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The Udder Pancake... is batter! A One-of-a-kind concept cafe launched by Udders Ice Cream at Upper Bukit Timah. The Udder Pancake specialises in mouth-watering pancakes with savoury mains, gourmet coffee and delicious desserts! continue reading
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For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/10/the-udder-pancake.htmlThe first interesting fact that caught our attention is the entrance. Shattered glass door and even trying to tempt you to break the glass door if you are in need of food. So now, can you imagine how many people have come to The Udder Pancake in verge of hunger? Just saying if this is real...The Udder Pancake has a lot of other interesting decorations inside, and how amazing it is for the team to have come up with such ideas.Of course, if you are craving for ice creams, it is readily available next door, which mentioned earlier is inter-connected. Ice creams can also be brought over to The Udder Pancake unit for consumption too.Mango Kaffir Lime Leaves is sweet and thick, and partially due to a mango-lover I am, I find it a refreshing drink. For the Strong Iced Lemon Tea, it comes with a small serving of melted sugar for preferential adding to the drink. Elderflower Gummy Bears is one drink that I had my doubts for. It was only someone in our group ordered this and comment its quite good, did I proceed to counter to order a second drink for myself. Yes, the gummy bears are hard but still chew-able as they are soaked in the drink. The fizzy soda water is also the reason I had my second drink drank to empty.The Udder Wings ($7.90) is made up of petite mind-joint chicken wings, deep fried, and served with sweet & sour Thai chilli sauce. I wouldn't say it's amazingly delicious, but just passable.The Udder Shrooms ($12.90) made of crunchy deep-fried bacon-wrapped white button mushrooms, served with bacon chipotle mayo. We didn't really quite enjoy this side dish, and I would gladly opt for the The Udder Wings if I had to choose between them.Another dish that I will try not to miss out, is the Salted Egg Yolk Fries ($9.90). Thick-cut fries topped with salted egg yolk sauce, curry leaves, chilli flakes and toasted butter sugar cereal.It tasted like something like cereal prawns, but with the salted egg yolk sauce that managed to pull me back from thinking I'm at a tze-char stall.Pulled Pork Fries ($12.90) is shoestring fries topped with bourbon barbecue pulled pork collar with warm melted cheddar cheese, lime sour cream, sliced shallots, Jalapeno and chives.All The Udder Pancake's mains comprises of 4 pieces of pancake and other ingredients, depending on your order. The pancakes are mini-sized, probably 3/4 or 1/2 of the usual MacDonald Hotcakes.Salmon, Crab & Caviar Egg Benedict ($16.90 for half, $24.90 for full) consists of poached egg with citrus hollandaise, smoked salmon, crab claw meat and ebiko slaw on grilled cheddar cheese pancakes. Also topped with lumpfish caviar and fresh dill.The cheese pancakes are quite special, tickling my taste bud which opens up my appetite. Honestly speaking, it doesn't look very appetizing because of the soggy and mushy fillings topped by the poached egg, but I didn't hesitate to finish the entire portion after my first mouth.Honey-Glazed Herbed Chicken ($14.90) has the boneless chicken marinated with paprika and rosemary, being honey glazed and flame grilled. Just the look of the boneless chicken, I can still imagine how juicy and delectable it was.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/10/the-udder-pancake.html continue reading
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