The Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar is a 60-seater establishment housed within the historical and culturally-rich Ascott Raffles Place and serves modern interpretations of Classic British Cuisine where Roasts and Prime Rib take centre stage. continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-08
For more reviews, visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2015/04/the-royal-mail.htmlThe Royal Mail is housed in the former Asia Insurance Building (now Ascott Raffles Place) and was once the tallest building in South East Asia. This building has been gazetted under URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) for conversation. We headed to the Royal Mail via the curved stairways from its ground level for their Lunch Special 3 Course Set under Restaurant Week for $25++.TRM (The Royal Mail) is accessible by the lifts from the ground level too.Ambiance was calm and cool with many diners heading for their Restaurant Week menu.Acqua Panna were served and was charged separately.Appetizers were served. These buns have a charred crispy exterior and a pillow soft interior filled with air pockets. It's good to have them together with the margarine spread while waiting for the courses to be served.There were 3 starters to choose from and we had their Caesar Salad which comprised of fresh baby romaine lettuce, herbs, coutons, cured bacon, 6 minute egg, home made cesar dressing and Parmesan Chips. The exterior of egg looked abit like the style of poached egg but the yolk was not runny. However, such starters were refreshing way to kick start the 3 Course Meal.Vegetarians are all taken care of by TRM as they never forget to include meals catered to them, just like this watermelon stack. I find such starter very creative as these water melon were cooked and came with roasted pistachio, tomato Tapenade, Grana Padano, Arugula and Aged Balsamic Reduction.One of the Mains ordered was Sakura Ebi Capellini. Capellini was topped with shredded seaweed, bird-eye chilli, bonito flakes and kobu sauce. Out of the 4 main courses to choose from, the Sakura Ebi Capellini and the creamy tomato risotto were the basic and did not require additional topped up on top of the $25++. As compared to the former main course, I would prefer this Risotto as I find the dish more tangy. It came with green asparagus, semi-dried tomato, tomato cream sauce and aged Parmesan.If you have a sweet tooth, you will love the Matcha Parfait. The sweet combination of the parfait with the Azuki Red Bean Stew and Mochi were perfect!Warm Ginger Pudding was lavsihed with Toffe sauce and a scoop of vanilla Ice Cream by the side. The Dining partner was very pleased such a happy ending for the 3 Course meal but out of the 2 desserts order, I will give my vote to the Matcha as I'm not a Ginger fan when it comes to desserts like this.The toilet was spacious and luxurious with a special arrangement for the cubicles. Service from the staff were professional, polite and friendly even though waiting time in between the courses were beyond expectations. To finish the 3 course lunch meal, it took us about 1.5 hrs.Overall, the dining experience was definitely pleasant. continue reading
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Level3 2015-05-04
Full review: http://nkikichua.blogspot.sg/2015/05/the-royal-mail-ascott-raffles-place.htmlThe Royal Mail Restaurant & Bar is home to contemporary British cuisines and they has been driven by an aspiration to deliver delicate dishes that exemplify quality and creativity. Usually for fine dining settings during dinner, they will start by serving you bread and butter for a light start. And I have to admit I my mind was blown with this Gruyere Cheese Bread, it's like an aromatherapy to my soul, this photo simply do not do justice to how good this is! Soft and moist centered, filled with cheese and black pepper, giving you the hint of peppery spice.Seafood Bouillabaisse [$28] is a starter worth trying, The tangy broth is filled with the seafood goodness therefore it will leave you with a strong aftertaste, best paired with a glass of wine to clear the palate. Thumbs up to the fresh and succulent langoustine (a type of large prawn), taste alike to lobster too.Honey Glazed Kurobuta Pork [$56] is one of my favourite main! This ain't your normal pork chop haa! The apple butter sauce drizzle over the fatty pork is like the best combination, if it gets a little too fatty, the apple infused in white wine helps to cleanse the palate.Amongst all, the classic earl grey tea takes a dessert variation in the invigorating Enhanced Bergamot Earl Grey Jelly [$15] - enlivening this dessert is frozen yoghurt, passionfruit coulis and macerated berries. I could not get enough of this! Sweet and sour, it is like a party on my palate continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-03
For full review and pics, visit www.dairycream.blogspot.comCame here to try the Christmas set menu earlier, of which some items are also on the regular menu. Highlights for the starters include the Bay Scallops Salad with Walnut Mustard Dressing. Expertly cooked till the surface were lightly browned, the scallops were sweet and tender, complemented by red radish and mesclun at the side.To most people, chestnuts means turkey stuffing or Mont Blanc. But here, chestnuts mean soup, a luxuriously creamy dish with bold splashes of subtly sweet balsamic vinegar reduction, giving it a great a multi-dimensional sweetness. Bread is not missed here for the crunchy grissini breadstick works even better with the soup. Or one may consider soaking some of the amuse bouche of an aromatic, albeit deflated, Gruyere Cheese Choux puff into the soup! continue reading
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We were here during the restaurant week. Overall the food and dessert here were decent, nothing to rave about. Service was good from the reception staff but not the server staff. If you just want to find a slightly better restaurant with adequate food at Raffles Place area, you can consider this place.So far I only enjoyed this starter the most: Pan-Seared ScallopsLove their scallops so much - Succulent and Crisp at the top!Pan-Seared Foie Gras - We thought the size of the foie gras will be something like the scallops above. So we were really amazed by the generous portion of foie gras given. Probably it's a little too much and too rich, so we gotta share the portion with each other.. Overall it was mediocre.Pan Seared Salmon - The salmon was cooked to perfection, very tender and the skin was crisp enough!Roasted Chicken Breast -  Was expecting the meat to be tough but surprisingly it was quite tender. But the taste was quite bland, somehow this dish was unremarkable.For full review and photos, please visit:http://summerlovestoeat.blogspot.sg/2014/11/restaurant-week-lunch-at-royal-mail.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-10-13
The Royal Mail had been around for about 2 years but it was never on our to dine at list for one reason or another. We finally decided to give it a shot one Friday evening before the wife took off for an extended work trip to Korea. InteriorOccupying a spot in Ascott Raffles Place, the restaurant's name is inspired by its location, where a former British post office once stood. And it serves up "modern British cuisine" of course. The restaurant is situated on the second floor, up a flight of stairs that open up right into the oddly shaped dining area whilst the bar takes up a small corner on the first floor. If you value your privacy, it might be a good idea to request for seats further in and not along the stairway, especially on a busy night. Complimentary BreadPuff pastry with brie cheese - Now that's something you don't get very often. Soft and moist with a nice cheesy nuance. I did find it a wee bit too oily though. Amuse BoucheThe amuse bouche was a classic duck rillette on toast; nice but not creamy enough with a mildly spicy kick. Still a good start nonetheless!The Royal Mail Caesar SaladOur quintessential greens for the evening, the humble Caesar salad. Spiced up with bacon strips, a nicely poached egg, strips of cheese and toasted bread. Nothing too fancy but it kept the positive momentum going. Sous-Vide Half Maine LobsterThat's a pretty small lobster if you ask me but it was good. Crunchy meat cooked to a perfect consistency and served with a shard of crisp ibérico ham and a slice of mildly sweet Japanese pumpkin, sitting in a pool of rich emulsified butter sauce. Roasted Whole ChickenThe roasted chicken needed quite a fair bit of work, coming across as bland and uninspiring. The accompanying chermoula sauce was just plan oily and we had a hard time finishing the chicken, small as it was.Roast Prime RibA signature of the restaurant, we had the classic cut (280g), which came served with delicious sauteed Brussels sprouts topped with pine nuts and blue cheese, a roasted whole garlic and Yorkshire pudding. Done up medium well instead of medium as per my request, the prime rib was quite good; Thickly cut, succulent and tasty. I didn't quite fancy the Yorkshire pudding though, which was neither crisp nor hot. Truffle RisottoThe side of truffle risotto was al dente and beautifully creamy and fragrant with chunks of mushroom in it. Delicious!Chocolate FondantNicely moist fondant with a molten chocolate center and served with a scoop of lacklustre vanilla bean ice cream and deliciously crunchy chocolate soil with freeze dried raspberries atop. I personally loved the texture and tartness that the chocolate soil, dried raspberries combination brought to this dessert. Banoffee TartA pretty decent rendition of one of my favourite western desserts (I have many by the way), the banoffee tart sported a crisp tart shell with a filling of banana, crumble and toffee, topped with a dollop of cream and dusted with cocoa powder. The salted caramel sauce could have featured a little more prominently and the bananas could have been a little more moist whilst the tart would have been better with a little more baking in my humble opinion. BillWith a 50% discount, the bill for the both of us came up to a mere $105, which is a rather good deal considering the very decent quality and quantity of food (with the exception of the chicken). Service was excellent; Personal without coming across as overbearing. At such a price point and quality, I'll be hard pressed to find an excuse not to revisit.Final Verdict:Ambience: 7/10Service: 8/10 Food: 7/10 (6/10 for the chicken) Value for money: 7/10 (with the 50% discount)Overall: 7.25/10 continue reading
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