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The Soup Spoon believes in creating a soup culture where soup takes its rightful place as the focus of a meal. The Soup Spoon aims to provide innovative, fresh and nutritious soups that stand alone, filling enough to satisfy the hungriest patron. continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-14
Personally, I like clear soups as compared to creamy soups. Hence, when I saw the Tokyo Chicken Stew, I knew I had to get it. The soup was packed full of ingredients, such as chicken, white radish, carrot, leek, shitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, bamboo shoot, lotus root and celery. I like vegetables a lot, and this soup was a delight! Chicken was tender and ingredients used were fresh. Also, this soup is pretty low in calories as compared to the other soups offered, hence it's a plus point. The bread roll served on the side wasn't to my liking.Although delicious, I will never pay $7+ for a bowl of soup because that is kind of overpriced in my opinion. The maximum amount I would fork out is $5 for a bowl of soup. I got the soup at $3+ during the International Women's Day promotion, where soups were 1-for-1. continue reading
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Level4 2014-01-19
Recently, I went with my friend for lunch at The Soup Spoon. As we are both not too hungry having had breakfast less than 2 hours ago, we decided to just order a soup set (add $4.90 to a soup for a set) to share. We ordered the chef’s special, the Prawn Britsque and for our set, we chose the Chilled Soba with Teriyaki Chicken with an apple. The Prawn Britsque is really quite a hearty soup and very very flavourful. In fact, I would think if not because we are sharing, it would have been too much flavour to finish it all by oneself. The Chilled Soba with Teriyaki Chicken is good except for the chicken. The chicken is really a let-down as it is tough to bite and it is far too salty. The meat just does not seem appetising at all and we left the chicken untouched. The soba is surprisingly flavourful from the sesame dressing, making it very tasty, though not as healthy as it would be if it is sans dressing. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-30
My friend and I were looking for a light dinner after work. And we came across Soup Spoon at Raffles. My friend recommended the Cheesy Broccoli soup so that was what I ordered. Hmm. I regretted it. It was just very watery and I kept on adding pepper so I could at least taste something. But it didn't work... The only thing I enjoyed was the bread. continue reading
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Level4 2012-12-20
Since I first stumbled upon their Raffles Xchange outlet, I have been dining fairly regularly at their various outlets around the island. Soups, Stews, Purees, Broths, Bisques & Bread BowlsThey offer a good range of soups in their regular menu, and also have a special rotating menu every 2 weeks. What I like about their soups is that it's heartening, chock-full of ingredients (except purees), and overall pretty healthy. Even their regular size bowl would probably satisfy big eaters, while those with small appetites might want to share. Tip: Do ask to see / sample the soup before buying, so you know exactly what you're getting, to prevent getting stuck with a big bowl of something you don't like. Upgrade your soup to a bread bowl for a more satisfying experience. Crusty Pot PiesThere are no pictures of this on the menu, nor can you sample it, so it's easy to miss. Which would be a shame, as they have really excellent Pot Pies. Basically a bowl of soup covered with a pastry crust, it's served with coleslaw and a drink. The pastry is light and flaky, though I personally dislike the taste of their coleslaw - Too sour for me. Only made upon order. Note: They offer a few flavors of soup which are not available on the regular menu for their Pot Pies. You can however "Create Your Own" Pot Pie by selecting a soup from the regular menu. Sandwiches & WrapsWhile their sandwiches are tasty, I feel that overall they are not so value for money, as the fillings are quite little in proportion to the huge Focaccia loaf they come in. Could be better if the quantity of the fillings was increased. Their wraps however, are value for money, with more fillings than the sandwiches, and are also tasty. Both sandwiches and wraps are made only upon order, and the ingredients used are always fresh. ServiceEfficient and polite. Made upon order food always arrives within 5 minutes, with a smile. When asking to sample their over-the-counter soups, staff are patient, helpful and knowledge about the ingredients and preparation of each soup. Tables are cleared promptly after a customer leaves, and they also seem quite enthusiastic to clear your tray the minute you sit down at the table. I've even received compliements one would normally expect to hear at fine-dining restaurants, like "Excellent Choice, Sir!" continue reading
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Soup Spoon is one of my favourite place for lunch although the shop can be really pack during lunch hours. I ordered my favourite mushroom soup usually. It tasted really delicious as I could taste the piece of mushroom in the soup. it is gluey, thick and vegetarian. It costs reasonable for the soup. the bread you can choose either hard ones to dip into the soup or soft. it is complimentary and additional piece cost 90cents if i am not wrong. you can also upgrade to a meal with a drink and a salad. overal experience is ... if you are waiting for your friend, pls start queuing while waiting continue reading
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