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An upscale "all you care to eat" international seafood and sushi buffet restaurant, TODAI offers an assortment of quality food and services. Todai restaurants are family oriented and offer a wide selection of food to appeal to a range of tasters that are considered Asian Fusion Entrees as well as international dishes that are commonly served in Korea, Japan, China, Singapore and many more. continue reading
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Level4 2015-03-21
If you are a fan of international cuisine, especially in buffet style, I doubt Todai will sound new to you. I have been to Todai before for lunch, and they serve a variety of food, such as Korean, Chinese, Japanese cuisines and such. Most importantly, if you a die-hard fan of seafood, Todai does not fail you either.This year, Todai is celebrating its 4th year birthday anniversary, and I am glad to be trying out some of the birthday treats gathered from several parts of the globe.We were first served with two cold-platters, and mind you, one piece of each seafood is never enough. If you love oysters, Todai is supplying unlimited amount on every weekday dinner and all day weekend!These are some of the birthday treats served in Todai, prepared specially for Todai's birthday anniversary.Japchae, is a Korean birthday dish, which is made up of sweet potato noodles stir-fried in sesame oil with vegetables and meat. The noodles taste like Chinese's cellophane noodles. Perhaps with the sesame oil, the noodle is smooth and sweet to slurp into your mouth.Another Korean birthday dish, Miyeokguk. It is actually a nutritious soup that consists of high iodine and calcium content. While this soup is traditionally meant for women whom have just given birth for recovery, it is now also a birthday dish, signifying the food and nutrition supplied by mothers during the pregnancy period.One of the popular birthday dish among the Chinese, Shoutao, which in mandarin is written as 寿桃. These buns are shaped like peaches, symbolizing long life and good health.Yi Mein, also another Chinese dish. Similar to the Korean's Japchae, it is also known as the longevity noodle, calling upon a long and prosperous life. Ever remembering listening to hearsay that you need to slurp in the entire piece of noodle without breaking it?A birthday dish from Ghana, Africa, Oto. Made of hard-boiled eggs, mashed potato and palm oil. Oto is a dish that is supposed to be used mashed yam instead of mashed potato, but Todai's trial and errors found mashed potato suits Asian's taste more, thus the substitute.Jollof Rice from Nigeria. The mixture of coconut oil, fresh red chili pepper and aromatic spices, Jollof Rice authentically emit the flavour of African. I love the stickiness of the rice, just like the Chinese rice dumplings, and fresh prawns to go with the already-delicious rice.I am sure this cake has been known to most foodies, and of course a kid's eye-catching dish. 4-Layer Birthday Cake from Russia. A birthday is not a norm to go without a cake or sort. Vibrant layers of colour that got my fork slicing for more despite the cream.Todai is not just treating diners with their spread of birthday treats, but also celebrating it more with diners sharing the same birthday month! For the March babies, just get an isntant photo taken at Todai and you will receive a complimentary birthday cake (24 hours advance reservation)! Isn't that wonderful? If its not enough, Todai is also giving away a total of 5 passes which entitles you to enjoy unlimited buffet dining for 30 days consecutively! Of course, a minimum spend of $200 is required before you can take part in this incredible lucky draw.Fret not if you not one of the March babies or lucky winners. 10% off the bill if you are a UOB or Maybank Card Holder, and a free parking ticket with a minimum spending of $250 with UOB card.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2015/03/todai-restaurant-singapore.html continue reading
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After tasting most all the dishes, I realized that our favourites come from the Korean Section. The grilled pork and beef were cooked to the right degree with well-controlled seasoning. For full review and pics, visit www.dairycream.blogspot.comWhat piqued my interest was this Acorn Jelly,a gelatinous square that tasted like seaweed with the special korean chilli dressing. There is also a delicious variety of bancai (side dishes) to go along with the steamed rice. In case you are not sure where to start from, head to the Korean section if "quality" is the thing you pursue instead of "quantity". In conjunction with their 4th anniversary in Singapore, Todai presents an array of birthday dishes from mainly China, Korea Russia. I was surprised that Longevity Bun and Yi Mien Noodles are served instead of mian xian (vermicelli) and red eggs because the former are usually eaten to celebrate the birthdays of elderly people. It might be good to bring the pioneer generation here to try the promotion. continue reading
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Full Todai review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/03/todai-4th-anniversary-tasting-session.htmlSince my 1st original visit to Todai in July 2013, I've returned several times to 'The Mother Of All Seafood Buffets' (SGD $68++ per person for their buffet dinner). Love their modern ambience, attentive service, and large variety of food, especially their fresh seafood, tasty Korean dishes, and delicious desserts.In conjunction with the launch of their theme for March 2015, 'Birthday Dishes From Around The World at Todai', they've has put together 7 dishes commonly eaten during a birthday celebration, drawing inspiration from China, Korea, Russia, Nigeria, and Ghana.The Russian 4-Layer Birthday Cake at Todai is designed to resemble a Rainbow Cake, with the 4 distinct layers coloured a pretty red, green, yellow, and blue. Not too traditional in presentation, as the classic Russian 4-Layer Birthday Cake isn't so brightly coloured. But the cake is light, moist, and fluffy in texture, with a slightly sweet, vanilla flavour. The cream is rather thick, but it's still pretty good as a dessert!The Chinese Shoutao / Shou Tao at Todai have that sweet, smooth lotus seed paste within the soft, pliable Longevity Peach Steamed Bun. While they've coloured it to a bright pink hue, the shape of the bun itself only loosely resembles a peach, looking more like a pyramid shape, and could do with a little more moulding. A decent attempt, neither terrible nor outstanding.The Nigerian Jollof Rice / Benachin at Todai has that classic deep orange colour, and the long grain rice has soaked up the tomato sauce base well, so each mouthful is a sweet, tangy taste of tomatoes. Almost like a cross between tomato rice, biryani, and paella! Texture of the rice is borders al-dente firm and soft, but at least the grains separate easily. The addition of okra / lady's fingers is an unconventional touch that differs this version from the traditional version.The Korean Japchae / Stir Fried Sweet Potato Glass Noodles at Todai is among the best dishes available here. A combination of complimenting textures, the slippery, long noodles, silky mushrooms, crunchy cabbage and carrots, seasoning of fragrant soy sauce, garlic, shredded egg, sugar, and sesame seeds. So good I kept going back for more!The Ghanaian Oto at Todai differs the greatest from its traditional, classic version. The chefs here have replaced the mashed yam / taro with mashed potatoes instead. Also, as traditional Ghanaian Oto has the least ingredients as compared to the other birthday dishes, it tends to lag behind in taste, so Todai has enhanced the flavour through the use of additional garnishings.While the 7 birthday dishes are largely well executed, I would have also loved to see more such birthday dishes from around the world, such as the Sudananese Karkady, the Indian Doodh Pak, the Australian Fairy Bread, the Norwegian Blotkake, the Dutch Slagroomtaart, the Brazilian Beijinho, or the Argentine Chocotorta... maybe Todai could introduce these for their 5th Anniversary! continue reading
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Tonight's visit was focused on the special birthday dishes from around the world, in conjunction to Todai's 4th birthday this March. Let us take a look at the exotic and interesting dishes with meanings herein. Full review available at: http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/03/media-invite-dinner-at-todai.htmlXiu Tao (steamed buns shaped like peaches are said to attract long life and good health, hence also known as "longevity peach". Soft buns with an attractive exterior and a sweet lotus paste interior.Yi Mein (also known as "Ee Mian" is consumed on birthdays to call upon a long and prosperous life. Not very distinctive in texture, this dish has a good flavor with the infusion of prawns. Japchae is a sweet potato noodles stir-fried in sesame oil with vegetables and meat,created in the 17th century to satisfy the Korean King's palate. The texture and taste of this noodle dish reminds me of the Chinese glass noodles  "dongfen" or "Tanghoon", except sweeter.Miyeokguk is a soup made from wakame (seaweed), traditionally consumed by women after birth; also eaten on birthdays as a reminder of the food and nutrition from mothers, bringing good fortune for the rest of the years. It is a very tasty concoction.Oto is a sacred dish made from hard-boiled eggs, mashed yam and palm oil (yam is replaced by potato in this case, for a better flavor) - symbolising purity and fruitfulness. Buttery soft texture well complemented by the crunch of pine nuts.Jollof Rice is a popular dish in many parts of West Africa, mixture of coconut oil, fresh redchili pepper and aromatic spices. The texture reminds one of paella while the spicy overtures is closer to bryani's, except a lot more saccharine.Light and sweet 4-layer birthday cake from Russia next, bearing an uncanny resemblance to rainbow cake in texture and flavor, right down the the clotted cream layered within.Lastly, the juicy and luscious Alaskan King Crab - something that everyone must eat. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-28
The amount of variety of food ranging from appetizer, seafood, western to desserts is alot! As usual, i always target the seafood first and i went to the seafood section. There were a plate of Oyster and all of them are so fresh and took some small slices of lemon too! The oyster is big, juicy and tasty after eating the lemon juice onto it! It is super good and i like the Western section where they serve Thin and crispy handmade pizza. I like the fact that the pizza crust is thin and the ingredidents of the Cheese and Pineapple is generous on the Hawaiian Pizza. However i do not really like the Cheese mussel, it tasted average because its quite dry. continue reading
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