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Toss & Turn is a salad cafe by Cedele. Customers can pair their salads with healthy grains or add on grilled chicken or prepared deli meat. It is a perfect choice for those seeking a healthier meal! continue reading
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10:00 - 22:00
Mon - Sun
10:00 - 22:00
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Signature Dishes
Hot Cross Buns Prawn Avocado Cheese Sandwich
Review (7)
Anyone who have tried toss & turn would say that it provides quality salads. although the portion is uneven at times, the vegetables and food are really fresh.ordered a set meal, and the mushroom soup was really hearty.. loved the crispy bread to dip in as well.highly customizable, you get to choose a wide range of greens, eggs, and protein such as fish or chicken. i chose the salmon and was pretty disappointed that it was only thin slices of salmon.lots of various vegetables are available all-day!on the other hand, they were really generous with their nuts!Order from the counter and choose your seat, though its more preferable you takeaway because theres hardly any place to sit at all times. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-11
I've been trying to eat clean lately so it led me to explore more salad establishments. After hearing some good reviews from friends about Toss & Turn, I decided to try it out. I will usually pass by Toss & Turn whenever I am at the food basement of Ion Orchard but I never thought of trying it out as I've never been a salad person. I'm so glad that I finally tried Toss & Turn out!We had a set meal which includes a small bowl of mushroom soup and a regular portion of salad for $12.50. A regular portion of salad by itself costs $9.80.Here's the salad I had created. There are 2 portions available - small and regular - and I got the regular portion. Based on my last experience, I had the large salad at Sumo Salad and I was only 80% full (-.-) so I got the regular portion at Toss & Turn instead of the small. I had a mixture of pasta noodles and vegetables as my salad base. Included in this regular portion is a salad base, 2 proteins and 4 types of vegetables/fruits/crunchy. For my 2 proteins, I had smoked salmon and roast chicken. For the rest of the ingredients, I chose cherry tomatoes, corns, egg and croutons. Dressing was the standard caesar. The caesar's dressing had a rather strong smell and the taste was quite heavy too. I am not sure if the pasta had largely affected how filling this meal was because it was the first time I couldn't finish my salad. The croutons had a slight burnt taste but it was really crispy. The roast chicken was tender but dry, but the yummy and value-for-money smoked salmon made up for it. I love how they make great complements to salads!Overall, the salad is really value for money because we get to choose 2 types of proteins and they are rather generous with the portions too.The BF had smoked salmon and prawns. There were 5 prawns and they were fresh with a soft yet not mushy texture. The pineapples tasted fresh and juicy too.Even the BF spent an hour finishing his meal and he almost couldn't finish it too (before we had our meal, he was saying how salads are not filling meals haha).We were there on a Friday for lunch and there was a long queue. It doesn't help that the queue moves very slowly. If you love salads, you should try Toss & Turn. If only they have an outlet in the West! As compared to other salad bars, Toss & Turn definitely has one of the best salads around. continue reading
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Level3 2014-02-28
Tried the Beef Lasagna here as it definitely looked appealing with the tomato gravy added on to the Lasagna as compared to the usual dry ones outside. The tomato gravy was rich in its flavour but to my disappointment the lasagna was executed below expectations. The beef filling was very minimal while the Lasagna layer was a bit hard. With the price the Lasagna costed, I find it definitely not worth for its quality. Quite a flop, better to stick to the soup, salad or sandwiches. continue reading
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Level2 2014-01-28
Toss & Turn is one salad shop I would go to on days I feel the need for a healthy punch during lunch. You can create your own salads here at $7.80 for a small serving and $9 for a regular. Difference being half the size and 2 less vegetable add ons. Fair warning, the regular salad is huge and their servings are beyond generous. You can also choose from their line of salad combinations but it's always nice to be able to decide what exactly goes onto your plate. I had a regular salad here, which was made up of: 1 Salad base - Cold pastated Chicken & Sauteed mushrooms4 Veggie/Crunchies - Wasabi sprouts, Cherry tomatoes, Beans & Almond flakesThen you get to top it up with sauce, of which I chose Honey mustard. The end product was extremely flavouful though I did find the roast chicken to be a bit dry. Also, $7.80/$9 stands pretty steep for a salad (which was why I chose noodles instead, to try and get my money's worth) but having said that, I would still head here for my salad fix in town. It pays to be/feel healthy. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-20
Decided to buy back a salad for lunch (sudden healthy mood kick) and look at all that green! I can't remember the exact name of this salad but it has chunks of pineapples, edamame beans, walnuts, lettuce, croutons and chicken breast. I added some honey mustard as a dressing but frankly the chicken breast was so tough that I didn't enjoy it. I did like the croutons and edamame but somehow eating a salad leaves me full but not satisfied. If you are someone who needs some form of carbs, do order the version with the noodles instead of the lettuce. Very big portion but this salad cost about $11 so it's not cheap. continue reading
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