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Level4 2013-08-07
I am never really a vegetarian person. It was just one of those days that i wanted something different. There was a queue of a few people right in front at this vegetarian stall when i was there for lunch. While still in the queue, i overheard the conversation exchanged between the customer and the stall assistants. One of the assistants asked that customer have she ordered. She answered, 'No, i haven't.' Other assistant behind answered, 'I thought you have already ordered kway chap?' That customer said, 'You never answered me so how do i know you have heard it right?' That lady repeated it for another 2 times. The stall assistants expressed a certain level of displeasure on their faces but still keeping her mouth shut. Life for hawkers is indeed a tough one. I guess that might be one of the reasons why not too many especially the younger generation wanted to be in this business. I always have respect for hawkers though especially for those that made efforts to serve quality foods at an affordable prices. When it was my turn to order, i said it out in a precise manner that i want to have the Satay Mee Hoon.I have yet to taste good quality hawker style vegetarian food thus i reserved my expectation. The portion was little with ingredients like kang kong, beansprouts, bits of tau pok and vegetarian cuttlefish. The taste was pretty average with no hint of surprises. There was a pretty distinctive peanut taste in the sauce. It was rather thick and a little creamy with just the right level of spiciness to make this dish a little exciting though the level of excitement is no way to exceed the non-version of satay bee hoon. Somehow, i still prefer to have my satay bee hoon with the usual cockles, cuttlefish, lean meat or even liver.Though not the best vegetarian food that i ever eaten but its standard is much better than most stalls out there.Still, it is likely to be a sole experience for me. continue reading
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