you for the great service. We dined outdoor during the National's Day Parade full dress rehearsal last week, our stunning table view was facing the exact spot for fireworks. Overall, my dining experience at The Pelican was such a joy especially spending it w great company. Special thanks to The Entertainer.full review: http://jacqsowhat.blogspot.sg/2014/08/the-pelican-seafood-bar-grill-unlimited.html continue reading
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The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill has all the perks when it comes to what you can see, taste, sip, and listen. Be right in the middle of the cheering crowds when our state flag is being flown across to Marina Bay Floating Platform!The canapes selection is exquisitely presented; all of them hides a densely powerful array of flavours within each bite, raring to be a conversation topic. Special mention to the especially fresh oysters drizzled with tangy lemonade with a onion-rich base that I enjoyed very much. Much thanks to the Pelican team which was also very thoughtful in ensuring everyone is well served.The Pelican is also awesome with their cocktails. Normally, I would prefer Grey Goose to Belvedere to avoid the latter's sharp liquer taste. However, with Belvedere Lemon Tea Vodka (new product!) they created the Sunkiss and Citrus Summer. The first sip of Sunkiss and I'm sold - it was so addictive I couldn't put it down until I finished the whole glass! Then I went on to conquer Citrus Summer which doesn't have the biting taste of vodka but only folds of the dreamy residue with a distinct lemon and brown sugar concoction. continue reading
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Level3 2013-09-21
The Pelican Seafood Bar & Grill is the latest addition to the Fullerton Waterfront. Named after the Pelican (bird) who is affectionately regarded as the symbol of nearing land and homecoming for seamen, this seafood bar too, strives to recreate the experience of an inviting and heartwarming space of comforting food for diners with their grill offerings.Conceptualized by The Big Idea, the very same people behind Kinki, Fat Cow, Marmalade Pantry and Bedrock Bar & Grill, The Pelican is the ideal destination for an alfresco-style lunch overlooking the Waterfront and the Marina Bay Sands as well as for winding down the evening with a cocktail or two with sunset DJ sessions at the outdoor veranda. The ongoing super attractive Happy Hour 1-for-1 on house Red/White Wines, Spirits and Hoegaarden Beer on weekdays 5-8pm further sweetens the deal for this charming watering hole.With The Pelican having such discernible emphasis on sea culture and the ocean, one must definitely not miss out on The Pelican Platter $99 which serves 2-3 people. Filled with only the best catch of raw oysters, clams, dungeness crab, poached prawns, a whole steamed whole Maine lobster, marinated conch salad and swordfish ceviche that have been prepared simply so as to allow the true and bold flavours of the fresh seafood to come through, this was simply luxuriant and pleasurable.Looking suspiciously similar to Fried Calamaris, this Cod's Tongue Casserole $26 is instead battered fish neck muscles. But before you get grossed out, give in to your adventurous side and give these neck muscles a try. You will find that they are actually sweet tasting, succulent and quite addictive especially when eaten with the roast garlic pieces and pork scratchings that have been fried in the mix.My favourite appetizer of the day was the Black Peppered Candied Bacon $18 that tastes exactly like our Bak Kwa. The tiny specks of black peppercorns gives a little kick against those sweet delectable brown sugared caramelized bacon strips that were oh so scrumptious. Loved the crispy potato strips that added a nice crunch factor.For desserts, say yes to the tangy sourish zest of this Lemon Meringue Mess $14 which counterbalances with the cloyingly sweet meringue bits. Mixed with homemade graham crackers and dried raspberries, this one aces in both color coordination, presentation and definitely taste.For the chocoholics, especially dark chocolate fans, the Double Chocolate Whoopie Pie $16 is right up your alley. Imagine a chocolate sandwich of good quality chocolate mousse topped with chocolate shaved pieces and chocolate ganache.. this is chocolate through and through. Certainly not for the fainthearted!Overall, it is hard to resist the charms of The Pelican with its fine foods and creative cocktails. Coupled with its strategic location along the Waterfront that gives a spectacular view of the Marina Bay Sands hourly light show at night, this restaurant, bar and grill is definitely primed for greatness. continue reading
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Chanced upon Valentine Day Contest organized by OpenRice... Took part in the lucky draw and to my surprise, I won 1 of the 5 set dinners offered. Super happy as it is my first time winning a lucky draw. Thank you OpenRice for giving me this price and I can celebrate Valentine Day with my loved one. <3This is the interior of the restaurant's bar counter. The lights within the restaurant was slightly dim to enhance the atmosphere for couples. I like it! While we were waiting for our main course to serve, they offered seaweed bread with butter. It is quite special as other restaurants offered multi-grain bread with butter... First dish up, appetizer: Fresh Fanny Bay oysters Yums, they taste well with the mignonette sauce 2nd dish, appetizer: Cornflakes crusted US Jumbo ScallopsWow, I like this dish to the MAX! Try this out if you are there.. I wonder if they offered this as ala carte on normal days... This really entices my taste buds Cornflakes and scallops, I have never tried this before till I went to the Pelican. Here come the mains: Surf and TurfBeef short ribs, butter poached maine lobster tail and asparagus. I had mine changed from beef to chicken. The service staff was very friendly and asked the chef to help me changed it to grilled chicken thigh. The lobster tail was FRESH too. Wanna try out their seafood platter when I go to the Pelican again... The dessert was red velvet cake. It was a huge piece for both of us to share. We didnt finish it as we were too full from the appetizers and main courses. The chocolate heart cookies was yummy! But overall, it was a superb and memorable dinner at the Pelican. We also ordered cranberry fruit juice to come with our set meal. It was nice of the service crew to have the juice on the house. continue reading
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