THREE by Table Concepts, a unique dining concept that houses three cuisines, surprises you with modern Thai, Japanese casual dining and French Bistro. continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-23
For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/08/three-by-table-concepts-seiro-zakka.htmlSeletar Mall has quite a number of eateries, but I decided to head for Three by Table Concepts, as it looks pretty promising in serving some decent food and I'm quite interested to know what kind of menu they could serve by combining three different cuisines (Japanese Casual Dining, Modern Thai, French Bistro) into one.Not really combining all three cuisines into a food kind, but serving three separate cuisines in a menu. Somehow you may also put it as lessening your effort to run around three different places to try each.Ordered an appetizer, Crispy Prawn Toast ($7.80) served with 3 pieces. It’s a cuisine under Zakka (Modern Thai), where toast is served with fried prawn paste on it, and a Thai spicy sweet sauce to company.It isn't a fantastic appetizer, but it is pretty oily at the bottom, and the spread of prawn paste is just a mere layer. Taste is alright, and if dipped with the spicy sweet sauce, it would be more enjoyable as the sweetness of the sauce engulfs your taste bud.Chicken in Half ($13.80) is a French Bistro, where a country side roasted half chicken is served with roasted vegetables, such as carrots and broccoli, as well as french fries and mushroom cream sauce.I find the aroma of the roasted chicken well-presented and chicken meat is tender enough. Well, I would also say the chicken itself does make up for the creamy sauce and skinny fries.Signature Duck Leg and Linguine ($23.80) is also under French Bistro. Linguine has a little spicy sauce and if you look carefully, you will see chopped chili skins. Duck leg although has been flattened, but skin is crispy and meat is quite satisfactory too. Overall, I favor more of the Signature Duck Leg than the Chicken in Half, in terms of the overall taste.A modern Thai cuisine for our dessert, a Thai Mango Sticky Rice ($6.80). What makes me like the dessert is the real sweet mango which even the color is fresh-yellow. Four bunches of sticky rice that is really warm and even without the coconut milk, the rice itself is not bland at all. I would seriously add this as my favorite place to have my mango sticky rice in future.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/08/three-by-table-concepts-seiro-zakka.html continue reading
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Level3 2014-12-19
A new restaurant, Three by table concepts, opened at the new Seletar Mall. Situated just opposite the Foodfare foodcourt, the whole area is buzzling with heavy crowds & noise level is high..We were brought to our seats fast as restaurant was not filled up. Probably because it's new & lack popularity compared to other familiar big brands within the mall. Menus were presented to us by staff without smile.. Looking round the whole place, rest of staff seems uncertain too, I guessed they're all new & lack experience. delivers fusion concept with Thai, French, Japanese cuisines all in 1 place. Menu varieties are wide, many dishes to choose from & all pictures of food make us drool. We quickly ordered our food as the pictures made us feel SooOOo hungry.Food was served quite slow and the servers kept serving other tables' food to us, not attentive enough. Teamwork was rather bad as we can see servers pushing responsibilties to each other while dishes were served wrongly. We asked for small plates & they gave us bowls.. LolIn all, We ordered two appetizers & a combo platter to share. First one was the "lemongrass chicken wings". To our disappointment, the wings were burnt & totally 0 lemongrass taste nor smell. Second appetizer was "garlic pork". The pork slices are very dry & tough, not worth to mention about. As for our main, we had "family sea & farm" platter. It consists of grilled squid, sausage on mash potato, half roast chicken on pineapple rice, deep fried fish fillet on coleslaw, some greens & thai mango salad. This platter was quite delicious. Squid texture was soft & not overcooked. Mash potato was creamy & smooth. Roast chicken has a coconut fragrant on the skin. The pineapple rice beneath it was filled with raisins & overpowering lemongrass aftertaste. I like the fish fillet most! So crispy on the outside & fresh on the inside! Yummy! I finished up the thai mango salad too because it's so appetizing with their own recipe of zesty Thai sauce + peanuts + dried shrimps  Although this first visit wasn't very impressed by their service but I will come back again to try the other dishes on the menu. Hopefully they will be as good as the platter that we enjoyed!Total spending S$56.95 continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)