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Growing up, Mr Ben Soon, the founder of Uncle Leong Signatures, started out his career in this family-owned restaurant which eventually led him to starting his own. It soon became such a great hit with its delicious signature dishes and affordable fresh seafood that has won numerous awards and followings by many local and overseas celebrities, turning it into a household name in Singapore. With this team of dedicated F&B professionals, we pride ourselves on offering innovative Singapore-fusion Chinese dishes such as Mala Crab, Oreo Butter Crab and Salted Egg Lotus Root to keep up with new trends, attracting both the young and matured. Uncle Leong Signatures promises to continuously strive for service and culinary quality to keep our customers delighted and satisfied, bringing people closer through delicious food and lasting memories for more years to come. continue reading
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When comes to crabs, Uncle Leong Seafood wasn't any stranger to Singaporeans nor tourists. Being one of the big players in our local cze char market now, Uncle Leong Seafood started off humbly at a coffeeshop in Ang Mo Kio district. Their shimmering crabs won the hearts of many when it was first introduced to the market in Year 2003 and was since one of their signature dish even till today. Although Ang Mo Kio stall was no longer around, but you could still enjoy their delicacies at Jurong East and Toa Payoh branches. Not forgetting the newly opened Uncle Leong Signatures at Punggol district new Waterway Point shopping mall.Uncle Leong Signatures, this newly additional arm, was up featuring all Uncle Leong's signature dishes and also new modern fusion creations. Although called "Signatures" but settings were simple and casual. This night, we tried out many dishes, some were newly introduced to the menu, some dishes were specially featured for this upcoming Father's Day in June. Father's Day menu (FDM) available now till 19 June 2016.1• Treasure Box Beancurd 宝盒豆腐 $16.90 - Tofu, a common ingredient that we see's everyday, Uncle Leong recreated them into an exquisite dish filled with goodness from the sea. By making an opening in every piece, filled them up with fresh scallops and prawn cubes, they transformed into many treasure boxes filled with "gold"! Although the overall taste of tofu can be rather bland, but the seafood were definitely fresh! Not forgetting the crispy shredded scallops placed on top helped to enhanced the taste too! Rating 3/52• Nescafé Pork Ribs 传统咖啡排骨 $16.90 (FDM)- Love the taste of the sweet sauce coated on the ribs which carries hints of bitterness derived from Nescafé coffee infusion. Coffee fragrance was captivating too! Fans of coffee definitely love this dish! As told by the chef, these generous chunky pieces of ribs were individually wrapped in aluminum foil, then marinated for more than 4hours before stew! I couldn't tell you how tender and fragrant was the pork, you gotta try it to experience it yourself! Rating 5/53• Twin Taste Kai Lan 双味芥兰 $15.90- Glad to see that Uncle Leong made changes to our usual plain ordinary Kai lan vegetables but there's more room for improvement in this dish. Deep fried kailan leaves were tasteless and the chicken floss accompanying them tasted too ordinary. Maybe using Chinese sausages or bacon bits would worked better than this combi, or at least use crispy floss instead. Lucky the stems wasn't overly blanched, crunchiness still remains. Rating 1/54• Crispy Milk Granules Marble Goby 奶沙顺壳 $48.00 (FDM)- This marble goby was deep fried till crispy you could even swallow the bones. The sauce for this goby was pretty impressive too. It tasted like a combi of thai tom yum sauce plus assam and bit of sweet chilli. The tangy sourish aftertaste made the whole dish really appetizing and made me go for more!! Rating 5/55• Cereal Chicken 麦片鸡 $16.90 - Chicken pieces deep fried till crispy on the exterior, locking juicy meat on the inside. The zesty lemony sauce drizzled on top did add more flavours to the dish but it tends to turn the chicken soggy after awhile. My most love part towards this dish was the buttery cereals crunchies scattered on top! Rating 3/56• XO Sauce Scallops XO酱带子 $19.90 - I'm actually a fan of juicy fat plump scallops but those here were way too tiny. The size was more of like those you accompanied with broccoli rather than a stand alone dish. Texture was good but disappointed I couldn't taste that umami scallop taste! The XO sauce used was the only memorable moment. Rating 2/57• Pan-fried Prawns w/ Tomato Soya Sauce 干煎虾䘵 $19.90 - Expected "Wok hei" taste for these pan-fried prawns but was again disappointed. Prawn texture wasn't firm and my piece was a little mushy at head portion, I reckon that prawns wasn't very fresh. Soya sauce base was rather sweet but I like, pretty good to "下饭". Rating 2/58• Chilli Crabs 辣椒螃蟹 and Butter Cheesy Crab 牛油芝士螃蟹 $70.00 each crab- Crabs were priced at $70.00 each, applied to any style of cooking. This plate of Chilli crab we had, the gravy was thick and packed w/ lotsa eggs! Taste was quite good, I definitely had better ones elsewhere, but I love the spicy kick it gave me I had my deep fried "man tou" soaked in the gravy before I ate it, so shiok!! Crab meat was firm and sweet too, I just wished that the crab they used was bigger in size. Rating 4/5- Butter Cheesy crab, the appearance of it already puzzled us. What were the loads of brown bits scattered everywhere? After we tasted it, we were quite turned off. Those brown bits were deep fried garlic. So much, so charred, we only tasted "chao tah" bitterness and 0% cheesy butter taste. The garlic totally spoilt the sweetness of seafood. I guess this dish needed quite abit of fine tuning. Rating 1/5** There's hits and misses in every dish we had, but well, it was still an enjoyable night with fellow friends here at Uncle Leong Signatures. This new concept here was definitely more comfortable than the rest branches as its was in a shopping mall. If I were to come back for more, ambience was definitely the first factor that crossed my mind, food came second. ** continue reading
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Level4 2016-05-20
Original review at http://www.nahmj.com/2016/05/20/uncle-leong-signatures-at-waterway-point-punggol-singapore/This is the first of their restaurants to be in a shopping mall of a dense neighbourhood. Uncle Leong Signatures captures the essence of all three outlets, serving the very best of the best from their menu. Uncle Leong Seafood restaurant has a humbling beginning. It was found in a coffee shop located in Ang Mo Kio neighbourhood and have since expanded with various location.At Uncle Leong Signatures outlet, its objective is to create a more western vibes, resembling a cafe for a more comfortable ambience. As such the menu offers a one size dish with no small, medium or large sizes. And it indicates its pricing for all dishes. Diners won’t have to worry about what the exact dollar value what the seasonal price would be which is the norm at all Seafood restaurant.At Uncle Leong Signatures, it serves a variety of as much as 2 dozen of crab dishes with its signatures being the Shimmering Sand Crab 金沙螃蟹 and ‘Chili Crab’ Hong Kong Style Typhoon Shelter Crab 避风塘螃蟹. Each crab is priced at $70 and weighs around 700g to 900g. We tried the former and all eight at the table gave 2 thumbs up each. The sauce is made of rich creamy butter, white pepper and fried oats covered the shell of the crab.Uncle Leong Signatures plans to introduce several new dishes. The first new creation is the Signatures Curry Crab which will be on its new menu in June 2016. This dish has a typical India curry flavour. It is great for the curry fan who love their Indian cuisines.The next new dish that will be on Uncle Leong Signatures new menu is the Pan Fried Prawns in Tomato Soya Sauce 干煎虾禄 ($19.90). The flavour reminds me of my Grandmother’s stirred fried prawns in tomato sauce. I am sure my family would reminisce of my Grandmother wonderful home cooked dish when savouring this lovely dish.Commonly seen is the Cereal prawn but at Uncle Leong Signature, they came up with a chicken version, the Cereal Chicken 麦片鸡 ($16.90). A dish which you must eat it while it is hot. I am sure cereal fan would fall in love with the chicken version too.XO Sauce is commonly used in seafood restaurant for various dishes, at this seafood restaurant, they are offering the XO Sauce with Scallops XO 酱带子 ($19.90). The fresh scallops was in excellent combination with their XO Sauce.Crispy Milk Granules Marble Goby 奶沙顺壳 ($48) is a deep fried dish, and it is spiced up a little in the sauce. The fish was fresh and the timing of the frying was perfect resulting in a good exterior crisp and soft interior. One of my favourite dish at the dinner.Nescafe Pork Ribs 传统咖啡排骨 ($16.90) is one other dish I adore in terms of its flavour. For non-coffee drinker, you need not worry about its taste. There isn’t the typical coffee aroma, instead it tasted more like a sweet and sour pork with the tomato flavour absence. The marinate is strong and permeate throughout the ribs meat. Though some of the ribs are dominated with fats.After having so much of meat, time for some Tofu and vegetables, Treasure Box Beancurd 宝盒豆腐 ($16.90) is a good option. The seafood restaurant uses the egg beancurd, deep fried it and dug a hole in the centre to hold the diced seafood.The Twins Taste Kai Lan 双味芥兰 ($15.90) is one of the 6 Chef's recommendation. On the plate, one side is with poached Kai Lan with small dried fish and shallot, while the other side is deep fried and topped with meat floss.Uncle Leong Signatures Restaurant serves relatively high standard and quality dishes. This is certainly a great addition for residents in Punggol and those living nearby. continue reading
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