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Set in an Indonesian inspired hip & vibrant restaurant atmosphere, guest are immediately attracted by the colors, sounds & smells permeating throughout the casual dining restaurant. Whether it's the porridge buffet for lunch or the steamboat ala carte buffet for dinner, the Rajah Inn Team promises quality food & friendly customer service always. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-13
The Porridge Buffet lunch has to be the most economical and cheapest around. At only $6.90++ (weekdays) and $7.90++ (weekends and public holidays) from 11.30am - 2.30pm, one not only gets to enjoy the wide selection of porridge dishes, but is also treated to variety in the form of fried rice, bee hoon and white rice. If you do not want to just eat porridge, these provide a great alternative. The food quality are decent and normal, you cannot expect very high quality food at such prices, but they are decent and good enough for a simple warm meal. The fried rice and bee hoon isnt really fantastic and was quite cold at that time, but still it was ok for me. I do like the braised dishes eg the braised egg, tao kwa, peanuts, and also the steamed egg, fried fish and curry chicken etc. are really quite delicious! Im not sure if the dishes change periodically, but these are the basic dishes found in a porridge buffet.This value for money porridge buffet is a major crowd puller for obvious reasons. Its cheap price tag is also the reason why my mum loves going to this buffet. Maybe the next time we will go try the steamboat buffet! continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-24
There is 1 for 1 $16.90 ++ steamboat buffet at 2pm to 4.30pm daily. (Include wkend n pH too)... prawns, pork, chicken, fish, veg, balls etc. . Drinks had to order separately la. Soft drink is $2.50 ++. This is really cheap and taste good, the ingredients is fresh and good too. We asked for bigger portion of prawns, and they actually gave us quite a lot of it. Our favourite soup is their herbal chicken soup. I find their tom yam one too sour. They also have good ice cream too... I like their chocolate chip ice cream. Their Fu Zhou (meat) ball I would always order a lot... I strongly recommended everyone to eat try this steamboat. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-30
Other than their famous individual small pot of steamboat, not many people actually know that Rajahinn has the cheapest porridge buffet in town which cost like, $7.90++ during the morning - afternoon daily. Their porridge buffet is one of my favorite, though not as exclusive dishes as other hotel's buffet, but their dishes are more like... a homely feel. I like their curry chicken, fried fish and home made fish cake. The curry chicken is not very spicy and has a very milky taste to it. The fried fish is not oily and crunchy. The fish cake.. very unique as it is not similar to what you buy from outside. It is more to the mushy side and u can actually taste the fish bits in it. It will be very crowded in the weekends and reservation is recommended! continue reading
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Level2 2013-06-20
My first time going to Rajah Inn to have steamboat buffet dinner with my sister and cousins. When i reached there, they gave one individual pot to each and every one of us.I am amazed as it is very unique to see that they don't serve one big pot like other steamboat restaurants. This gives us an opportunity to choose our own soup-based. Besides that, Rajah Inn provides a great varieties of quality food to choose from. I would also like to highlight on the staff service. When i want to order the food, i wave at one of staff and she immediately approached me. This shows that they are serious about their work and ensure that all the attention will be given to the customers. I like the way that they want the customers to select the food they like and write down the food number on a slip of paper and pass it to the staff. This also ensure that wastage of food would be reduced. Because, most of the people that goes for buffet style will grab as much food as they can and in the end they could not finish it. However, at Rajah Inn the food is once again served when customers feel that they are not totally full.I find that the price for the buffet dinner is pretty affordable. On weekdays, Adult rate : $19.80Child rate : $10.80On Friday, Weekdays, Eve of public holidays:Adult rate : $24.80Child rate : $12.80At last, i would also recommend to all chocolate lovers and desserts lovers to leave out a little space in the stomach for desserts. They provide fruits like apples and bananas, marshmallows and small pieces of cakes to match with chocolate fondue.Overall, my verdict for The Rajah Inn is 4/5 I will definitely go back for the second time ! continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-16
For full review, check out http://mingmingisstella.blogspot.com/2013/06/food-review-rajah-inn.html.I must say that this is the best steamboat I ever had. There are lots of varieties to choose from their steamboat and ala-carte selection and please remember not to order any rice or noodles. If not, you won't have much capacity left to stuff yourself with their cooked food. There are few soup base to choose from and I got myself Tom Yum soup base. The soup is refillable so don't worry if it dries up. The taste of their soup is just what I want. The spiciness is just right. I just can't get enough of Tom Yum. They serve us Iced Lemon Tea too and is refillable. Remember to quench your thirst because you tend to get thirsty due to saltiness from all the food that you have. Their steamboat selection are pretty good because it is fresh. Freshness is important to us, right? The portions given are quite generous. They really never shortchange their customers.Their Ala-Carte selection are awesome too. Too hard to resist. I do recommend their Bacon Prawn Roll. Awesome. They use one whole peeled prawn (left with the tail), wrapped with bacon and fry it. You can even down the tail due to its crispiness. The rest you can try will be their crispy chicken wings, spring rolls, sotong balls, tauhu telur, sambal kangkong. We ordered all that actually. You can order many rounds. But please don't be like us. We can't finish the food. Food wastage. That is no good. Order small portion. You can indicate on the order paper provided. Just put down the item number and write Small size will do.As for their desserts, Durian Oozee is a must order for durian lovers. Only limited to 1 per customer. Means no 2nd order. It looks like Goreng Pisang on the outside but then, it is better than Goreng Pisang. The hot piping durian filling within is irresistible. The taste stays in your mouth for awhile. Plus the crispiness on the outside, the taste matches perfectly. You can also order their Chocolate Fondue and assorted ice cream. If you need more chocolate for your fondue, let the server know and they will know what to do. Nothing to rave about their fondue though. So is their ice cream. I guess is quite common items in other restaurants too especially those buffet style.The price per pax is $24.80++ and adds up to $29+ (inclusive of taxes) for a Friday dinner. Come early before 7pm to avoid the crowd. After that, their restaurant will be full house. continue reading
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