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TWG Tea Salons serve signature tea-infused savoury dishes and patisseries, and are decorated with nostalgic furnishings, accented by fine bone china, crisp linens and vases of brightly-hued exotic blooms. All the TWG Tea Salon’s patisseries are freshly handmade and crafted daily by Executive Pastry Chef Philippe Langlois. continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-22
Always one of my very favorite tea salons because of the posh ambience, soothing World music, good service and exquisite table / tea ware - on top of great selection of teas (more than 800!), food and snacks, I alternate between the outlets at Ion Orchard and Marina Bay Sands.While I miss the sandwiches with the french toast that we had some years back, I don't mind their current sandwiches as well. The afternoon set of finger sandwiches is at SGD$24.00 for 3 types of sandwiches, and we chose the Cucumber Mayo, Chicken Breast and Smoked Salmon ones. The crust is crispy, the bread is tender, and the ingredients are tasty.I also tried the Apricot Cod (SGD$28.00), one of my currently favoritest fish done right - tender yet bouncy in its freshness, made crispy by the sprinkling of seaweed / sesame atop the dish. The slightly-sour flavor of the apricot sauce was a lovely accompaniment; and the mashed potato by the side was divine.The Macaroons (SGD$2.00 each) are lovely as well, with crispy but soft biscuit coating and rich tea-infused creams. This time, we had the Rose and Chocolate ones.For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/01/brunch-at-twg-marina-bay-sands.html continue reading
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Chocolate Earl GreyYes, you heard me. It's Chocolate Earl Grey Tea. We know chocolate pairs well with milk or coffee, creating this rich and creamy flavour together, so how does chocolate taste with earl grey tea without the milk and sugar? While the combination may sound weird it actually turned out amazing! On each sip, you would first taste the fragrance of the chocolate with would be accompanied by the fragrance of the earl grey that lingers in your mouth. The chocolate and earl grey complemented each other really well without giving your taste buds too much of a shock.Chestnut CrepeWhen the freshly made crepe was served, we could smell the light fragrance of the eggs which filled our mouths as we chewed on it. To put it simply, it's 越嚼越香. However, while I enjoyed the crepe, I could not say so for the chestnut filling. as it was definitely too sweet for my liking. The filling was smooth and somehow, I felt that the filling had a hint of coconut. While the hint of coconut fragrance complemented the crepe well, the chestnut filling overwhelmed the crepe. Complicated it may sound, but I guess you have experience it for yourself. The cream on the top, I felt was the cream of the crop. It wasn't anything spectacular, but it's rich yet light flavour bought me over. It also managed to neutralize the sweetness of the chestnut filling by a little. I would enjoy the crepe best with the plain crepe and the cream itself. Overall, this was s pleasant dessert although I wished they had been more stingy with the sugar.The service staff were also very attentive. Overall, a delightful find! Also posted in: http://adventuresoflittlegluttons.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=101&action=edit&message=1 continue reading
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If there was one F&B establishment that I would name which has the best marketing and branding team, TWG Tea would certainly be one of the hot picks. The Wellness Group Tea Company, abbreviated to TWG Tea is a Singapore-based luxury tea company with salons across the world. While I first chanced upon this brand of premium tea-leaves in the UK and subsequently in HK, it was only later did I realize that it originated from Singapore!Singapore's pivotal role in the tea trade was instrumental for the company to decide upon the lion city as the organisation's headquarters. Quite frankly, the tea salon which is characterised by its luxurious layout and presentation had more often than not been intimidating - well a meal there certainly does not look cheap. While it predominantly sells tea, in tea-bags like your usual 'Lipton' English tea, TWG Tea also retails hand made tea-infused food, including savoury items, pastries and desserts. They also prepare accessories such as hampers, tea scented candles and teacups made of gold and platinum which would most certainly impress gift-receivers. We were in the vicinity of Marina Bay Sands and while we wanted to rest our feet after an afternoon of walk-around, TWG Tea came to mind and after some 15 minutes of queue time, we finally got ourselves a table.The menu entailed a very comprehensive range of premium and flavoured tea-leaves and would almost certainly satisfy tea-lovers. The only shame was that I am a true coffee fanatic and it would be terribly difficult to have me converted with a cup of mild caffeine from the premium tea.While we struggled to decide our orders, we eventually settled for the following:1837 Crepe with Jasmine Ice Cream (S$14 + S$3/-)The freshly made crepe was served with handmade berry marmalade made of raspberry, blueberry, cherry and blackcurrant infused with 1837 Black Tea. The ice cream was surprisingly creamy and melted almost instantaneously upon being served as it comes into contact with the freshly baked crepe. While we enjoyed the soft and warm crepe that was baked to perfection with just a slight tan and a slight chewiness, we felt that the fragrant Jasmine flavoured ice cream complemented the dessert well. We also enjoyed the overall combination of the dessert, which had a beautiful tang from the fresh berries and you could taste the richness of the marmalade.Financiers with Matcha Tea, 2 pcs (S$9/++)We felt that the matcha financiers were rather overpriced. While it was well baked, with a nice crust on the edges, the almond flavour did not come across strong enough. It was probably masked by the matcha powder used in the making. While it made a decent rendition of financier, it certainly did not come cheap.The financiers were served with TWG Tea jelly and whipped cream. These two complemented the matcha flavoured financiers perfectly and the jelly had a subtle sweetness that kept us scooping more! The whipped cream however was light yet rich and the combination with the jelly was simply sublime. We highly recommend to order the other pastries such as madeleines or scones just so you could pamper your palate with this homemade jelly and whipped cream.Floral tea (S$11/++)Well, as mentioned earlier in this post, I am terrible when it comes to appreciating tea but at S$11/+ per pot for two small cups, I am not sure if it was worth it. On a secondary note, we always preferred traditional English tea rather than floral or scented tea, so I would reserve my comments on this particular signature that was recommended.I honestly think the branding of TWG Tea is brilliant if not, perfect. They have a Caucasian in each and every of their outlet, even in their outlet in Hong Kong at IFC. It exhibits a really 'classy' image especially with the cutlery and interior design of the outlets. Was the service impeccable? Hardly. We ordered an extra serving of two scoops of ice cream but they were not served and it slipped our minds as well. It was however charged to the bill. If I may be completely honest, TWG Tea would resume to be the place that I turn to if I needed to get some quick gifts for overseas friends but for me to return for a high-tea or proper meal, there would certainly be some inertia. continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-07
We were just in time for Tea Time Set Menus (available from 3 - 6pm) after our seminar in Microsoft. Since it was friday, we decided to have some discussions over tea and stroll our way from Marina Boulevard to MBS (The shoppes). Once seated, the menus were handed over to us and we were all overwhelmed by its menu. We were simply spoil with choices out of the pages and types of tea range we can choose from. Since the writeup on the tea in the main menu was not that detailed, each of us were given an "encyclopedia" for tea whereby the origins and histories of the tea leaves were make easy by flipping the encyclopedia based on the tag number given. All of us are tea experts, thus it took us quite sometime to make our mind. I had chosen menu 1837 which costs $19. What is included in the menu? - TWG Tea from their extensive tea list- A choice of 2 homemade scones or muffins served with TWG Tea jelly and whipped cream or 1 patisserie from their trolleyOpen air dining on MBS bridge was rather a cooling experience and a way to relax oneself after a week of work. Anyone who popped their head over the parapets of the building could have easily see us enjoying the laid back lifestyle on such a hot afternoon. My pot of lavender kiss tea was different, it was transparent and I was told to wait 5 minutes for osmosis to take place in the tea flower. Little silver sieve was given to separate the residues from the tea while pouring them from the tea pot. Chosen its pastries over its scones and muffins. Singapore's surprise is a creme brulee tart filled with vanilla bourbon & tea-infused cream with cranberry. Heard from the server that it was its best seller, no wonder, it was the last piece on its trolley.Another tea infused blueberries tart from the trolley bought by my pal. Blue and raspberries were tightly attached to the layer of the tart. Just like the Singapore's Surprise, these tarts were sufficiently sweet. The total amount spent by 3 pax. continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-06
I was at the MBS with my friend to catch a Musical, we decided to have our pre-show dinner at TWG. As we only have slightly under an hour to dine, we opted for the set dinner $35++ which consists of a Main course, a dessert and a pot of tea.There are two TWG boutiques at the MBS, TWG Tea on the bridge & TWG Tea Garden. We chose the later for its closer location to the Sands theatre. The tea boutique is decorated with numerous pots of elegant orchid flowers, creating a pretty garden dining setting for the patrons.The Main course, pan fried Mackerel fillet marinated with tea and spices, served on a bed of tea infused Spanish tabbouleh and chuka wakame salad, drizzled with tangy BBQ sauce.The fish fillet was well marinated, very fragrant and tender. The tabbouleh tasted like couscous mixed with veggie bits, quite nice. And the wakame salad lends an oriental touch to the dish, both of us were impressed with TWG's creation.The dessert is a Raspberry tartlet infused with rose tea and served with raspberry & rose flavored sauce. This tangy dessert was uber refreshing, it has the right amount of sweetness and sourness combi, paired with the crunchy tart base that has a hint of tea fragrance...very delish!We love the lovely food and service here, we'll definitely be back for more. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)