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Emporium Shokuhin is Singapore's first integrated Japanese Emporium featuring a live seafood market, a beef dry-aging facility, a Japanese Gourmet Grocer and 8 unique dining concepts, all in one location as an exquisite epicurean destination. Pair wines or sake with freshly shucked oysters or seafood platters at this seafood and wine bar. The signature Umi premium seafood platter (for two to three people, above) costs $118 and includes Boston lobster, dungeness crab, oysters, mussels, prawns and clams. The seafood can also be cooked a la plancha - on a hot grill. continue reading
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For picture and full review, pls visit:http://madamechewy.com/2016/03/27/umivino-seafood-wine-bar/Umi+ Vino, a contemporary European-Japanese Seafood Wine Bar, is one of Emporium Shokuhin’s 8 dining concepts. The focus here is on fresh seafood, which comes directly from the Japanese gourmet grocer’s live seafood market.The restaurant’s interior is modern and spacious; your conversations would not be easily overhead by others as tables are well-spaced. Service was attentive; staff are prompt to clear the used plates, bring out the next course and refilling our drinks.We began with a complimentary amuse bouche, Salmon and Leek. Beneath the mountain of fresh leek, lies appetizing marinated raw salmon, on bed of fried leek. I love how the flavour and textures worked-harmoniously.A La Plancha Hokkaido Scallops. Plump and juicy scallops, enhanced sprinkle of pepper, swim in a pool of Konbu Seeweed broth. The scallops were expertly grilled, and mad delish! A handful of leek is thrown in for that added dimension and textual variation. It was altogether a wonderful warm starter to line the tummy and whet the appetite.Little Neck Clams in White Wine Broth. Here, fresh clams soak up the intense white wine broth which invigorates the senses. I never knew fennel and rocket could go so well with white wine broths. Great stuff!Onto the mains! The 65 Degrees Chicken Roulade, with herb potatoes, was somewhat disappointing. Although the chicken breast was tender and moist, it was not sufficiently marinated, resulting in bland meat. The onion thyme jus does add some flavour to the meat; we also advice cutting a piece of the chicken and eating it together with some roasted fennel. You’ll be surprised at the results. Still, this could have been a better dish if the chicken wasn’t so plain.I’m all about Umi+Vino’s Pan Seared Salmon. The generous slab of fish was skilfully seared to a beautiful pink hue, and its skin, rubbed with various peppers and herbs for that irresistible taste. Its accompaniments, mushroom ragout, polenta cake and juniper form, were enjoyable too. I’m so glad that this gem is part of Umi+Vino’s set lunch (more details towards the end), as I would like to have it again!I was looking forward to the Homemade Tiramisu with biscotti but sadly it was a letdown. Wayyy to sweet, such that the coffee and alcohol notes were overwhelmed.Umi+Vino’s Restaurant Week Lunch Menu is priced at $28++ and to be honest, I came without high expectations . However, I was blown away by the substantial portions, quality of ingredients and the execution of most dishes. If you missed Restaurant Week, fret not as Umi+Vino serves 3 and 4 course set lunches for $28++ and $34++ respectively. continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-27
The opening of Emporium Shokuhin sometime late last year injected quite a buzz to the F&B landscape; a huge Japanese supermarket with its own customised aged beef facility, a live seafood market and of course, seven different Japanese dining concepts. The seafood wine bar, UMI+VINO most appealed to us so that's where we headed for dinner one weekday evening.Located within the confines of Emporium Shokuhin at one of the corners of Marina Square Shopping Mall, UMI+VINO carries a certain coziness to it with its high ceilings, open concept seafood displays and muted colours. Tables are spaced adequately fair apart to ensure a comfortable communication space.Homemade Crab Cakes - I was hopeful this would turn out as good as Morton's but unfortunately not. Although the breaded crumbs gave the crab cakes a crisp exterior and they came stuffed with quite a substantial amount of crab shreds, I couldn't quite make out the sweetness of the crustacean. Decent but hardly satisfying.Scallops A La Plancha - Like the crab cakes, this was one of their signature dishes and it unfortunately failed to impress as well. Grilled on a hot plate (ala plancha) and sporting a touch of golden brown on the surface yet a little raw in the center, the texture was just right but the whole dish was drenched in way too much olive oil which overwhelmed the natural sweetness of the scallops (if any). Rather disappointing for $18++ (3 moderately sized pieces).Sakura Ebi + Tiger Prawn Pasta - This smelt really good but faltered in the taste department, most unfortunately. The sakura ebi was a tad crisp but overly salty while the chilled angel hair pasta came across as a tad thick, soft and bland. Topped with a few pieces of crunchy but less than sweet tiger prawns. Average at best.Baked Sea Bream Pie - The sea bream pie was surprisingly the best dish of the evening. Served with a huge puff pastry enveloping the entire dish (poke a hole through and the whole thing deflates) and a slice of fresh sea bream sitting in a pool of creamy, mildly sweet sauce, it was pretty decent and a little nostalgic on my part to be honest.Dinner was a disappointing affair and on our part, the both of us forked out about $101 for the generally average quality of food and smallish portions. Service wasn't stellar either so there's really no reason to return in my humble opinion.See all my pictures at http://www.timelessfacade.com/2016/01/umivino-looks-better-than-it-tastes.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)