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Faithful to the traditional preparation techniques from France, their truffles have a luscious chocolate ganache centre with a thin layer of cocoa powder coating the chocolate crust. Made with the finest ingredients from France, Truffs' products are delectably pure with no preservatives, proving to be a true delight for the senses. continue reading
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Full Truffs review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/05/truffs.htmlTruffs, also known as the Truffs Cafe And Gallery, is a gourmet chocolate cafe specialising in chocolate truffles in the purest form. Using traditional French techniques, with ingredients imported from France, Truffs produces high quality, chocolate truffles, cakes, and tarts.Ambience at Truffs is a collaboration with Outofstock Design Studio, an artisinal furniture store that makes hand crafted furniture. Thus, decor is modern, contemporary, with clean lines and thoughtful, comfortable spaces. I like the natural lighting that flows from the large windows, and this space can also be used for events.Service at Truffs is friendly, though ordering and payment is made at the counter. Staff are young, hip (hipster?) and welcoming. Food is served relatively quickly. But the menu is small and limited in scope, although it does give Truffs more focus in producing high quality desserts.Food at Truffs only consists of chocolate cakes, chocolate tarts, and chocolate truffles. A small selection of drinks includes chocolate drinks, coffee, or tea. Their chocolate truffles are heavenly, with a thin cocoa powder crust enveloping a rich chocolate ganache. Truly excellent! The Signature Hot Cocoa (SGD $6.50) is luscious and rich, with a medium thin body. Fragrant and pretty, goes down smooth, but the chocolate chips don't dissolve too quickly. The rich and decadent Earl Grey Chocolate Tart (SGD $7) is so sweet and heavenly! Thick chocolate with a fudge like consistency, infused with a hint of earl grey tea, so good! continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-07
For more food reviews, please see http://thehungrybunnie.blogspot.comNo visit to Truffs is complete without sampling some of their namesake truffles, all lovingly handmade with the purest and freshest ingredients for the day. There are 3 levels of sweetness, 55%, 66% and 70% cocoa, one for each type of chocolate lover. I've always preferred my chocolate bitter, and the 70% Honduras Dark Chocolate ($3 a piece) was wonderfully balanced. To me, this was the Goldilocks of chocolate. Not too sweet, not too bitter. It was just right. Decadent and naughty and delicious. Even if this was a little pricey, it's so good you don't mind forking out the bucks continue reading
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Level4 2013-04-30
For full reviews and photo visit www.sgfoodonfoot.comuff is located on the second floor on the same stretch of shophouses with Sophie Bakery but a couple of door steps away. Kimberley knows about this place because she bought her boyfriend's birthday cake from Truffs but back then it was only a takeaway kiosk. Truffs has since expanded with a sit down area cum gallery where patrons can enjoy their drinks and indulge in their signature cakes and tarts.I think this is probably one of the best chocolate beverage I ever have in Singapore. I had the Hot Chocolate ($6.50) while the ladies had the Ice Chocolate ($7.50). The chocolate beverages were velvety, rich but yet not too sweet. The ice chocolate even comes with dark chocolate bits in it.I am grateful that Truffs now has a café area so I got a chance to savour the delicious Chocolate Cake ($11 per slice). When they didn't have the café area, one needs to buy the whole cake in order to taste this delicious chocolate cake. The chocolate cake was light, fluffy and spongy while the ganache was rich but not too sweet. It had a harmonised balance that I didn't feel sick finishing it.The tart at Truffs does not have a bottom shell but replaced with a crumbly crusts. The tart comes in either Earl Grey or Espresso infused chocolate ganache. We tried the Earl Grey Chocolate Tart ($7) which has a brilliant combination of the intense and velvety tea infused chocolate ganache.Truffs is definitely a chocolate heaven for chocolate lovers for their exquisite truffles, cakes and tarts. Although the café area is rather spacious, I like the fact that the owner did not fill up the space with more tables and seats to make more profit. The café area has a quiet and laid back charm that I can imagine myself relaxing, reading a book while sipping a cup of hot chocolate. continue reading
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For full review and pictures, please visit : http://www.strictlyours.com/2013/04/truffs.html1) Truff's Signature Hot Cocoa - $6.52) Iced Chocolate - $7.50Velvety smooth chocolate with dark chocolate bits. Best chocolate drink ever? Damn straight.3)Truffs' Earl Grey Chocolate Tart - $7Very rich and smooth ganache carrying a subtle earl grey hint and topped with crunchy bits! Yummy! Having every mouthful melt slowly in my mouth is... indescribable.4) Truffs' Chocolate cake - $11The fluffy light sponge just puts a grin on your face. It's not overly rich and you will never get sick of this cake! This tall cake has managed to get the delicate balance of ganache and sponge right! It's really the best chocolate cake in Singapore! Haha. It's a really good idea for Truffs to finally have a cafe and sell individual slices of their signature cake because if not, I can only eat it if I buy a whole cake! continue reading
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Level4 2010-10-28
Truffs at Telok Ayer is the latest newcomer on the chocolate scene in Singapore. The boutique shop is very spacious and the smell of heavenly chocolate lingers in the air. I really wanted to try their dark chocolate cake but sadly, there's no sliced cakes on sale and it's only sold as a whole cake (order 3 days in advance), sigh. There's only 3 types of truffles available: 55% équateur, 66% antilles and 70% honduras dark chocolate. I had the 70% ones as I like my chocolates to be ultra dark and bittersweet. These were quite good, very smooth and rich. Bonus point about Truffs is that you can try all 3 types before deciding on which one to get. The people there are really generous: one whole truffle as sample! =) continue reading
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