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<BR> ToTT Bistro offers affordable Asian and Western fare, from Hor Fun to Sirloin Steaks, to delight your palate! As an ideal family hangout, both adults and kids can enjoy a sumptuous meal of western and Asian favourites including their signature Chicken Wings, and Fish & Chips. Check out their signature Tempura Durian or Chempedak, designed by local celebrity Chef Sam Leong, for a sensational experience that will leave you craving for more. At ToTT, culinary aficionados will also enjoy the convenience of a 36,000 sqf kitchen wonderland comprising of two cooking studios, a Bake&Go counter, children’s play area, fine food store, and retail space that carries exclusive merchandise to help you create unique culinary moments for your family and friends. Customize your next festive celebration or team building event at ToTT to include cooking classes and even catered food! Everything is hassle-free; from ingredients to post-event clean up, so that you only need to focus on enjoying your event. Visit ToTT Bistro today for a gastronomic adventure! continue reading
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Angel Hair Pasta Cream of Mushroom Mee Siam Signature Tempura Durian/Chempedak Sirloin Steak
Review (7)
Level3 2013-08-15
This is a review for the cafe at this kitchen wunderstore. this is the newly-refreshed eatery of possibly my favorite place in singapore - I get lost in the aisles of amazeballs bake- and cook-ware and everything you might need (or not need). I say possibly because prices are still pretty high here - but the selection. Dear lord, the selection.So it's just as well that after you do a not-so-quick perusal of the place - and end up hungry - there's a place where you can rest your legs and fill your stomach. before the next round, of course. This place reminds me of the ikea canteen/cafe - they share the same informal atmosphere, the bustling of manic children, with rather similar food standards.What I'm trying to say, really, is that it's not the sort of place you drive a-heck-of-a-long-way for, and it's great for a quick lunch, though not for lingering. but that's okay - because that's not what they set out to do here, and come on: you're here for the shopping. the great thing is you get to park your man/children/other-uninterested-personnel here while you exchange your wallet contents for more cookware - and that's a win in my books.We sampled a range of their new items, and in general it's not food that I eat very often - a lot of it is fried or heavy on the carbs, but they were adequately tasty. the oriental pizza was one of my favorites that day, and the breaded fish fingers are a good option for children. I'd keep away from the ramen - the battered chicken got soggy, the soup was a tad salty (but then again, I don't like ramen), and the noodles clumped together (the way they do out the packet if you don't separate them properly). The tempura durian was a little like a fried ice cream, but not drained and FAR too greasy - a pity, because it sure looked impressive. The food is simple, and more than adequate for the accompainment-to-shopping role it's meant to play. You'll have a decent meal sticking with the simple things (which I think means the fried finger foods).For full review and more phoots, please visit http://andmorefood.wordpress.com/2013/08/14/tott-bistro-bukit-timah/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2013-06-22
The Tott Bistro offers comfort food designed by its consultant, Chef Sam Leong. The Tott Bistro is located at ToTT, which offers one stop service for the food lovers who would love to pick up some cooking or cooking skills, and shop for dining and kitchenware products at much convenience.Was invited by OpenRice to a food tasting at the TOtt Bistro, where new dishes are developed by its new resident Chef, Chef Clarence Chong, who has 30 years of experience in various hotels.Esprit (S$3.80)The Esprit range of soft drinks combines the refreshing taste of real fruit with soda, flavours available are: Passion fruit, Raspberry, Orange Tangerine and Lemon Lime. I tried the raspberry flavour, which is rather refreshing.Truffle Fries with Duo Dips (S$7.90)The fries is served with mayonnaise and chilli sauce. The fries is delectable with truffle oil yet not too oily. I'll prefer to be more crispy though. Oriental Pizza (S$12.90)With bonito flakes, seaweed, sesame seeds as toppings and teriyaki sauce as a condiment, the oriental pizza is pretty much like a Japanese Style Pan Pizza, except for its pizza dough is more dense and crispier than other Pan pizzas. The most distinguishable about the pizza is probably the spinach topping which we rarely see.Fish Fingers with Wasabi Mayonnaise (S$7.90)The fish finger is rather crispy but I personally finds it a bit too dry. In additional, I wish for a bigger mouthful of the fish fillet. I've never liked Wasabi, however, the Wasabi Mayonnaise is still acceptable to me as the taste of the Wasabi is not overpowering.Chicken Ramen (S$12.90)The Ramen has been chopped to short length, which is very kid's friendly. The soup broth is flavoursome yet not over powering. The marinated soft boiled egg, though tasteful, but I'll prefer it to be more runny like those in traditional Japanese restaurant, and I personally find it a bit too salty. Tempura Mango (S$3.00)While I like the battered of the Tempura Mango thin and crispy, I find it a bit too oily. The mango filling, tasted more of powdered mango due to the extremely creamy taste, generally still taste good, but I certainly hope that traces of mango puree can be found in the filling.Generally the dining experience at Tott Bistro is good, the price is rather reasonable. A cozy environment to dine with friends and family. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-06-09
ToTT is a 36,000 square feet store that offers a huge range of dining and kitchenware products. You could even get baby chair and chef's uniform here. There is also cooking class being conducted here regularly.Today I am invited to a food tasting by OpenRice at TOTT Bistro. ToTT Bistro offers comfort food designed by its consultant, Chef Sam Leong. Currently TOTT Bistro has new dishes developed by its new resident Chef Clarence Chong, who has 30 years of experience, working in various hotels.Esprit ($3.80)There is a choice of Passionfruit, Raspberry, Orange Tangerine and Lemon Lime flavours available. I have a raspberry one which tastes like fruity soda drink and not too sweet. Truffle Fries with Duo Dips ($7.90)The fries is served in a paper wrapped as cone, served with 2 sauces by the side. The fries is quite is quite tasty with truffle oil and soft inside but would prefer it to be more crispy.Oriental Pizza ($12.90)With seaweed, bonito flakes, sesame seeds as toppings and teriyaki sauce on the pizza, the pizza tastes rather Japanese style. Being a pan pizza, the base is not like the usual bread like type. Instead it is crispy inside. The most unique about this pizza is marinated spinach as topping on the pizza. It is my first time having a pizza with spinach.Fish Fingers with Wasabi Mayonnaise ($7.90)The fish finger is very crispy and crunchy, but would prefer it with a more mouthful of fish filling inside.Chicken Ramen ($12.90)The ramen used here seen to be the dried, packed type, as it is thin and short in length. Quite kids' friendly. The flavoured egg is very flavourful and reminds me of dark soya sauce egg. It is tasty but not the usual Japanese ramen standard. The crispy fried chicken is surprising spicy.Tempura Mango ($3.00)The tempura has very smooth and creamy filling, encased within a thin and crispy batter. However it is quite oily, based on the patches of oil on the plate. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
When I stepped into ToTT, it is really a very different place from anywhere else in Singapore. The closest is probably Takashimaya's kitchenware area, but ToTT is really a different league from any other departmental stores selling kitchenware. My immediate thought is that this is what my dream kitchen would look like! In ToTT building, there's also a bistro for people to settle their hunger pangs after browsing the kitchenware or before cooking demonstrations/hands-on sessions held at ToTT. By the courtesy from OpenRice Food Tasting session, I was treated to an array of unequivocally ordinary food at the bistro.... but there's really more to meet the eye in each of these delights!This is the chicken wing and mushroom spring roll, the appetizer for this meal. The chicken wing's flavour was rather mild and sufficient. This is better than the usual types of chicken wings which are too salty. It was a little difficult to cut though. The mushroom spring roll is a really pleasant surprise. When it comes to spring rolls, I would expect the usual cabbage/turnip/carrot fillings. However, this spring roll fillings are entirely made of mushrooms. Generous portion of mushrooms inside and it was in my opinion, more delicious than the normal veggie-mix. The skin of the spring roll was not hard at all, it was in fact, crispy-thin and soft, easy to cut but it kind of collapsed when I cut it. One of the top favourites of customers, this is quite well done. The meat is tender and the taste is heightened with the succulent sauce. In fact, I think I liked the sauce better than the meat because the meat wasn't very much better than the usual western style chicken chop from other restaurants. The sauce stood out because it wasn't too salty and it managed to flavour the meat without overpowering it. The fries did not taste special and was a little soggy - maybe I ate them a little too late. This is the raspberry Esprit. This is really nice! I like the refreshing taste and fruity aroma it has. However, this fruity Bob the Builder Flavorits juice is quite weird and I did not like it at all. At the first taste, it actually tastes fine but the aftertaste that lingers really taste like medicine. I think the exterior of the bottle can appeal to children, but the contents are really not nice, in my opinion. Lastly, it's the dessert! It includes Lemon Grass Gelo with Longan and ToTT Signature Tempura Cempedek. I really like the Lemon Grass Gelo, the lemon grass aroma is very light and fragrant! I think it's quite special because I haven't had this anywhere else before! The Tempura Cempedek's flavour is quite strong... in fact I think they could have toned it down a little. Not really a fan of fried desserts - I always thought of desserts as being sweet and cold. But to give its due credit, it was really well-fried (ie. crunchy and crispy and yet not scratchy) and the filling inside is very generous. If you like durians, there's also the durian version of tempura! The durian taste is very very strong, so if you like durians it should be a real treat!The service is quite prompt; however, I think they can do better with more waiters/waitresses. They looked understaffed. The general ambience in ToTT Bistro is really peaceful and relaxing. Perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon to laze around and learn some cooking! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2013-02-04
I went to ToTT yesterdat for a cooking demo, and since it was during lunch.. had my lunch there. the Baked Rice seemed really appetising in the photo, so that was what I ordered. Hmm. I was surprised when i got my order-- the plate was so small! However, the rice tasted nice. It wasn't drenched in cream which I liked. the pork chop was also crispy. and very flavourful. In the end I was happy with my order. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)