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The Rabbit Hole aims to offer its customers a unique and interesting salad experience. It encompasses a cosy café-styled diner appeal instead of the usual stern looking green and white outlook which most salad bars portrays. This appeal is more welcoming and it encourages people to start eating healthily!Although I love to indulge in good food, I am a health-conscious person so I was excited ato indulge in some delicious salads!As The Rabbit Hole focuses on quality and wholesomeness, all of their salad dressings are freshly made from scratch with no added preservatives. I enjoyed this unique idea of having the dressings in shot glasses, as it encompasses the idea of a Salad ‘Bar’, with 'shots' lined up waiting for me to try! It is a refreshing take as compared to other salad places I have been to, where the dressings are usually poured directly onto my salad. With the dressing being separated, I can adjust the amount of dressing accordingly. And plus it’s picture worthy too!Their toppings selection are also changed frequently to keep things interesting for customers. I've always thought that salads only consist of vegetables and fruits but here at The Rabbit Hole, some of their bestsellers even feature deli products such as chicken and beef!The Rabbit Hole loves to translate simple gourmet food to salads. One such creation is the Apple Pie Salad which was served in an earthy brown wooden bowl. An apple pie inspired salad packing all the savoury taste into a healthy and delicious bowl of salad, simply DELISH!Served with juicy and tender premium beef, this is a perfect post-workout meal!The Rabbit Hole encourages customers to craft their own salads as it allows them to tune and enjoy the salads to their liking. So TA-DAHHH... Here is our creation!The Rabbit Hole salads are fresh, complemented by amazing homemade dressings and served in wooden bowls which create a refreshing feel. Love how friendly the hosts are, thank you Justin and Valery for the warm hospitality. It was great to start our weekends with such a hearty and healthy dinner!So foodies, what are you waiting for? Start eating healthy today! <3 continue reading
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