Toss & Turn is a salad cafe by Cedele. Customers can pair their salads with healthy grains or add on grilled chicken or prepared deli meat. It is a perfect choice for those seeking a healthier meal! continue reading
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Prawn Avocado Cheese Sandwich
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Level3 2016-04-06
Original review on http://www.nahmj.com/2016/03/16/toss-turn-vivocity/Though I like green, I am not a big fan of salad. This is always the last thing I would choose to have it as a meal. Nonetheless, once in a while, I wouldn’t mind eating clean as such I turned to Toss And Turn Salad Bar By Cedele at VivoCity one fine day. The outlet at ViVoCity looks relatively huge, contributed by the high ceiling. It has a yellow tiles-top communal table. It is kind of in the centre of the space and is surrounded by normal dinning tables and chairs.Since it is a salad bar, the highlight is of course Salad. Either the Regular Salad ($10.50) or with Hot Mains. Diners could get it as a set with either a drink (orange juice or iced tea) or with a small or large soup.And others include the wraps, sandwiches and soup. Since it is by Cedele, you could expect to find the Cedele Cakes. Drinks such as coffee, fruit juice and smoothies (only available at the VivoCity outlet).As Salad is the main draw at Toss & Turn, I dived into the Salad Bar at my first visit. I went for the Regular Salad where I get to choose 1 base, that's the carbohydrates, from a selection of Cous Cous, Rice, Soba and Pasta. Option of greens are either the Green Mix or Baby Spinach.Next choose 2 Deli. Some options available are olive, tuna, ham, sausages, omelette, goat cheese, smoked salmon.Finally choose 4 veggies or crunch from a selection about 20 options. And 4 dressings to choose from; Honey Mustard, Plum Sesame, Cesar and Paprika dressing.If diner opt for Hot Mains, diner get 1 deli instead of 2 and a hot mains instead. There are 4 options; Peri Peri Chicken, Tomato Beef Balls, Teriyaki Chicken Fillet and Pork Carnitas.The Meatball in Tomato Sauce was lightly tomato flavoured which is good for me since I am not a tomato sauce fan. And it has a nice scent of herb.Peri Peri Chicken was in its natural chicken taste. I couldn't savour much of the savour or herbs.In case, you are interested to know what are my selection for the salad, here it is. All the bowls are pretty similar. For base, I tried it with the Cous Cous, also with Rice and Pasta. Rice was flavourful with wolfberry. Strangely it was a little mushy but yet the grain was considerably firm. Pasta was al dente and tasty with pepper flavour. Cous Cous was in its natural taste.For deli, I chose the Goat Cheese and once the Smoked Salmon, the other was ham. Coming to the Veggies and Crunch, both were the same. I have the Sweet Potato, Alfalfa Sprout, Cranberry and Mixed seeds and nuts. Lastly the dressing. I tried with the Honey Mustard dressing, lightly sour, the Plum Sesame is more sour and the Pomegranate has a good balance of sweet and sour elements while the Island Parika which has a mild flavour. Lastly was the Caesar dressing, which was mainly sourish with a mild creaminess which didn’t impress me.Toss & Turn offers 3 vegetarian and 7 non-vegetarian sandwiches option. The 3 vegetarian sandwiches are Beetroot Burger & Avocado; Kumara, Tofu, Aubergine & Carrot and Mushroom Cheese Melt. The last was what I tried. The Mushroom Cheese Melt ($7.50) was too healthy for me. All the ingredients tasted so natural. There isn't much sauce or condiments to enhance the taste.While the 7 non-vegetarian sandwiches are Rosemary Chicken Sandwich ($8.50), Roast Chicken Avocado ($9.50), Teriyaki Chicken, Eggplant & Cucumber ($9.50), Beef Pastrami, Sauerkraut, Cheese & Mustard ($8.50), Ham, Cheese & Mustard (8.50), Smoked Salmon, Onion & Cucumber ($8.50), Prawn, Avocado & Cheese ($9.50).The Rosemary Chicken Sandwich was rather bland. It seems the chicken used was mainly breast meat. The flavours were contributed first by the mayonnaise spread and largely from the cranberry. It was a healthy sandwich. Diners could get a set with soup by adding $3.50.Each day, there are about 4 selections of soup. I tried the Boston Clam Chowder and on another occassion, I tried the Grilled Pepper Tomato Soup. The Boston Clam soup wasn't creamy but rich with vegetables sweetness and potato flavour but lacking of clam aroma.I thought well of the Grilled Pepper Tomato Soup even though I am not a tomato soup fan. With the grilled pepper added into the tomato soup, the lightly pepper fragrance complemented the tomato flavour to the max.For Tea, I turned to the Cake Set ($8.50). Diner could choose any slice of cake and tea or coffee (black / white). The Carrot Walnut Cake is the signature at Cedele which I always enjoyed.I like the selections of ingredients for the salad. The salad dressing was the key to increase the taste experience of each bowl of salad. The food provided by Toss & Turn Salad Bar By Cedele was healthy and delish.My favourite ingredients for the regular salad is Cous Cous, Goat Cheese with any other cold proteins plus dried cranberry, mixed seeds, alfalfa sprouts and sweet potato with pomegranate dressing.More reviews on http://www.nahmj.com/ continue reading
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