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Tonkatsu features a cosy and comfort reminiscent of casual eateries in Japan. The decor is minimal but effective in creating a clean-cut look. The restaurant serves authentic Tonkatsu - the only Tonkatsu Specialty chain restaurant in Singapore. continue reading
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Home-made Curry Tonkatsu Ume Maki Katsu
Review (15)
Level3 2016-05-01
Was searching around for lunch and finally decided this Resturant. Ordered popular set r commended Hira Katsu Set and Kimchi ramen. This place is easy to find at level 7 and well decoration in Japanese styles. First serving was Kimchi ramen. Soup is OK and tasteful. The noodles is too hard and could not feel this freshness. Not recommend for this disk. Hira Katsu set consists of pork 4 pcs which is deep fried, a lot is vegetables , tofu soup and rice. My main dish of course was the piece of pork. It is really tender and fresh. That's a solid pork when in your mouth. It keep me 80% full after completed this meal. So nice and high recommendation from me. Will back come for this set meal. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-25
After five day working, Saturday is meant for rest. Having a good brunch will definitely makes thing afterwards easier. Authentic Katsu sold here, Tonkichi was a superior Japanese restaurant in town. Simple pleasant environment, it was quiet and relaxing. Lunch promotion only available during weekdays, too bad we were not entitled to have it.Deep-fried pork fillet, the rice at bottom was coated a layer of fluffy egg. Entire was served along with special sweet Japanese sauce in a hot claypot, nicely smoky aroma. Boneless meat was fuss-free, delicious when I was eating along with rice and egg. It was $26.90, filling portion yet sounded a little costly. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
I must really thank my super best buddy, Kirby and his chef friend, Ronnie here else i wont get to taste such exotic food haha. I suppose they are super best friend cos Kirby just simply let Ronnie decide what we have for lunch. it is abit omakase style except it is not.Tonkichi Orchard Centra181 Orchard Rd #07-06Orchard Central S(238896)Tel : 6238 7976Food : ****Price : ****Customer service : ****Overall, will i come again ? Yeswell, the food is classified as open food haha. i m quite clueless on what the food is except probably know the ingredients by guessing lol. the total cost for open food is 58 bucks but we really got very exotic food.the below i supposed is grilled silver fish? the silver fish looks super dehydrated together and it is very crispy. It gives a grilled smell and taste so i supposed it is prepared using grilling method. The "fish cracker" i would call it, taste super good when dip with mayo. sound sinful enough?ok, this dish taste abit like foie gras cooked in japanese style but my other friend told me that maybe it is some fish liver? M not sure if fish liver is that big, maybe the fish is super huge? Nevertheless, the liver taste different from the usual ones that i eat before especially it is not pan-fried and is served cold. The japanese sauce that goes with it adds a little refreshing taste.Fish sperm. Initially i thought it was some kind of brain or something. I have never seen fish sperm before. I had one taste and i would never forget the taste never! and yes, i will also never try it again cos the fishy taste really puts me off..so much for my adventurous courage..lolSashimi. i am seriously in love with sashimi. The sashimi is extremely fresh and i could just eat it without any sauce.Kurobuta Kata. this must be my favorite dish of the day. the pork is not too lean and it is very soft and juicy. Crispy on the outside but soft and juicy on the inside. I have not tasted anything like this since i last had mine in the Philippines. oh, the cost for 1 side-us kuro kata is about 27 bucks which i feel is very worth the money for the quality of food you are havinglast but not least, a complimentary desert from the chef? lol. cos i dont see the price of desert anywhere else in the receipt lol. the ice-cream like sobert with yuzu simply keeps u refresh after a heavy meal and a super hot weather. =) continue reading
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One doesn't need a reason to fall in 'Love' with the Japanese food that they are serving at 'Tonkichi'.For a start, the 'Tonkatsu' set meal over here comes with free flow of 'Cabbages' and 'Rice'. Secondly, all the various types of 'Tonkatsu' that they are serving over here are pretty crispy and succulent. And even though the 'Tonkatsu' sauce is relatively sweet, it can actually blend with the taste of the 'Tonkatsu' nicely.Best of all, the fried 'Oysters' that they are serving over here taste pretty much the same as those that I have eaten in 'Japan'. It simply reminds me of the delicious 'Hiroshima' Oysters. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-26
For a complete review with pictures, visithttp://rachelays.blogspot.sg/2013/03/tonkichi-at-orchard-central.htmlTonkichi is definitely one of my favourite places to go for tonkatsu! It is the only Tonkatsu specialty chain restaurant in Singapore. I love how their katsu is very thick and lean unlike most places where the meat is sliced thinly and you can't feel any shiokness while eating it. I went there on a Friday evening to celebrate a friend's birthday. We arrived at around 6.30pm and there was no queue. By 7, there was a queue formed and the waiting time could be quite long so do go early to secure a seat or make a reservation!Mentaiko Kasane Katsu $29.90I love drenching the shredded cabbage with the seaweed sauce (idk what it is called). So good!! The Mentaiko Katsu was a disappointment though. It was not the least bit spicy and halfway through, it felt a little "jelat".Cheese Kasane Katsu $29.90 I love this! The melted cheese went well with the pork loin. It was very filling and satisfying.Tonkotsu RamenMy friend found that it was average only. For me, I like the soup base of my ramen to be rich and thick so this is not my type of ramen.Chicken Katsu Toji $26.90 Friend's. I tried the egg and it was quite tasty. I will probably order this the next time I visit there.Chicken Katsu Curry $24.90 This is the ideal dish for lovers of Japanese curry! The curry is placed in a separate serving bowl so you pour your desired amount onto your dish. This set comes with a salad side. continue reading
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